100cm Sex Doll Is Not Just for Sex

When people hear the words “love doll” or “sex doll,” they often have the preconceived notion that the 100cm sex doll is meant to be used for sex.

This is about half right, but also about half wrong.

What many people who visit our site don’t know is that more than half of the people who purchase our love dolls do so for reasons other than sex.

The majority of people who buy a RealDoll for sex use it for sex therapy, to cope with frustration, and for sexual health.
Love dolls are also great for practicing with, improving sexual performance, and training against premature ejaculation.

Gaining a lot of experience with a love doll can help improve trust in real relationships by giving you enough practice and confidence before entering into a real relationship in the real world.

Enjoy cosplay.

A love doll is not just a doll to have sex with. For example, you can dress your love doll in a variety of clothes to make her into the kind of woman you want. There are many men who prefer a certain uniform. However, in the case of a flesh and blood woman, even if you ask her to wear your favorite costume, she may not accept it. But with a love doll, you can dress her up in any costume you want. By dressing your love doll in a variety of outfits, you may find a new charm in her that you have never felt before.

Customize the hairstyle

A woman can change her look by simply changing her hairstyle. The same is true for love dolls. By changing the hairstyle, you can change the impression of the doll’s appearance. You can buy a wig separately, change the styling, or use hair accessories for more variety. A popular way to have fun is to change your appearance to your liking and take a picture of it.

Enjoying travel

There are many people who enjoy traveling with their love dolls. When you see your big booty sex doll in a different scenery than at home, it may give you a different and fresh impression. By going out with them, you may become even more attached to your Love Doll. Also, if you take dangerous photos of your love doll on your trip, it will be a good memory for you later.

You have to carry it by yourself.

When you take your camera on a trip, you have to do all the work such as carrying it by yourself. If you handle it incorrectly, it may be damaged. When carrying them in and out of a hotel, be careful not to accidentally bump them or drop them anywhere.

Some people may think that the only use for a love doll is for sexual intercourse. However, in reality, there are many ways to play with them, as I mentioned above. There are other ways to have fun as well. There are many other ways to enjoy the game. Why don’t you develop your own way of using it through trial and error?

Mental Benefits
There are many psychological benefits to owning a love doll.
There are many psychological benefits to owning a love doll, and I have seen some interesting articles on the Internet about love dolls and women.

Interestingly, there is some verification that love dolls can benefit a man (or woman) emotionally or psychologically when his relationship or marriage with a woman is not going well.

In one man’s case, a love doll solved a need that he could not fulfill with his girlfriend.

She “makes dinner, cleans my room, and does my laundry. But my need for sleep overrides my desire for sex.”

The love doll will be with you when you need it, for as long as you need it.

As art
Besides being used for sexual health, love dolls are also frequently used for art.

Surprisingly, art schools abroad display real dolls for their students to paint female nudes. It is also becoming a trend now that many people are impressed by pictures of love dolls.

There are many other people who take artistic pictures of love dolls as art.
There are also many people who take artistic photos of love dolls as art, and this is the latest trend in the art and photography of sexy dolls.

Love dolls instead of mannequins
In other cases, real dolls are being used as mannequins for fashion purposes.

In fact, the love doll was originally a mannequin.
Love dolls can also be used as online catalogs for clothing stores, boutiques, lingerie, etc. to display clothes in a beautiful and sexy way.

Since love dolls are more realistic and real than mannequins, love dolls tend to look more beautiful than fashions worn by mannequins.

We are starting to hear that love dolls are beginning to be used in the fashion industry and are beginning to attract attention from high-end boutique stores.
Mannequins are becoming obsolete and are gaining prominence as the latest display technology to dress up fashion in a more beautiful and elegant way.

What do you think?
There are many uses for love dolls and many more that I have not mentioned.

This may come as a surprise to those who simply think that love dolls are only for sexual purposes.
There are many emotional and physiological benefits to owning a love doll. They can also enrich your hobbies and personal life.
They have a wide variety of uses and are even being used in the business industry.

the sex doll is not just today’s latest “adult toys”!