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HYDOLL offers a wide range of sizes and body types for 140cm sex dolls. Whether you prefer a petite and slim doll, a doll with an average and natural figure, or a curvier voluptuous doll, HYDOLL has all options to meet your needs.

HYDOLL’s 140cm dolls come in sizes from petite to curvy. Petite and slim 140cm dolls have smaller bust, waist and hip measurements for a slender and seductive figure. Dolls with an average figure have measurements representing an average adult woman’s body with natural-looking curves.
Curvy and voluptuous 140cm dolls have a larger D cup or bigger bust sex doll , smaller 24 to 25-inch waist, and wider 38 to 40-inch hips to show attractive curves.

Think about the figure and curves you admire the most and check the size charts on HYDOLL to choose a 140cm doll companion that completely matches your ideal! HYDOLL will surely not disappoint you.

why 140cm sex dolls are a popular choice

For life-size realism balanced with practicality, 140cm sex dolls offer an ideal blend of indulgence and convenience. 140cm dolls provide an intimate encounter comparable to a full-size companion but at a scale suited to discretion and easy storage or display.

Realism and Sensuality Without Constraint

140cm dolls allow you to enjoy:
•A realistic experience with a doll scaled to 140cm. Their size allows for natural and uninhibited play without needing extra space for use and storage.
•Choice from sweet to sultry. We offer 140cm dolls in a range of styles with variations in both body type and facial features, including options from slender to voluptuous. Find a doll to match your personal tastes.
•Premium materials for unparalleled softness and warmth. Our high-grade TPE and silicone recreate the feel of human skin for intimate indulgence.
• Customization to make each doll as unique as the owner. Tailor your 140cm beauty to fulfill your preferences and fantasies.
•Maneuverability and poseability for imaginative encounters. Their flexibility allows for a variety of positions and possibilities during play.

Discretion and Practicality

In addition to sensuality, 140cm dolls also provide:
•Compactness for easy storage and minimal space usage. Their size allows them to fit comfortably in a large box or container when not on display.
•Lightness for moving and handling without assistance. 140cm dolls typically weigh 40-60lbs, light enough for most owners to position and maneuver alone.
•Subtlety due to their non-intimidating stature. 140cm dolls avoid attracting unwanted attention or speculation that a full-size doll may draw. Their size makes them ideal for more discreet owners seeking realism without noticeability.
•Cost-effectiveness as less material is used in crafting smaller dolls. 140cm dolls are priced lower than larger full-size companions due to reduced costs, making high-quality dolls more affordable and available to all budgets.

With 140cm dolls, HYDOLL provides premium sensual delights balanced by practical benefits of size and cost. 140cm beauties offer the best of both worlds: femininity and realism without overwhelming demands on space, handling or budget. For an ideal blend of pleasure and practicality, 140cm dolls are an obvious choice. Their combination of intimacy, quality, subtlety and affordability explains their popularity and appeal to owners worldwide. At HYDOLL, our passion is your satisfaction; our 140cm dolls stand ready to please. Why dream when such delights are made so accessibl?

Choosing and Caring for Your 140cm Sex Doll

Selecting Your 140cm Doll

Our 140cm dolls allow you to experience:
•A realistic encounter with a doll scaled to 140cm for convenience without sacrificing sensuality.
•Choice of dolls from sweetly pretty to sultry seductress. We offer 140cm dolls in a variety of looks, hairstyles, and body types, including variations from slender to voluptuous.
•Luxurious lifelike silicones and TPE for unparalleled realism in feel and flexibility. Our premium materials recreate the softness and warmth of human skin.
•Customization to match your personal preferences for a doll as unique as your desires.

Proper Cleaning and Care

To remove dust or debris from your 140cm doll’s surface, we recommend:
•Gently wiping her entire body with a soft microfiber cloth to flick away any small particles. Pay extra attention to skin folds and creases where dust collects.
•For stuck-on residue or large amounts of ash, apply olive oil to her skin. The oil will help lift the debris from her surface. Then wipe clean with a damp washcloth and water.
•Rinse your doll with water and a mild unscented soap. Avoid harsh chemicals which may cause damage. Gently pat dry with a towel to avoid soaked areas where mold can form.
•Apply a light coating of talcum powder, especially under breasts, genital area and any skin-to-skin contact points. Powder helps keep skin supple and prevents sticking.
•Check for any tears or damage after cleaning and treat areas to avoid expansion. Lubricate joints and flexible parts to keep movement smooth.
•Condition and moisturize the face to maintain a soft, lifelike feel. Apply treatments also to neck and chest area.
•Brush hair to remove tangles and wash periodically based on hairstyle. Allow time for hair to air dry completely to avoid fungus growth.
•Dress your doll in protective clothing when not in use and avoid direct heat which can cause damage.

For any additional questions on selecting or caring for your 140cm sex doll, please contact our dedicated support team. Your satisfaction and your doll’s longevity are our highest priorities. With proper maintenance and care, your 140cm doll will provide the ultimate experience with a companion scaled to your needs and desires.

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