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Sex doll and Its Wig

Hey say that in variety is taste and when it comes to the search for pleasure, variety becomes a necessity, because satisfaction is the enemy of routine.

When it comes to sex dolls, you have a great advantage to vary and get out of the routine…

Not only because you can experiment in all their holes but also because just a new outfit is enough to change part of their appearance.

But what can really make the difference, are the fabulous sex doll wigs!

Lifelike Sex Dolls

Why you should use wigs for fake dolls?

Because wigs are designed to give you a world of possibilities!
Just think about it…
You can have sex with a hot redhead on Monday, a cute girl with pink hair on Tuesday, a blonde on Wednesday and a deep black brunette on Thursday.
There is a wide variety of sex doll wigs on the market, but we, as always, have found the best sex doll wigs for lifelike sex dolls.

So you can only use the best with your sex doll.

How To Choose Sex Doll Wigs

Choosing the perfect wig for your realistic sex doll will have a great impact on her appearance, and of course it will also have a great impact on your sexual desire.

Having multiple wigs is a good choice so that it can easily adapt to your mood.

All you need to do is change the wig and put on a new one. It’s that simple, you don’t even need any tools.

But How To Choose The Best One ?

1. Look for natural or semi-synthetic wigs.
They will be easy to clean, unwind and iron. Also, unlike synthetic fibers, you can change the color, and you cannot change it after dyeing it.

2. Try not to make the wig you choose too heavy.
If the wig is too heavy, there is a risk that the hair will fall off during use. At the same time, the wig may slip off the doll or leave marks on the skin.

3. Choose a wig with strong mesh or glue adaptability
Therefore, your sex doll wig will not cling to your doll’s head.

4. Find sex doll wigs that can enhance the young face of the doll
Young dolls are perfect because any hair will make them look cute. For example, cosplay or Korean wigs will make them look younger, and you like that young face very much.
Realistic Sex Doll
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How To Use A Sex Doll

————————————Beginner's Guide————————————

You must believe that buying sex dolls is the right choice。

If you just received a lifelike sex dolls, a huge box of about 80 pounds,

Stay excited…

You will have a lot of time with her, so first of all, first take her out of the packaging carefully so as not to damage any inch of her beautiful body.

Step 1: Open the boxLifelike Sex Dolls

The packaging box for shipping sex dolls is usually very large, so you need to unpack it in a larger place

The tools you need are paper cutters and scissors, but don’t insert them deeply, you can only cut open the packaging and the tape on the box.

Step 2. Take out your love doll

Open the box, you will see that the doll will be covered by foam, and her whole body will be wrapped in foam.

Once you start to take out the doll, you will notice that there will be another foam-wrapped package on the doll’s body.

You must be especially careful with this toy because it is the head of a doll

Step 3. Remove air bubbles

To remove foam, please be careful

Because any friction may deteriorate your doll.

You can put the other accessories that came with the box aside

Step 4. Install Your Doll’s Head

Please install the head carefully, and then put on the wig


Your Realistic Sex Doll is ready to use.

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Should I Buy A Mini Sex Doll?

Have you ever played a sex doll? Mini sex doll are a fun and interesting way to make your love and sex life more interesting.

Manufacturers have developed various sizes, designs and functions according to your fashion, taste and preferences.

If your country allows sex dolls and toys, whether you are married or own a full-size sex doll, you should consider buying a small sex doll.

Factors to consider when buying sex dolls

1. Easy to store.
You can easily hide the sex doll out of sight of the room, office or manhole.

2. Effectively improve performance.
A small sex doll is easy to buy, with almost no complaints.

You can explore different sexual positions.

3. Highly portable.
The weight and size of the sex doll allows you to explore different locations and different parts of the house.

4. Excellent collection.
If you have a sex toy, even if you have a full-size model or a real woman in your life, there is no harm in getting a mini sex doll.

5. Low maintenance cost.
A sex doll can save you from responsibility, unnecessary expenses and the hassle of keeping secret lovers a secret. Your love doll only needs regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure its smooth operation.

6. Reduce infidelity.
If you are married or have a long-distance relationship, you can use a doll when you need it. Dolls can also come in handy when your wife is pregnant, sick or pregnant.

7. Cheaper than full-size sex dolls.
Mini dolls are almost half the price of full-size dolls because they require fewer resources than full-size dolls.

8. Multiple choices.
The manufacturer’s target customers are customers with different fashions, tastes and preferences. You can get mini sex dolls that match your race, body shape, sex doll size, eye color, hair color and customizable mini sex dolls.

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How to order the right adult doll

HYdoll is the most outstanding store, with many genuine licenses of sex doll brands. These sex dolls can bring super satisfaction to the user, and under normal circumstances will not cause harm to the body or skin

Specification of the sex dolls:

There are many sizes of sex dolls, usually the smallest is 65 cm and the largest is 175 cm. The colors and styles of these dolls are different, and the colors of their hair and eyes are also different. This shop can provide this kind of sex toy at any time, in order to facilitate the purchase of customers without any trouble. Here, the online store provides various styles of dolls that can meet all your needs for sex games.we have many cheap sex doll for everyone to choose

These dolls are waterproof. Therefore, you can use the doll in the bathtub. This store provides sex dolls with new features, so it provides customers with a great sense of comfort and a better experience.

Big breasted female doll

Generally, sex dolls are soft and flexible, so you can bend the toy to a position that suits you. Provide users with the pleasure of orgasm in various postures. This shop not only provides male dolls, but also female dolls, so users can buy cost-effective lifelike sex dolls

Before using a sex toy, you need to clean it first because it may contain a small amount of bacteria. Therefore, wash it before and after each use. Similarly, if you are using a sex toy for the first time, you should try to clean it after each use to extend the life of the sex toy.

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Sex doll sales on the rise amid COVID-19 restrictions

COVID-19 has witnessed the closure of companies around the world, but due to mandatory quarantine, the sex doll industry seems to be booming.

As the night becomes longer and longer, the limits of popularity become more and more lonely, and the number of residents buying sex dolls soars.

Some suppliers believe that the sex doll industry is performing better than ever in the COVID-19 pandemic. Because it not only forces people to use sex dolls to isolate themselves. More and more couples are buying this toy to increase sexual pleasure. In recent months, the sales of our dolls are bound to grow, and the sales of mini sex doll will even go faster. Cheap price, same function, smaller size, easy to clean.

JAKARTA – Sex dolls are selling well before Christmas. The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a ‘perfect storm’ for lonely customers.

Statistics emerged from the United States and showed that the lockdown triggered sales of sex dolls in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas.

Research has shown a 25 percent increase in sales in 2020 compared to 2019 – while statistics in New York show sales have increased by 65 percent, according to sex doll company Silicon Wives.

While Miami-based SexDollGenie claims their sales exploded by 218 percent from 2019 to 2020.

Silicon Wives owner Bryan Gill told the New York Post he thinks more men are turning to sex dolls for their sexual gratification. The reason is, because lifelike sex dolls are not ‘as complicated’ as women.

And he predicts that many people would rather spend Christmas with a sex doll than a human.

“For the most part, this could be the difference between spending the holiday season quarantined alone, or with the sexual partner of your dreams to keep you and your bed warm during cold nights , “said Gill was quoted by the Daily Star, Monday, December 14.

These sex dolls are priced quite expensive, 2-3 thousand US dollars, or the equivalent of Rp.28-42 million per item

Adult sex dolls can satisfy your dark sexual needs. Come on, release your libido with this cheap sex doll. All of these have full discretion, and now having a real adult doll can help you a lot. Here you can work hard to achieve sexual final fantasy, and you do very little work. Cheap sex doll can be said to be the most cost-effective. They can satisfy your sex life for very little money

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How Chinese New Year Will Affect Your Sex Doll Order

As you may know, nearly all sex dolls are manufactured in China. This includes well-known brands like WM DollsPiper Doll6YE DollIrontechdoll, etc. All businesses that work with Chinese manufacturers know about the up-coming Chinese New Year (CNY) factory shutdowns, and have to plan ahead. If you have been procrastinating in getting a doll, you may be out of luck until March 2021.

In short, Chinese New Year is the biggest national holiday in China. During this time, all Chinese factories and businesses are shut down for a week or more. In 2021, CNY begins on February 12, 2012 and lasts for 1 week minimum. How long factories are shut down is completely dependent on the management. Some factories shut down for only 1 week, and some shut down for 1-2 months. Because many workers in China move to a new city to work, CNY is the one time of the year they get to return home and see their families. 

buy china sex doll

Therefore, some factories will close for many weeks or months to give their workers more time to spend with their loved ones.

Knowing this, you need to plan ahead for CNY when ordering a doll. Because all factories will shut down on CNY for at least a week, most will set an order deadline. For example, if you order past a certain date, they will hold off on production until after CNY as they try to wrap up all their existing love doll orders (before that deadline). If you order past their deadline, unfortunately, you will have to wait until after CNY for them to produce and ship your doll which can take weeks or months. During the CNY holiday, vendors will have zero contact with any of the manufacturers.

Here is what we know so far regarding CNY timelines for various brands. This list will be updated as we find more information.

WM Dolls, YL, & OR Doll

The deadline to order for guaranteed shipping before CNY is January 11, 2021. Jinsan (WM, YL, & OR Doll) will be closed from early February to around February 20, 2021.

Doll Forever, Doll House 168, Piper Doll

The deadlines to order a doll to be made and shipped before CNY are as follows:

1. Piper Doll TPE, Doll House 168 2019 series: 28 Jan., 2021;

2. Piper Silicone Sex Doll: 9 Jan., 2021;

3. Doll Forever, Doll House 168 Silicone: 31 Jan., 2021;

4. Doll House 168 old series: 22 Jan., 2021.

They will go on CNY vacation on February 3, 2021. Their return date is TBA, but it may be as late as mid-March.

6YE Doll & MESE Doll

6YE and Mese Doll will be closed from January 28, 2021 to February 19, 2021.


The main takeaway is that if you haven’t already ordered before January 1, 2021, then your order will likely be held off until after CNY. When the Japanese sex dolls factory is closed, your vendor will have no contact with any of the manufacturers, so if you order in January 2021, expect no responses or updates until late February or March 2021.

If your order already shipped before CNY, it will be delivered as usual UNLESS it is still in China. All couriers including UPS and Fedex in China will be closed during CNY for one week.

Note: In-stock dolls outside of China (i.e. in the US) are not affected by CNY.

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Alibaba Bans All Sex Doll Sales in the US

On January 28, 2021, Alibaba International (owner of and issued a formal statement indicating that starting February, 4, 2021, all sales of love doll products to the USA will be banned. This is huge news. Sex dolls are a massive industry in China and has made Alibaba a ton of money. If Alibaba suddenly decided to ban them in the US, there must be a serious reason why. The vague reasoning given is that they prohibit the sales of “obscene, child pornography, violence, and vulgar products” which they are associating with sex dolls.

ban sex doll on alibaba
small love doll

As of currently, the ban only applies to the US, and affects ALL sex dolls, including sex doll torso, hip, and leg dolls (“Sex Doll products that show full, partial human bodies will be blocked in the United States”). People in other countries will still be able to purchase sex dolls with no issues. This indicates that there is something going on in the US that made Alibaba hesitant or cautious of selling sex dolls to the US. This is likely a form of preventative action in anticipation of an in-coming sex doll ban in the US. There has also been a lot of controversy regarding child-like sex dolls in the US that has been continuously brewing over the last few months.

What This Means for You?

If you order sex dolls from Alibaba/Aliexpress: You will no longer be able to order or find cheap sex doll on Alibaba/Aliexpress anymore.

If you order dolls from vendors or other websites: The Alibaba sex doll ban probably won‘t affect you. It mainly affects the vendors and manufacturers. Because most manufacturers, including top brands like WM DollsPiper Doll, etc., use Alibaba as a payment processor, they will need to find a new payment method for vendors to pay them. Things may get complicated for vendors and brands, but it won’t really affect the customer.

Note: If you do not live in the US, then this does not directly affect you, but the financial hit to manufacturers could indirectly affect you in the future.

alibaba sex doll

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good: As you may know, Aliexpress/Alibaba is filled with low quality, counterfeit and knockoff dolls. The ban will actually prevent many Americans from getting scammed, and may bring more business to legitimate vendors.

The Bad: Alibaba has many lesser-known brands that most Western vendors do not carry. They could be affordable choices for new doll owners. Unfortunately after the ban, Americans will no longer be able to find any of these smaller brands again. The ban may also lead to more counterfeit doll websites popping up as these sellers can no longer sell to the US on Alibaba/Aliexpress.

The Ugly: Alibaba is a large and powerful company with a lot of influence. Their mini sex doll ban, along with their labeling of sex dolls as “obscene, child pornography, violence, and vulgar products,” will greatly increase the negative stigma toward sex dolls. This will only fuel growing stereotypes and misinformation currently surrounding sex dolls. It may also influence other companies to do the same thing. Their decision will have a significant impact on things to come and how sex dolls are viewed in the future. If Alibaba truly believes in what they say, then they will likely ban all sex dolls from their marketplace eventually, which will greatly hurt 100cm sex doll manufacturers and the sex doll industry as a whole.

Trouble is brewing in the sex doll industry, and the US is about to get hit hard. What are your thoughts? Comment below!

little girl
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Inflatable Love Doll Factory Introduction

The article was published on a website called a blog that specializes in stories that are spooky and macabre. best sex dolls In the novel, she admits, “I really used my imagination,” but for the film, she adds, “Orient Industry gave me a good education in what it does, and the film is based on that. “

70% of the world’s adult products are manufactured in China, it is one of the dolls. They are even more beautiful than real people because they have long legs, thin waist, big breasts, and delicate face look like a man of dreams. But you know cheap sex doll factory? We look at. realistic sex doll It is basically fancy masturbation, but to some extent, it is perceived by the user as engaging in sexual activity with another entity. What’s missing is cooperative energy that shows healthy and loving sex. After all, teamwork is the dream job.

love dolls

There are a number of reasons why a gay man buys a female doll, but among them, the most common is appearance pleasure. A gay man buys a realistic TPE mini sex doll for pleasure much more than he gets to masturbate simply.

Mr. Hyodo, a military buff who lives alone but has a little understanding friend, has more than 10 life-size dummies – many of them dressed in combat uniform playing war fantasies. silicone sex dolls The film tells the pure love story between a shy and timid Lars and Bianca doll. In the film, Dagmar, a heart doctor, and Gus’s family. ), Colleagues and neighbors create a safe environment, accept and bear and his girlfriend (doll Bianca), give love and care, help him enjoy life, and build self-confidence.

Best Sex Dolls

If you look back on the history of sex dolls, you will find that they have undergone major changes. They were first presented as inflatable sex dolls, mainly used as gifts for the holidays or pranks during graduation ceremonies. These dolls are not strong enough for the weight of the bear. Continuously improve slowly and steadily, small changes occasionally. Today, 100cm sex doll outfit9s Doll E8S and keys just like a real human being. In addition, AI technology was introduced to allow the doll to give feedback.

In addition to the listed advantages, love doll has many other unlimited benefits. With the help of technology, these models have evolved artistic concepts to existing masterpieces. Unique sex doll’s advantages are unmatched and offer users a great experience.

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Silicone Sex Dolls as Baseball Supporters

Yes, Those Were Sex Dolls Cheering On a South Korean Soccer Team

C Seoul wanted to add a little festivity to an empty stadium. Instead, it’s apologizing to fans.

SEOUL, South Korea — As a handful of the world’s sports leagues inch back to life, they have sought ways to maintain a bit of the old pre-pandemic festivity in stadiums devoid of spectators.

One popular choice, from Germany’s top soccer league to professional baseball in Taiwan, has been to replace fans with figures that are not subject to social distancing rules: cardboard cutouts depicting hometown supporters holding signs or smiling.

Over the weekend, a soccer team in South Korea opted to fill seats with something a little more lifelike — to its deep embarrassment.

The club FC Seoul apologized on Monday after what it believed were ordinary mannequins — quickly recognized by many fans as lifelike sex dolls — were placed in the stands for a match against Gwangju FC.

Lifelike Sex Dolls

Some on social media noted the telltale signs, like the business logos for love doll marketers on the dolls’ clothing, or their strikingly buxom physiques. Of the roughly two dozen dolls in the stands, nearly all were women.

“We had tried to add some fun in the no-spectator match,” FC Seoul said in a statement. “But we have not checked all the details, and that is clearly our fault.”

The incident was a blemish for the K League, the top professional soccer league in South Korea. After a 100cm sex doll weekslong delay, it resumed play on May 8, as the country relaxes more restrictions imposed to fight the coronavirus.

It won global attention as one of the first major soccer leagues to retake the field. A dozen foreign broadcasters have bought rights for the season, eager to show games to fans starved for sports.

On Monday, the spotlight was an uneasy one. The Instagram page of FC Seoul was filled with messages from fans outraged that the club had failed to notice that the mannequins were “so obviously” mini sex doll. Some derided the team’s management as clueless and lamented the global humiliation that had been brought on it.

It won global attention as one of the first major soccer leagues to retake the field. A dozen foreign broadcasters have bought rights for the season, eager to show games to fans starved for sports.

On Monday, the spotlight was an uneasy one. The Instagram page of FC Seoul was filled with messages from fans outraged that the club had failed to notice that the mannequins were “so obviously” mini sex doll. Some derided the team’s management as clueless and lamented the global humiliation that had been brought on it.

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How to Make a Sex Doll?


If you are interested in cheap sex doll, or just curious about how to make a sex doll, you may have discovered that doing a Google search doesn’t bring up much. Sex dolls are very intricate, and very few people have enough information about their production process. Today, we’ll show you all you need to know about the manufacturing process of sex dolls.

fat body love doll

How are sex dolls made?

You can divide and categorize the production of sex dolls into seven different steps.

1. Making the sex doll mold

The foundational basis for making beautiful sex dolls is to make the molds; this is the first step in the sex doll production stage.

The form of the mold has a significant responsibility in the form, shape, and size the sex doll takes. The professional designers use the mold to design and form the sex doll. They work tirelessly to create a sex doll with seamless body features, with perfect and realistic proportions for all parts of the sex doll. The designed model is then used to create a corresponding model. The mold undergoes a special design to create all types of corresponding models.

The process requires the designers to be familiar with the preferences of their customers and design accordingly. Also, the sex doll designer uses their initiative to design unique dolls to their taste and views of beauty. In doing this, the sex doll designer can create a unique and eye-catching sex doll that would bring more customers to the company. We cannot overemphasize the value of the designer in this field.

2. Sex doll skeleton preparation

The skeletal structure of the sex doll generally consists of stainless steel used in place of human bones to support the entire body of the sex doll—the joints of the sex doll skeleton function like those of a human skeleton. Just like a human body, you can position them in human-like postures; this allows customers to twist their cheap sex doll in whatever sex position that pleases them.

The manufacturers in Fandolls are significant suppliers of these specialized skeletons. However, to improve innovations, other sex doll companies now design and manufacture their sex doll skeletons.

3. Matching the mold and skeleton of the sex doll

After the preparation of the skeleton and mold, they are matched together to fit correctly and keep the intended position.

The matching process of the mold and skeleton is delicate. If there are issues with the matching process, it can affect the overall quality of the lifelike sex dolls and result in trashed toys and unintentional losses. This entire process is very delicate and is done with utmost patience and carefulness to ensure a quality marketable sex doll.

4. Heating and Preparation of TPE materials

To prepare the TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) materials, we mix the raw materials with precise calculations based on the required proportions and evenly mix them by stirring. The quality of TPE varies considerably based on different product formulations. In order words, if you’re looking to buy a sex doll, you should purchase it from a distinguished company. It is guaranteed to get high-quality TPE sex dolls based on their TPE quality.

The processing of these raw materials begins when we have entirely prepared all the required materials. We then heat the materials at a temperature of about 200 degrees. After this, we inject the heated substance into the mold, and the sex doll gradually forms in the mold.

5. Cooling

Because of the high temperature needed to heat the TPE, we place the mold in the coolant for several hours. That takes place after we have poured the heated material into the mold. After the cooling process, we take out the mold, crack it open, and rescue the doll. The newly made sex doll isn’t ready yet. To make the sex doll beautiful and attractive, we begin the next step of the production process.

6.Further Processing

There are several things manufacturers still do to the sex doll after taking the TPE sex doll out of the mold. Before the sex doll is wholly and readily available for use, we carry out required and further processing.

sex doll factory

A newborn sex doll, freshly taken out of the mold, is rough at the corners. They are not as attractive or beautiful as the usual sex dolls. The manufacturers do further processing on the sex doll. They smoothen the feet, hands, neck, and sides of the body to remove any uneven or rough edge. The goal here is to give the doll a perfect skin and seductive body shape. The fingernails and toes nails also get installed, the sex doll is also thoroughly cleaned for utmost consumer satisfaction. After all this, and we find no other defect on the sex doll, the body is then covered with talcum powder to keep it smooth and well preserved.

7. Making the dolls heads

Manufacturers make the head and body of the sex doll separately. That is because the sex doll head has a lot more complex features than the body. The production of the head is quite similar to the manufacturing process of the body, the only difference being a different mold use. Manufacturers use a different mold to make the head of the real doll but usually perforates and screws them both together.

After the production process of the sex doll’s head is completed, expert make-up artists make the head up to suit the original design of the designer. The models of the head are numerous, and all the designs aim at making the sex dolls head look sexier and attractive. Special types of wigs are then attached to the head of the sex doll to make it more realistic. There are usually many different wig styles to pick from.

After the manufacture of a suitable and beautiful sex doll, we put them in specialized storage warehouses. A convenient preservation technique; they’re hung up and afterward carefully packaged and delivered to costumers.

We put sex dolls in reliable and secure boxes for shipping. Also, we put custom made foam pads to avoid a collision that can damage parts of the sex doll. Most times, we also cover the sex doll with cushions and blankets, to protect the various parts when fitted into the shipping box. The manufacturers do all this to make sure the sex doll arrives it’s shipment in wholesome conditions. Manufacturers do their best to give the customer total satisfaction when they receive their toy. They also go far enough to put in extra gifts in the boxes, like different wigs and clothes. When the sex doll is in perfect condition, We then clear it for delivery to eager costumers.

We are entirely discreet and committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. The costumer’s privacy comes first, and we mark orders as other different products. Only the customer has the information about the contents of the box. We maintain confidentiality to remove any embarrassment that may come from the delivery of the product.