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Why do men love sex dolls?

Dolls are physically perfect, everything is perfect. When you need it warm, you just heat it up by using a heated blanket for about 1h. Then you will feel like way more having sex with a real woman. You can also buy a stick, smear some lube, and put it into the mouth of your […]

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Why Choose Sex Doll Torso

Sex dolls include full-sized sex dolls and sex doll torsos. Many people complain that full-sized dolls are too heavy and not very convenient to store. After all, the size is secured and the storage space cannot be less at all. Well, silicone torso sex dolls are the perfect dolls to meet the needs of this […]

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Unpack and Assemble A Realistic Sex Doll

In order to transport and protect our BBW sex doll, most sex dolls are shipped individually. This requires the customer to assemble the doll. Our sex dolls are usually separated from the head and body. Unpack and Assemble A Realistic Sex Doll What a Excitement! When you first get your realistic sex doll, You must take […]