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We offer a variety of sex dolls, all standing at 140cm tall, ensuring you can find the perfect companion. Whether you’re looking for lifelike appearance, voluptuous figures, or gentle features, we have dolls to meet your needs.

On this page, you can easily browse through our stunning collection of 140cm sex dolls. Our dolls are meticulously designed and crafted to ensure their appearance and quality meet the highest standards. Whether you desire a long-haired Asian beauty or a sexy Western vixen, we can cater to your preferences.

Height Feature: 140cm sex dolls have a moderate height, making them more attractive and realistic. This height is suitable for many scenarios, providing enough realism without taking up too much space.

Weight Feature: The weight of 140cm sex dolls is typically designed to be just right, providing enough sensation of weight without being too heavy. This weight makes them feel more real when hugged and moved, enhancing the user’s interactive experience.