166cm Sex Doll (5.45ft)

When you crave a partner full of excitement, choosing to purchase a sex doll is the perfect decision. No matter what your preferences are, you won’t feel lonely because you can love her forever (and frequently). Hydoll offers a variety of high-quality 166cm sex dolls for you to choose from, along with a range of delightful customization options. We are committed to bringing you the most authentic sexual pleasure, allowing you to enjoy a feeling identical to that with a real woman! Whether you desire a voluptuous blonde, a fit brunette, an office beauty, or a spicy Asian, you can find your ideal companion here.

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166cm Sex Doll Product Specifications:

Height: 166 centimeters
Material: Silicone/TPE/Silicone and TPE
Weight: Customizable, typically between 35-45 kilograms
Inner Frame: Steel frame or articulated joint design

166cm Sex Doll Product Types:

Realistic Dolls: Detail-oriented, comfortable skin-like texture, resembling human proportions and features.
Customized Dolls: Offers personalized customization services, including appearance, hairstyle, skin tone, etc., to meet customer demands.
Sex Toys: Designed to fulfill individual sexual needs, featuring adjustable poses and multifunctional characteristics.
166cm Sex Doll Maintenance Methods:
Cleaning: Use mild soapy water or specialized cleaners with a soft sponge to gently wipe the surface, avoiding cleaners containing alcohol or strong acids and alkalis.
Lubrication: Use water-based lubricants, avoiding oil-based or silicone-based lubricants to prevent damage to the material.
Storage: Store in a ventilated and dry place, away from direct sunlight or high-temperature environments, and consider using dedicated storage bags or boxes.

Instructions for Use:

Poses: The doll can be posed in various positions, but careful handling is necessary to avoid excessive distortion that may damage the internal frame.
Safety: Use with caution to avoid excessive stretching or using overly vigorous actions to prevent product damage or unnecessary harm.
Cleaning: Clean after each use to maintain product hygiene and prolong lifespan.