128cm sex doll series

Want to have an exclusive companion? The 128cm sex doll range will meet your needs. Exquisite craftsmanship and unique design give you an unprecedented experience.

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128cm sex dolls are usually designed to imitate the figure of a girl or a teenager, and have the following characteristics:

Height and weight ratio: The 128cm height usually corresponds to a relatively slim body shape, but the specific weight will vary according to the manufacturer’s design and market demand. Generally speaking, the weight of this type of doll usually ranges between 20 and 30 kilograms.

Flat-chested feature: This type of sex doll is usually designed as a flat-chested image to simulate the physical characteristics of a female in her teenage years. This is to meet the preferences or needs of some consumers, and also to conform to some design concepts or aesthetic standards.

Girl’s appearance: The appearance of the 128cm sex doll usually has the characteristics of a girl, including a tender face, a shorter height, and soft limb lines. This design aims to imitate the appearance of adolescent women and attract consumers of the corresponding target group.

Advantages of 128cm sex dolls compared to dolls of other sizes:

Easy to carry and store:Compared to larger-sized solid dolls, the 128cm doll is easier to carry and store, especially for those consumers who have limited space or need to move frequently.

Closer to the actual height: For some consumers, the 128cm height is more in line with the ideal doll size in their minds, making it closer to the actual height and easier to generate resonance and emotional connection.

More cuteness and childlike innocence: Smaller-sized dolls are often more easily regarded as cute and childlike, because they are closer to the height of children. This may attract some consumers, especially those who seek pure and naive experiences.

Easier to customize and play: Due to the smaller size, the 128cm love doll is easier to customize various clothes, accessories, and toys, and is also more suitable for personal play and interaction.

More economically feasible:Compared to larger-sized dolls, 128cm sex dolls are often more affordable in price, because their manufacturing costs may be lower, and the transportation and storage costs are relatively lower.