hydoll store 159cm sex doll series

💃🎀 Experience unique companionship with a 159cm physical doll, giving you a different joy in life!
👉 Real proportions: 159cm tall, perfectly restores the proportions of real characters, allowing you to have a companionship experience like a real person.

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Advantages of 159cm sex doll


Proportion and coordination: 159cm is considered relatively medium. This figure is usually considered to be a model of proportion and coordination, neither appearing too tall nor too short.

Easy to wear: Having a 159cm sex doll like this may make it easier to wear a variety of outfits. Because it doesn’t look too tall or too petite, it’s suitable for matching various styles of clothing.

Comply with aesthetic standards: In some regions or cultures, a height of 159 centimeters is considered a representative of the ideal height for women because it is regarded as a symbol of femininity and elegance.