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  • 155CM F-Cup Anime Sex Doll-Black AngelD23017 06
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  • 155CM F-Cup Breat Best Anime TPE Love DollD23019 06
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  • 155CM Anime Sex Doll-H CupD23020 01
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  • 155CM H Cup Anime Sex DollD23021 01
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The 155cm height is one of the most popular sizes for sex dolls. At this height, you can find a wide range of sex doll types to suit different tastes and interests. Three of the major categories of 155cm sex dolls include:

155cm Japanese Sex Doll

The Japanese sex dolls portray the classic cute and submissive image of Japanese women. They often have distinctive Asian features like almond-shaped eyes, round face, and pale skin. The small and petite body shape with perky bosom and buttocks appeals to those who are into kawaii Japanese cuteness. These dolls continue to be a favourite due to Japan’s global influence on sex culture.

155cm Chinese Sex Doll

The Chinese sex dolls demonstrate the exotic oriental beauty of Chinese women. They showcase characteristics like long black hair, petite and slender physique, and often come with traditional Chinese attire and accessories. The mysterious Eastern allure and fantasy elements associated with Chinese dolls excite those who are fascinated by the Chinese culture or attracted to Asian women in general.

155cm American Sex Doll

The American sex dolls embody the Western ideals of sensuality including blonde hair, curvy figure, voluptuous bosom and derriere. They represent the fantasy of bold and sexually confident Western women. For those into porn stars or attracted to caucasian features, the American dolls provide the familiar yet exotic experience of Western eroticism.
With different types of dolls from distinct cultural backgrounds, 155cm height covers a spectrum of fantasy partners for people of all inclinations. Whether you prefer cute Japanese maidens, sensual Chinese charmers or busty American beauties, you have various dolls to choose from to fulfill your desires. The assortment of 155cm sex dolls allows endless adventures with dream girls from around the world.

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