The 163cm sex doll is here to experience true companionship

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163cm sex doll product features:

– The 163cm sex doll stands at 163cm (approximately 5 feet 4 inches), which is the height of an average adult woman, providing a high degree of realism and realism.
– This height shows the maturity and charm of an adult woman while maintaining the cuteness of the doll.
– The weight of a 163cm sex doll is usually designed to be proportional to the human body, making it lightweight and easy to carry, move and handle.

Price features of 163cm sex doll:

– The price of a 163cm sex doll usually depends on factors such as material, workmanship and appearance details. Generally speaking, due to its larger size and more complex process, the price may be relatively high.

163cm sex doll instructions:

– When using a 163 cm sex doll, please handle it carefully to avoid damage.
– Clothing, makeup, and hairstyle can be customized according to personal preferences to enhance the doll’s personality and appeal.
– Regular cleaning and maintenance are required to maintain the appearance and quality of the doll.

Advantages of 163cm sex doll products:

– A design closer to the real height increases the doll’s realism and appeal.
– The height of 163 cm makes the doll more suitable for displaying clothing, accessories, etc., enhancing players’ DIY fun.
– Larger size sex dolls have greater collection and display value and can become part of a room’s décor.