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What to pay attention to when buying clothes for sex dolls?

For many people who like sex dolls, anime sex dolls can replace the role of girlfriends. Therefore, it is very important to dress the realistic sex dolls beautifully. The most important thing is the clothes worn by the sex dolls. It’s very particular about it.

What to pay attention to when buying clothes for sex dolls?Mesedoll D10014 07

Give a very simple example, because many big-name physical dolls are made of skin-friendly TPE materials. If these materials touch dark clothes, they are likely to be dyed because the clothes fade. When cleaning, unless you use professional Tools, otherwise it is very troublesome to clean.

Therefore, if you need to buy clothes for physical dolls, you can actually consider choosing light-colored, cotton-made clothes that are not easy to fade. Of course, when you buy at, generally, you will get clothes randomly. Of course, You can also buy their packages and make corresponding choices. It is more convenient and safer to buy clothes for physical dolls in professional places. Otherwise, the dyeing of physical dolls will not only affect the appearance, but also affect the service life.