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Can you live with “sex Dolls”?

Although there may be the hassle of human relationships, the desire to artificially create a human-like being is one of the oldest human desires. Humans do not necessarily have sex for the purpose of reproduction, but the future will come when we will have sex with someone who looks exactly like us.

What is Mrs. Bamboo?

 There are a wide variety of tactics and strategies for sexual reproduction in different organisms, but in most cases, in humans, the male makes a sexual demonstration or appeal to the female, which is accepted and leads to sex. Basically, there is a physiological reason why it is difficult to have smooth sex without an erection in the male organ, and because of the structure of the reproductive organs, men and women tend to be active and passive in sex.

 Because of these reasons, it has been said that men who spend a lot of time without women, such as sailors on ocean voyages, sometimes prepare cheap sex doll that look like women as pseudo-sex partners. The Anglo-Dutch Wars, which lasted from the middle of the 17th century until the Anglo-Dutch Agreement of 1824, led many English expressions to disparage the Dutch.

Lifelike Sex Dolls

 I imagine that this word also came from there, but to the honor of the Netherlands, it has nothing to do with the Dutch, of course. The term originally comes from the Chinese bamboo wife, a kind of hugging pillow. During the hot and humid nights in the tropics and subtropics, it is said that it is cooler to sleep in a life-size cylinder made of woven bamboo (*1), but it is thought that the term was coined by the British who made fun of the Dutch and local customs when they entered Asia.

 It is often said that Japanese people, who are familiar with figures from anime and video games, such as Atom and Evangelion, feel differently about 100CM Best Teen E-Cup Small Sex Doll-Stock In USA than do Westerners, who are said to have a latent fear (Frankenstein complex) of humans being created by non-gods. It is often said that Westerners feel differently about humanoid robots. However, the desire to create humanoid robots that closely resemble humans is universal.

 Pygmalion, the king of Cyprus in Greek mythology, falls in love with an artificially created ideal female figure. Although the reality is often cruel and ideals are unattainable, many fictions have been created in which ideals are drawn and carved into pictures or human figures, and people become emotionally involved with such dolls.

 It is easy to imagine that by combining a hug pillow and an artificially reproduced human figure, it would be possible to create a human-like Mrs. Bamboo. This led to a kind of “urban legend” that there might be special-purpose dolls used by men on distant ocean voyages.

 There are, of course, non-human sex toys for women, such as the upholstery type, but there are many different types for men. In the case of the doll type, there are many manufacturers who make simple, inexpensive (a few thousand yen) air-inflated models, as well as more expensive (several hundred thousand yen) silicone dolls that try to be as close to real people as technology allows, and can be purchased by anyone with little or no regulation.

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The Reality of Male Sex Dolls

Did you know that the spread of covid-19 infection is affecting the sales of sex dolls? In a March 14 news report by CNN, German sex toy maker Womanizer reported that “sales in January and February exceeded expectations by 50 percent, with demand rising in Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, and Japan. The Los Angeles Times on April 14 also reported that “sales of sex toys have doubled due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, and the level of shame toward sex toys has declined.

Meanwhile, Kaikan News discovered a “male sex doll” reported by the digital media “VICE”. Male Sex Dolls are the ultimate weapon of love goods for women! I’m hoping that this will further reduce the level of shame women feel about their sexuality!

We asked Mr. U, a journalist living in New York, about the reality of these “male sex dolls”.

“Male dolls have been manufactured and sold by LA-based Synthetics since 2010 for the purpose of healing through sex and kinship. The price starts at $6,750 for a “basic male doll” (calculated at 107.58 yen to the dollar, or about 726.13 yen as of April 18), and you can specify the body and skin color you want, as well as the shape of the eyes and nipples, tan lines, tattoos, body hair, etc. You can specify the body and skin color you want, the shape of your eyes and nipples, tan lines, tattoos, body hair, etc.

The photo here is of a doll named “Akira” from the Synthetics website. Her panties are too flashy.
Synthesis is not a factory or manufacturer, but rather a studio of custom-made doll makers. She ordered a life-size doll of herself to give her rock star husband as a special gift that he could keep with him while traveling for concerts. It was this Josie Stevens doll that sparked the company’s founding….

This is Synthetics’ Twitter page, where you can see various types of male dolls with pointy ears.
What kind of demand is there for these sex dolls?

“Originally, there was a lot of demand from the gay market, but then we started getting attention from female customers as well, and around 2015, we started making dolls that are small enough for women to put on top of them and get into a normal position, and that is easy to clean.

male sex doll

What exactly can this sex doll do?

What can this sex doll do? “The male organ can be moved to any angle you want, so the smoothest position is riding on top of the doll-like a cowgirl, but you can also move the whole body to any pose you want, so it can be positioned like a normal position. They can enjoy some positions, and they can also enjoy skinship such as cuddling.”

You can also see a video of the VICE reporter working with the doll from Synthetics. The reporter seemed to be satisfied with the doll. They spread masculine quality just like men and Mini Sex Doll can light up their sexual feelings. In 21 century, it is the opposite, child look sex doll has a bigger market.
Bronwen Keller, one of the owners of Synthetics, said in an interview in 2017 about the sales situation.

In an interview in 2017, Bronwen Keller, one of the managers of Synthetics, said about the company’s sales: “We’ve been in business since 2010, and in our fifth year we’ve shipped 188 units. The main states where we’re selling are Texas, Minnesota, and Michigan, which are Republican states that are very strict on lewd behavior (laughs). What we discovered when we started selling them is that women are also craving male dolls. Right now, both male and female dolls are selling equally well and we are waiting for stock.

It also seems that the wave of male sex dolls is definitely not limited to the Synthetics company.

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My First Mini Sex Doll Experience

This is a story from a real customer.

Interestingly enough, 10 or 15 years ago, he knew about real dolls, but they were about $5,000 – not in his budget. He forgot about them, and He doesn’t know if they’ve popped into his head at that time, but he was shocked at how many manufacturers there were, and the dolls became so much more until He looked for a Mini Sex Doll on the internet about 9 months ago. They are realistic, beautiful (in his opinion), and now affordable. And he also heard that there are countries that ban mini sex dolls, so he looked it up and find out whether he can. Here are the details of Mini Sex Dolls Are illegal to Buy Or Not?

So He started window shopping just for fun, which quickly developed into a doll quirk. After doing a lot of research, He finally picked one out and placed his order a fortnight ago. She arrived a few days ago and He was eager to open the box and see what she looked like and how these dolls felt after months of looking at them online in TPE (thermoplastic elastomer, a silicone like material that supposedly feels very much like real human skin). He braced himself as He was worried He would be disappointed with how she looked or how she felt. Upon opening the box, He was first very pleasantly surprised to find how beautiful her body was; the detail was amazing. He took a look at her face and she was very lovely. As He unwrapped her, one of the first parts He touched was the calf and He was amazed at how real it felt – just like human skin, the way the skin moved like human skin, with the muscles and fat jiggling. Wow! He Yelled.

mini sex doll

At this point, it must be said that there are a few things that may come as a shock to those new to touching or handling TPE Sex Doll. Since it was removed during shipping, it opens up, what you see is a body without a head. Then you notice that the body is cold, surprisingly cold. Then you try to lift her out of the box. Oh, He read that these dolls are very heavy, but He doesn’t know what he’s doing. He found out her weight beforehand on the website. Therefore, if a real woman of the same height, this would be an easy thing to do. No! No. It’s not like taking a real woman to a wedding. They put their arms around your neck and balance their weight. To some extent this can help you. Eventually, he likes the doll.

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The UK and AU Ban Mini Sex Doll

Mini sex dolls can sell in the USA, but not in the UK, AU, and Singapore. Mini sex dolls include teen sex dolls, height below 140, like 100cm sex dolls, 65cm sex dolls as the picture below.

The Authority thinks that children are the hope for the future development of a country, and no matter which country provides comprehensive protection for children, once an incident occurs that harms a child, it will draw the ire of many people.

In many countries, it is legal to buy sex dolls, but not to buy sex dolls as children. Such sex dolls should be banned everywhere, but if you want to buy a mini sex doll to save money or for portability, you can choose a torso sex doll. For the safety and mine of our customers, we provide legitimate sex dolls and if any of them do not meet our quality standards, they will never be available. We also provide you with the satisfaction of meeting your needs and not violating any laws.

But they don’t ban all sex dolls. These countries can also buy sex dolls which as BBW sex dolls, lifelike sex dolls, or other big size sex dolls. For more specific, the doll needs to be over 140cm. Sellers who get orders for mini sex dolls and teen sex dolls always suggest customers exchange them.

The baby doll has always been controversial and where there is a demand for it, there will be products and a constant stream of new products. The important thing is not to do anything to harm the country or others. About customers who want to buy small dolls can pay attention to the local policy, or ask the seller, usually, the seller will be the first to know this kind of news.

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The Newest High Tech AI/Robot Sex Doll Pros & Cons

AI develops rapidly. Everything involves with AI has a big difference. Like the sex doll industry, a normal sex doll has its own limitation in that they don’t have emotions. So with AI, a sex doll can have their feelings and react more. Even mimic the human voice, Mini Sex Doll will sound younger; while BBW Sex Doll sound is more mature.

The pros of sexbots

 People may have different ideas about sexbots, but they can solve many problems related to sex. Not like unchangeable sex dolls, for example, if it is a 100cm sex doll, you can’t change the height. But if it is a sexbot, it may changeable. Or it can empower the frail, elderly, and disabled and relieve them of their sexual problems. It could be a cure for sexual dysfunction and lead to safer intercourse. It may also help people who are still unsure of their sexual orientation to feel more secure in their sexual practices.

 According to a recent study, sexologists in the medical field found that the patients who would benefit most from using Sexabot for treatment were those with social anxiety (50%), those without a partner but who did not want to resort to sex (50%) and those with premature ejaculation (47%).

Disadvantages of Sexbot
 On the other hand, some critics say that if people get too used to sexbots being obedient and unobtrusive to their owners, they may mistake them for flesh and blood. If you only use a silicone sex doll, which includes Mini Sex Doll, Flat Chested Sex Doll, Big Booty Sex Doll and etc, you can never mix them up with a real human.
 This, they say, could lead to an increase in sexual violence and abuse if humans are seen as objects.

 Some have suggested that robots could be programmed to reject violent intercourse or sexual advances. In Australia, the presence or absence of consent is a key factor in determining sexual assault.

 Some argue that even if you sexually assaulted a robot, it would not be sexual assault, because robots do not have feelings.

 Incidentally, a similar argument can be made for existing love dolls. In Australia, for example, love dolls in the form of children are banned (like a Teen Sex Doll), and violations can result in up to 10-15 years in prison.