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Sex Doll Business

The home-based business House of Dolls opened in December 2018, renting out nights with anatomically correct TPE silicone sex dolls. Fervor, both positive and negative, followed, with business owner Kristen Dickson doing numerous media interviews after her company’s website launched, crashing several times due to traffic overload. However, by March 2019, House of Dolls was […]

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Erotic Massage: The Latest News

Sensual massages are a nice diversion, as well as a panacea for the couple. If you want a threesome, you can invite another mate, or you can use a sex doll to accompany you. We have said it many times: the massage relaxes the body and the mind, giving remarkable cues also to refresh the […]

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Clitoral Sucker: Story and Advice About Sex

What they are, how they work, which ones to choose, how to use them: all about the clitoral sucking phenomenon, a great sex revolution dedicated to women’s pleasure. The storyConvinced that their invention would revolutionize the market, they wasted no time on design or marketing studies: the first Womanizer was not very aesthetic, but it […]

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Sex Doll Torso – How to Use

Heads Up Ⅰpreparation-before you use a sex doll torso 1.1 The things you will need: Stain Removers, Lubricant, Vaginal Irrigator, Anti-Bacterial Soap, Renewal Powder Ⅱunpack your sex doll torso-enjoy your doll 2.1Unpacking 2.2dress up Ⅲclean up and store your sex doll torso 3.1how to clean up your torso 3.2how to store your sex torso preparation […]