155cm sex doll – lead your beautiful dreams

The height of 155cm not only shows dignity and elegance, but also exudes unique charm. In order to satisfy your pursuit of the perfect figure, we bring you the latest 155cm sex doll!

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Height and weight of 155cm sex doll:

Height: 155cm
Weight: Usually a 155cm physical doll weighs between 30-40kg, depending on the materials used and internal structure. For example, dolls that use advanced silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) may tend to be in the heavier weight range, while dolls that use lightweight materials and construction may be lighter.

 Types of 155cm inflatable dolls:

A. Adult type 155cm sex doll:

This type of sex doll is usually designed to have the appearance and body proportions of an adult female. They may have large breasts, thin waists, and plump hips, mimicking the physical characteristics of adult women.

b. Teen size 155 cm sex doll:

For customers who prefer a youthful look, these sex dolls often have tighter, less curvy bodies that mimic the appearance of teenage girls.

Features of 155cm inflatable doll:

A. Realistic appearance:

155cm sex dolls usually have a highly realistic appearance, including realistic facial features, detailed hair and lifelike eyes. These dolls are often realistically achieved through meticulous craftsmanship and choice of materials.

b. Customizability:

Most 155cm sex dolls offer a degree of customizability, allowing customers to choose features such as hair color, eye color, skin tone, style and clothing to suit personal preferences.

C. Soft skin feel:

The cortex of many physical dolls is made of advanced silicone or TPE materials, which have a soft and realistic skin feel, allowing users to feel the real texture when touching.

d. Strengthen internal structure:

In order to support the weight of a 155cm sex doll and maintain the stability of its posture, the internal structure usually uses a steel frame or aluminum frame to ensure that the doll remains stable in various postures.

With this 155cm sex doll, you can freely show your fashion sense and match her with a variety of exquisite clothes and accessories to create different styles of looks. Whether it’s a date, a photoshoot, a show, or a selfie, she will be your perfect partner, making every moment full of fun and surprises.