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Want a tall sex doll? HYDOLL store offers a variety of 170cm sex dolls to meet your unique preferences.


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170cm Sex Doll Features

Appearance Characteristics

  • Height: Standing at 170cm tall, close to human size, enhancing the realism of the sex doll.
  • Facial Features: Carefully designed facial contours, eyes, lips, etc., making the doll’s expressions more lifelike.
  • Body Curves: Firm waist, full breasts and buttocks, along with long legs, showcasing captivating body curves.

Balance of Height and Weight

Although taller sex dolls usually exude more elegance, you also need to consider their weight. Generally, a 170cm sex doll weighs around 36 kilograms. If you prefer more convenience, you can also consider sex dolls of other heights, which won’t be too short or too heavy for you.

Golden Ratio

The height of a sex doll does not necessarily need to perfectly adhere to the so-called golden ratio. What’s more important is that you choose a height suitable for your use to get a better experience.

Real-life Experience

If you have the opportunity, you can try lifting objects of similar weight to better feel the weight of the sex doll. Each product in the Hydoll store specifies its exact dimensions. This way, you can better assess the height and weight suitable for you.

Target Audience

  • Collectors: Individuals who enjoy collecting various realistic art pieces.
  • Photographers: Photographers who enjoy creating body photography.
  • Adult Toy Enthusiasts: Individuals or couples seeking to enhance their intimate lives with adult toys.

These features can help you better understand and choose a 170cm sex doll that suits your needs.