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Encouraging Openness in Your Sexual Relationships

Sex doll fans can be divided into a few different categories. The first, and most fortunate, can be open with their partner about their interests. They feel free to buy and enjoy their sex dolls. In some cases, their partners even indulge their fantasies on the side. Others have to be a little more discreet. Their sex dolls are usually hidden. When buying a sex doll, they have to make sure that they do it “on the down-low”. Unfortunately, there is another group. These are people who can’t buy big booty sex doll because they fear it will cause a breakup with their loved ones.

We believe that anyone who wants to be a TPE sex doll should be able to do so without fear or embarrassment. However, for this to happen, couples must learn to be open about their fantasies, fetishes, and preferences. Only then can men and women enjoy their sex dolls and relationships with each other. Here are some things you can do to encourage this sexual openness.

Start talking about your fantasies early

The earlier you start talking to your partner about your fantasies, the better. You’ll become familiar with each other over time. Plus, you’ll learn quickly if you’re just not compatible.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to share your weirdest preferences on the first date. It’s perfectly fine to start by exploring some vanilla fantasies at first, before diving deeper. Before you know it, you might be crazy and loving and browsing silicone and VSE dolls together.

Stand up for your own pleasure

As long as they fall within the bounds of legality and consent, there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to your sexual pleasure. Remember that while it is nice to receive pleasure from others, your pleasure is ultimately your own responsibility.

The best way to defend your pleasure is to be open with your partner about what you enjoy. This starts in the bedroom, but should also include fantasies about toys and sex dolls.

Encourage your partner to share their pleasure

It’s simple. People are willing to accept and welcome their partner’s fantasies when they feel their own are accepted as well. This starts with open communication and acceptance. You can do this by encouraging your partner to share their fantasies with you. Then, when they do, they respond warmly and positively. Later, when you introduce your teen sex doll fantasies, they will be more open with you about it.

Explore together

Once you are able to openly discuss your fantasies and preferences, the fun can begin. Now is the perfect time to start exploring each of your fantasies together. Of course, you can do this in the bedroom (or attic or kitchen…). Even better, you can do it online, at your local sex shop, watching porn together, and finally buying a sex doll that will satisfy you both. Whatever you do, your open communication will contribute to happy and healthy sex life.

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Sex Doll Business

The home-based business House of Dolls opened in December 2018, renting out nights with anatomically correct TPE silicone sex dolls.

Fervor, both positive and negative, followed, with business owner Kristen Dickson doing numerous media interviews after her company’s website launched, crashing several times due to traffic overload.

However, by March 2019, House of Dolls was no longer operating in Kamloops, as unrelated personal issues led Dickson to move to Calgary – taking the dolls with her – and putting her business on hold.

Catching up with Kamloops this week in recent days, Dickson described her short time in business in Kamloops as “amazing.”

“I had quite a few clients and I had several repeat customers,” she said.

Dickson said she was doing about 15 deliveries a month, describing her Kamloops clientele as 70 percent male and 30 percent couples.

She said many people were simply curious about the experience, noting that the silicone dolls were still in good condition when she picked them up in the morning.

“People were very respectful,” she said, adding that she was surprised by the support she received for the business when it first opened, as she expected more criticism.

“A lot of people said it was a great idea, so I was pretty proud. I expected worse,” she said.

Dickson had considered franchising her business, but abandoned those plans because there was more curiosity than commitment. At that point, she said, it was an overwhelming prospect.

“People were contacting me like crazy across the country. I even had people in the U.S. contacting me about opening a business there, but it was too much, too fast,” Dickson said, noting the media attention – which began with a Nov. 21, 2018 story in Kamloops this week. – was intense.

“My father-in-law was in Ottawa and read about me and had no idea,” Dixon said with a laugh.

Although Dickson’s business is currently on hiatus, she plans to reopen it at some point in her Alberta home.

Dickson’s business license from Kamloops City Hall was considered a rental agency for adult novelty items.

Dickson delivered the dolls to his customers rather than have them patronize a “brothel” type of business, which the City of Kamloops would consider a body rub parlor, a type of business prohibited in the tournament capital.

As a rental agency, as far as the city is concerned, what people do with the items in their own homes is their business.

The city’s business license inspector, David Jones, told Kamloops This Week in November 2018 that, in the rental category, House of Dolls would be treated no differently than an entrepreneur creating a business renting out bouncy castles.

Dickson said she hopes someone else will follow her lead and open such a business again in Kamloops.

“There have been a few who have tried the brothel-type idea, but they don’t seem to last,” she said.

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Porn Star “flattered” Will Be a Model for a New Sex Doll

An Australian porn star has landed the queen of all brand mentions by having a sex doll modeled on her.

The “flattered” porn star will be a model for a new sex doll
Yep, not only can horny fans watch Kiki Vidis get dirty on their screens, but now they can feel like they’re having sex with her with their very own Kiki doll.

The realistic doll is the first of its kind to be based on a celebrity, and its creator, Vodaire, hopes it will be a game-changer in the world of adult sex toys.

While turning yourself into a literal sex toy for men everywhere to consider having sex with is probably a bit of a compliment, it means so much more to Kiki.

As you can see, we also have other stars on our website, like this one

that’s why we can make it so real.

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Inside the Uk’s Largest Sex Doll Supermarket

The strangest requests Graham Tempest says he gets are the ones where customers come armed with pictures.

He is the owner of the UK’s largest sex doll supermarket. “They ask if we can make a doll that looks like the woman in their picture,” he tells LADbible. “I’ll ask who it is and they’ll say it’s a colleague or a neighbor.”

Graham thinks for a moment. “Technically, we could do that but … it’s a little scary, isn’t it? It wouldn’t be healthy. We always gently suggest other options,” he says.

Sex dolls are a growing phenomenon. More are being bought in the U.K. than ever before. Lovedoll, the store Graham operates in Gateshead, has gone from selling a couple a month when it started three years ago to now, he says, moving more than 1,000 a year.

Where these toys once resembled inflatable pool elements – albeit inflatable pool elements with big old pairs of breasts – today’s generation comes with good looks, the ability to stand unaided and, for the discerning gentleman perhaps, a double-L trunk. They cost about £2,000 (US$2,757).

“Physically, having sex with them is very similar to the real thing,” says Graham. “The only difference is that you don’t get as much interaction. It’s the middle ground between masturbation and sex.”

The 40-year-old is talking to LADbible because he wants to normalize the whole awkward thing. LADbible, on the other hand, is here because we’re curious; just who and why are more and more men splashing out money to get down and dirty with an inanimate object.

“They’re all kinds of men,” Graham explains. “Mostly middle-aged and middle-class. They’ve worked hard all their lives and want to enjoy themselves. But we’re getting younger too, and older. We had one guy who was 75. He was happily married but wanted more sex than his wife. That was their solution. “

Guys in their 20s regularly express interest. The company has an Instagram account with many Gen Y followers – but many can’t afford what they want. “We’re in talks with a financial company so they can buy now and pay later,” Graham adds.

Some clients have social problems, he admits. “For whatever reason, they find it particularly difficult to interact with members of the opposite sex – there may have been issues in their childhood, serious issues, I mean – but these men still have desires. In this way, we help them. We provide a life-changing facility,” he says.

It seems that other men are connoisseurs. “We have a customer who bought nine or 10 of them. Some men collect them like others might collect antique cars,” Graham says.

Each silicone doll is made in China from a mixture of plastic and rubber. Kim Kardashian figures are particularly popular with customers right now. But Lovedoll is no stranger to unusual inquiries either.

“We get a lot of people asking for three breasts,” Graham explains in a neutral tone. “It’s not something we’re doing right now, but in the future, maybe why not? There’s also a big thing for blue skin – because of the Avatar movies.”

People who want celebrity look-alikes aren’t as popular as you might imagine. But the company is, by all accounts, in discussions with two reality TV stars about modeling a doll on them. “It’s just the beginning, we’re talking to agents, but the feedback has been positive,” Graham reveals.

But a word of caution for anyone thinking of saving and buying. Cleaning is super important. If you don’t follow the instructions provided to keep them well maintained and get rid of any, uh, spills, bacteria will grow in the holes. This bacteria could then move to any part of the body that comes in contact with it.

In this case, Graham is speaking just days after his latest service – in which potential customers could “try on” a doll before buying it – was shut down following concerns expressed by the building’s owners. The practice had seen the store labeled “Britain’s premier sex doll brothel” – which “is not the image we’re going for,” he says. “So we’ve stopped that for now.”

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How to Clean a Sex Doll

After using the doll with satisfaction, the next step is the annoying task of washing it, how to get it clean. Things need to be cared for to last a long time. If you don’t clean it, bacteria will grow and it’s no good.

How often do I need to clean my sex doll?
There are two aspects to this question: one is hygiene and the other is prolonging the life of the real doll.

We recommend that you clean your love doll every 2-4 weeks. This is the perfect balance between hygiene and the longest possible life of the adult doll. Many of our customers are quite particular about hygiene (excuse the pun) and like to clean their dolls every time they use them. However, remember that this can accelerate the deterioration of the doll’s skin, shorten its lifespan and accelerate skin breakage.

We recommend that you make doll cleaning part of your daily routine.

There may be other products you can use to clean your adult sex doll.

Here is a list of some suggestions and tips.

?Antibacterial soap
?Talc (baby powder)
?Thin sponge
?Another sponge cut into small cotton buds.
?Non-abrasive dry cloth
?Medical forceps
?Sturdy paper towels

Each sexy doll comes with a small cleaning kit containing a vaginal cleanser.
How do I clean the hole in my sex dolls?

anime sex doll

Cleaning the doll’s vagina, anus and mouth is a delicate task and there are several techniques for exposing these areas for cleaning. This method we suggest is probably one of the easiest and most effective techniques, see below.

Apply lukewarm water and antibacterial soap to a small cotton towel-like sponge.
The sponge can then be used to clean the opening. Use medical pliers to push the sponge into the opening and clean it.
Discard the sponge and repeat steps 1 and 2.
After two swabs, the opening should be clean, and you can put in another dry sponge to remove excess soap and water.
Once it has dried successfully, talc can be applied to the outside of the opening.

Finish the fire. Your cavity should now be clean and free of bacteria and dirt.

Remove the doll’s head and wig and wipe the face with a sponge dipped in antibacterial soap. This must be done carefully so as not to damage the doll unnecessarily.

Only part of the doll’s head should be washed at a time. Do not use too much water as this will dry the eyes.

When the washing is finished, let the doll dry. If the doll is still damp after a few hours, remove the water with a dry cloth.
How to wash the doll’s face
To wash the face, remove the head from the body and, if possible, remove the wig. Wash the doll’s face with a warm sponge dipped in antibacterial soap and gently pat the facts. Be careful not to get the eyes or eyelashes wet.

Then wipe the face with a dry cloth and pat dry.

It is important not to soak the doll’s head in the water at this time.

How do I dry the doll after cleaning?
It is very important to make sure that the doll is completely dry, as this prevents friction between the skin and the doll, which can cause the skin to break.

Dry the little doll by gently wiping the wet sex doll with a light, non-abrasive cloth. Do not use too much pressure at this time.

Once most of the water has been removed from the doll, allow it to dry completely naturally for an hour. Then apply talcum powder to the doll’s body so that the doll smells good and the skin does not remain sticky.

Where should I keep my love doll?
There are many options for storing your doll.

?sex doll storage boxes
?Hanging a cupboard
?Original transport box
?Storage bags
Any of the above methods will help keep your doll in good condition. As mentioned above, avoid direct contact with inks and materials that can transfer colors to your doll.

Do not expose your doll to sunlight for long periods of time. This is because it can weaken the silicone or TPE skin.

If you have any further questions about the care of your sex doll, please contact

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Erotic Massage: The Latest News

Sensual massages are a nice diversion, as well as a panacea for the couple. If you want a threesome, you can invite another mate, or you can use a sex doll to accompany you.

We have said it many times: the massage relaxes the body and the mind, giving remarkable cues also to refresh the relationship that inevitably falls into the sometimes boring repetitiveness.

Moreover, this economic crisis that oppresses us certainly does not help us to relax, and therefore the couple can also suffer. The need to save energy, for example, becomes a must. By doing so, we are contributing in our own small way to protecting the environment. So why not combine business with pleasure and use a massage candle?

By lighting candles instead of using electric light, you can not only create a sensual atmosphere but also save a lot of energy and therefore money.

There are some excellent candles that serve this purpose, and today we recommend the new Shunga candles.

These are not just any candles: Shunga candles are multi-purpose and ideal for erotic massage. In addition to being scented, they contain aphrodisiac wax and emollient massage oil.

30 ml jar, available in two different essences:

Strawberry (titillating!) and Chocolate (delicious!).

Price: Euro 8,90

Suggestions for use: just light a Shunga candle and wait about twenty minutes, so that its heady fragrance has spread in the room. At this point the wax will be ready to use: take a little bit and start massaging it on your partner’s body, unleash your fantasy, and… Have fun!

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Sexuality: Women Also Have Wet Dreams

Imagine a better world of dreams and orgasms….

Wet dreams. Only boys have them and they are just one of the many signs of their continuing arousal that began around puberty. Right?

No, not even close.

There are almost as many myths about wet dreams as there are women – yes, women – who have them. Also known by the less sexy name of nocturnal emissions, wet dreams are basically orgasms during sleep (or, as I like to call them, sleep orgasms).

People of all genders can have wet dreams, so why should it be exclusive to penis owners? The answer to that probably lies in what happens.

For many people with penises, wet dreams result in a wet patch on the sheets when they wake up. If you have a vulva, on the other hand, the moisture can remain largely inside your body. And given that sexual science has historically been limited, especially when it comes to research focused on women, females, and LGBTQIA people, and that female sexuality still remains largely taboo in various countries, women and female wet dreams have gotten less attention.

“I started having them around middle school when I had major crushes too,” said Michelle, a student from San Francisco. “I would wake up a little breathless and physically aroused, usually after a dream I would have sex with a real human, or with a big tits sex doll that I bought a few months ago, even if I hadn’t done it yet.”

When Michelle shared her experience, one of her relatives seemed a little horrified. So Michelle kept these events to herself for years, feeling a little embarrassed and wondering what was “wrong” with her.

With a greater understanding of these natural events, perhaps we can prevent others from feeling ashamed of them.

Why “female wet dreams” happen

No one knows exactly why many women and vulva owners have wet dreams, but a number of factors may contribute.

“Previous research, including my own study, has found that many factors can influence the occurrence, such as hormonal fluctuations (such as when ovulating, or during pregnancy), lucid dreaming, sexual dream imagery, and periods of sexual frustration or sexual abstinence,” said Lyndsay Mercier, a physician and sexologist, who recently completed her own doctoral research study on women who orgasm during sleep.

In other words, you might experience dreams more often at certain times of the month, if you’re menstruating, or when it’s been a while since you’ve had sex or masturbated.

No one knows for sure whether orgasm during sleep starts in the body or in the mind, but ‘it’s likely to be a combination of both systems working together’. And while they happen most often in the morning or just before waking up from a nap, indications that sleep and relaxation play a role, they can also happen rather randomly.

The piquant benefits of wet dreams

Wet dreams can be a sign that your body is functioning well sexually. Both arousal and orgasm require sufficient blood flow to the genitals, so if you experience a nocturnal orgasm, you’re probably not experiencing circulation problems that could interfere with either.

Beyond this, and perhaps the greatest benefit of so-called ‘female wet dreams’, is the sheer enjoyment they can bring. They release pleasant brain chemicals, such as dopamine and oxytocin, so you might end up starting your day on a brighter or more relaxed note.

You may look and feel more vibrant for up to 48 hours, according to research published by the Association of Psychological Sciences, thanks to that postcoital glow. Sleeping pills can also help you feel more connected to your sexuality and desires in a world where too many barriers stand in the way of many women.

“People with vaginas usually enjoy the experience and find it exciting, relaxing, and pleasurable, and many women feel a sense of pride just for having this ability,” said Mercier, who coined the term “sleepwalking orgasm” to describe the uniquely female experience of orgasm during sleep.

Not only that, but many women describe orgasms during sleep as the best and most intense they’ve ever had, she said. For some girls, they are the only orgasms they have had so far.

Given that orgasms are often assumed for men and considered a potential sex bonus for women within heterosexual relationships, knowing that your body is capable of inviting climactic pleasure could help pave the way for bliss even while awake.

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Clitoral Sucker: Story and Advice About Sex

What they are, how they work, which ones to choose, how to use them: all about the clitoral sucking phenomenon, a great sex revolution dedicated to women’s pleasure.

The story
Convinced that their invention would revolutionize the market, they wasted no time on design or marketing studies: the first Womanizer was not very aesthetic, but it was as successful as the legendary Magic Wand, that clitoral vibrator that looks like a baseball bat or an orthopedic apparatus and that even today, 60 years after its invention (Hitachi, thank you!) continues to be the king of the clitoral vibrator market.

big booty sex doll

How they work

Clitoral suckers, unlike vibrators, act on the clitoris without contact or rather, without rubbing. They work thanks to a nozzle that is placed on the vulva in order to create an air pocket around the clitoris, without coming into direct contact with the most protruding part. When activated, the membrane inside the nozzle starts to make fast oscillating movements that create pressure waves stimulating all parts of the clitoris, but really all: the internal ones that are not visible, the peripheral ones, and the mental ones. The result is a sensation that is impossible to replicate in nature, at least at those levels. A jolt of absolute pleasure.

With this technology, the orgasm comes in less time, and with a much greater power: they are stronger, longer orgasms, sometimes they are more orgasms thanks to the fact that, by stimulating the erectile parts of the clitoris without contracting the muscles attached to them, you do not feel the sensation of pain-pain caused by contact with an area that has become very sensitive. Adding more sexual experience, you can use a big booty sex doll to accompany you. Both simulations will get you so high!

teen sex doll


It seems that clitoral suckers are the perfect product for the woman, and in my opinion, they are, but only for the woman: if you are in a couple, and he will use it, after a few seconds you will have to find a nice way to take it out of his hands and continue to use it yourself. Maybe I am not lucky, but I have not yet found a partner who uses it decently. And then there is the emotional addiction: almost always, after a good sexual experience in which I have had my orgasms, I feel the need to take my clitoris sucker and give myself one last orgasm alone, maybe letting him look at me and stroke my hair.

Which to buy?

From the cheapest to the most expensive – or more romantically – from the clitoral sucker for one night to the clitoral sucker for life.
Let’s start with the basic one: the one-shot clitoral sucker, ONE NIGHT by Satisfier. If you’re curious but not yet convinced, this disposable clitoral sucker is perfect: small, easy to handle during use, and easy to hide in your bag or pocket. With 4 speeds, it’s not the quietest or most powerful, but for your first time, it’ll do just fine. 🙂

Once you have tried the disposable clitoral sucker, if there is a little voice in your head begging you to buy one to have always at hand, then it will be time to invest a few more euros and move on to something wonderful: the top of the range, the king of clitoral suckers: the BLACK PREMIUM or the RED PREMIUM by Womanizer.

Beautiful, powerful, pleasant to the touch, silent, it manages to convince you that your whole body is actually a huge clitoris. It makes your head spin, it caresses you and scrambles you, it implacably possesses you and challenges you to try all its rhythms, anyway, it will win and will make you have hypnotic and vibrating orgasms. You will use it often, very often. See you soon!

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Safe Sex: The Six Basic Rules for Making Love and Preventing Covid-19

There is still a lot of talk about it and attention is rightly focused on it, but how should we behave sexually in order not to risk infection with Covid-19?

There is no doubt that the fear of being infected has changed our habits, including our sexual habits. The threatening ghost of Covid-19 is now part of our lives and therefore endemic.

What about in bed? What precautions should be taken?

having sex with a sex doll

It is clear that, now more than ever, we need to protect ourselves and our partner not only from HIV, HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases, but also from the coronavirus. The current health emergency confronts us with the importance of preventing the risk of Covid-19 infection, including in the sexual sphere.

This is why it is now essential to pay even more attention to infections transmitted by contact, starting with kissing. In fact, this simple gesture is one of the main sources of contagion, as saliva represents the potential transmission of the virus.

Unfortunately, anal and oral sex are also risky, since the virus has been isolated not only in saliva, but also in the faeces of positive persons.

The good news is that masturbation poses no risk, although care should be taken to wash hands often and properly.

After the lockdown, the resumption of sexual relations should be done in a spirit of mutual prevention.

In this regard, here are the suggestions of a medical team from the infectious diseases department of Milan’s Sacco Hospital.

felike sex doll

Main responsible behaviours to be followed in the sexual sphere to avoid infections:

1) Have safe experiences focused on prevention, beyond gender identity or sexual orientation.

2) Be aware of sexual practices that carry a risk of transmissible infections, including unprotected intercourse, whether anal, vaginal or oral.

3) Always have sex protected by condoms, which guarantee safety and protection against all sexually transmitted diseases.

4) Wear a condom correctly and handle it carefully so as not to damage it from the beginning to the end of intercourse.

5) Maintain constant and thorough personal and intimate hygiene before and after sexual intercourse;

6) Ask your doctor if you have any doubts.

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How Much a Sex Doll

How much do love dolls cost? – Pricing Guide for Love Dolls

Because of the special nature of sex dolls, people don’t mention them casually and are more concerned that people will know they are buying sex dolls. Sellers are careful enough not to put a written description of the sex dolls on the delivery. They are usually packaged privately. This protects the privacy of the guest very well. In recent years, the demand for TPE sex doll has increased day by day, which means that there are many new buyers coming into the market and their common question is how much do sex dolls really cost? How come they are a little cheaper and others are much more expensive? Specifically, people ask “how much should I pay for a sex doll” and “is a sex doll worth it”. However, many things are due to common factors, different influences that lead to different results, and all you need to consider is what you want from your doll.
In this article, I will first explain what the key factors are that play a part in the different prices of dolls. You can then choose a sex doll that meets your personal needs and see how much it costs.

Factors that affect the price of a sex doll. They are the material, quality of the material, the amount of the material, and the art.
Let me start with this. There are many different sex dolls out there and they come in many different price ranges. That being said, you may be wondering why. What is it about sex dolls that makes their prices vary so much? And what is the price of a sex doll these days? What exactly is the reason for this?

The following four key factors

1. What materials are used in sex dolls

Industrial grade silicone is pressed from a tube. It doesn’t look at all realistic this way, so sex dolls must be quite difficult to produce.
This is what industrial silicone looks like. It’s crazy, how can it be a sexy love doll?
Is the doll made of rubber, latex, TPE, or silicone?
Rubber and latex are only used in the base layer of sex dolls, they are not relevant to this article. TPE and silicone are the modern industry standard for sex dolls. They both mimic human skin extremely well, not only when looking at it, but also when touching it. Silicone is more expensive, while TPE is cheaper, but TPE also has disadvantages, such as being porous and not being heat resistant. You can find dolls made of both materials in most price ranges.

2. Quality of the material

Are the dolls made from poor quality TPE or silicone or are they of high quality? Quality plays an important role in the production of love dolls. High quality materials are always more expensive than low quality materials. During the production of TPEs, a variety of plastics are mixed together. The more plastics used, the lower the quality of the TPE you will get, depending on the degree of impurity. Conversely, when fewer pure plastics are mixed, the result is a high quality TPE. Obviously, the higher the quality of the raw material, the more expensive the doll. On a scale, one could say that low quality TPE is the cheapest material and high quality silicone is the most expensive.

3.The amount of material used

How big is the doll and how much does it weigh? The next factor to consider is the amount of TPE or silicone the doll needs to be true to life. A thin, light and small doll will cost much less than a thick, heavy and large doll. This is because, for example, a large doll simply imitates a larger area of skin than a small doll.
That makes sense, doesn’t it?
An interesting fact is that weight is a secondary factor as it can be influenced by the skeleton of a love doll.
The richness of detail and realism of the doll
Does the doll barely look and feel real, or is it realistic?
The final factor to consider is that the amount of detail required to build a realistic sex doll comes at a cost. Art takes time and comes at a high price.

4. The art

Artists, such as professional sculptors and painters, are hired to make the molds, models, and body parts more real than life, such as eyes or genitals. Not all puppet parts can be mass-produced and must be at least partially hand-made. All of these elements must be as anatomically correct as possible for the sex doll to be realistic.
In addition, the more realistic the doll, the higher the quality of the materials required, which further increases the cost.
However, if you don’t necessarily want a realistic sex doll, this factor is not as important as the others.
Now, “How much does a sex doll cost?” This question doesn’t seem as simple as it used to be, does it? There are many things to consider.

The ranges of sex doll prices we used to see are below $800, $800-1500, $1500-2000, and over $2000.


The cheap range less than $800

most the sex dolls below $800 are TPE material. If it ships locally, you will get a high quality sex doll. We all know sheep fur comes from sheep. If the seller has a local warehouse to store the dolls, then the cost will be reduced a lot. So shoppers can give customers great price with good quality.

$800-$1500 sex dolls

For this kind of price, you can go for a big sex doll, a more exquisite mini sex doll, or a high quality torso. Big sex dolls has big market, so many factory produces them more than mini ones. So you can pick more different styles, something more in detail.

$1500-$2000 sex dolls

Now, we can look up more high quality sex dolls as we want. But not too tall, as we mentioned above, the material amount of sex dolls will increase the price. So I would recommend some height between 150cm-160cm.

sex dolls Over $2000

The realism factor is even greater now. When you pay up to $3,500 for a sex doll, you get a doll with more features and options. For example, you can find sex dolls with removable vaginas, pubic hair, flexible skeletal joints, different hairstyles, and eyes. If you want more than just sex, buying a silicone sex doll for $2,501 to $3,500 is a good idea. These are the kind of dolls that are often photographed on camera. If you are a photographer or artist and want to capture beautiful women in interesting poses for the camera, then a doll in this price range is a good buy. As for the removable vagina, it is very useful for all men who have sex with dolls. If the vagina can be removed, it is much easier to clean. The vagina can also be rinsed with hot tap water. This is something that is never possible when the vagina is still attached to the body.

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What Are Tiny Anime Sex Dolls Called

It depends on the features. If it is a full-sized sex doll, half body, or without arms, do they have legs? then you will know what to call it.

As for the full-size body, you can call it a tiny full-sized anime sex doll. Tiny is just a description, anime decides its style, it is not a general sex doll. It inspires by Anime.

Some of them have their name, sometimes, it comes from brands, they have their own designer, so they will make it more human, like give them a human name. sometimes, it comes from anime art. Maybe a paint, or tv series.

Here are some for your reference.

2022 hot tiny anime sex dolls

#1 New Anime Sex Doll -Dollhouse168 80cm

This new anime sex doll comes with a bikini, which makes it more kawaii. If you watched a lot of Japanese anime work, you will see there are lots of scenes of pools. 80cm is a great height for most customers.

#2 Manga Character Sex Doll -Dollhouse168 100cm

This one has the most innocent look. Looking at her eyes, you will want to take her home. You can put exquisite clothes on her. Like weekly outfit. The eyes’ color and wigs can be changed as you like.

Why should I choose a small animated sex doll?
There are many reasons to want a small anime sex doll over a life-size anime sex doll. Let’s look at some of these reasons

Price – Everything about a small product is cheaper than a large one. The cost of materials is lower, the time it takes to make them is shorter, and transportation costs are lower. Many small, high-quality dolls cost between $500 and $1000, while full-size dolls cost between $1500 and $3000. This is a big difference and can be a deciding factor in whether you can afford to buy one or not.
Weight – A small 80 cm (2ft 7.5in) animated sex doll weighs about 6 kg. (13.2 lbs) and can be easily moved and placed in different positions. The life-size version measures 155 cm. (5’1″), and the full-size version weighs 32 kg. (This is a big difference that makes it difficult to move, for example, if you want to give him a bath before having sex. Or just moving it from where you store it to your bed.
Difficulty storing – This is another problem with large models, but they are difficult to store and take up a lot of space. There are hangers specifically designed to store them, but they are not as easy to use as small hentai sex dolls.
There are many types of sex dolls and many mini-dolls to choose from. You can read our ultimate guide to sex dolls here.

I want an even smaller animated sex doll, what are my options?
There are a few even smaller versions of Japanese anime sex dolls, or you can choose a manga sex doll in torso version. But if you are not a fan of a torso, we still have some options for you. check the following.

63CM Lovely A-Cup Mini Sex Doll

This doll can be displayed on your desk and also can have sex. The best choice you can get for a anime mini doll.

Clothes you can buy at Amazon, it is easy to clean and store. you can hold her to sleep. When she is warm by your sheet, it feels more like a real girl.

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NSFW Why Sexdoll is the future of sex

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Are Mini Sex Dolls Banned in the USA

A Mini Sex Doll hasn’t been banned by the US. It has been banned by the UK, AU, and other countries. So if you like it so much, you may hurry up. Everything changed, is changing, and will change, so we don’t know what will happen in the future. So live at present is only we can do.

Here is a case from the U.S.

A Shirley man is facing accountability after Massachusetts police say they received a tip from online retailer eBay that he had purchased a sex doll in the shape and size of a child.

The doll was not illegal, and the man, 48-year-old Sean McClure, a registered third-degree sex offender who served a 10-year prison sentence for several counts of child rape, was not charged with possession of such a doll.

Instead, the doll led police to his stash of child pornography. McClure is being prosecuted for possession of child pornography.

But McClure’s arrest raises the larger question of whether dolls should be illegal.

Federal lawmakers are following in the footsteps of the United Kingdom and Australia, which have banned the importation and sale of child sex dolls.

“There’s only one reason to have these dolls,” said Dan Donovan, a Republican congressman from Staten Island.” It’s to satisfy some perverse fantasy someone has about having sex with a child or a baby.”

Donovan is pushing a bill that would follow in the footsteps of Britain and Australia by banning the importation and sale of child sex dolls. But his proposal does not ban the possession of mini sex dolls.

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#1 Sex doll problems and how to deal with them

#2 Sex Doll Torso – How to Use

#3 TPE and silicone—which doll is more suitable to be your sex partner?

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Sex doll problems and how to deal with them

  1. Prohibited matters
    (1) It is forbidden to place difficult poses for a long time: the doll is in a straight posture when it leaves the factory. Placing difficult movements for a long time will cause the rubber material to deform and damage. After use, be sure to restore it to its original state, that is, let the doll lie flat with both hands hanging on the sides of the body (do not let the doll stand for a long time if it is not a standing doll);
    (2) It is forbidden to scratch the skin surface with sharp instruments and knead vigorously to avoid damage to the skin;
    (3) It is forbidden to place the doll in the environment of direct sunlight for a long time, so as not to cause the deterioration of the rubber material; (4) Try not to wear clothes and accessories that are easy to fade.
  2. How to maintain the problem
    (1) What should I do if it is dirty?
    Step 1: Cold/warm water, use laundry detergent, shower gel or special doll cleaning agent for cleaning, alcohol cleaning and boiling water scalding are strictly prohibited (will damage the coating);
    Step 2: Wait to dry after washing. You can use a towel or paper towel to dry the water, and it is forbidden to use a hair dryer;
    Step 3: Apply the distributed hand powder (can be replaced by ordinary prickly heat powder) evenly on the surface.
    (2) What should I do if there is a crack? Determine the size of the gap. Small cracks can be repaired by yourself. For larger cracks, it is recommended to contact the seller or manufacturer. The steps for repairing small-area cracks are as follows:
    Step 1: Clean the damaged surface and let it dry;
    Step 2: Return the glue at the wound to its original position, and then evenly apply a layer of repair agent (glue);
    Step 3: Stand still for more than 30 minutes and wait for it to dry. The principle of the repair agent (glue) is to melt the glue around the damaged part (harmless to the human body) during the repairing process, and then re-fuse the damaged part. Normal operation will not affect the appearance after repair, but if the repair agent is applied without closing the ruptured wound, the repair agent should be wiped off with a damp cloth or paper towel, restored to its original position, and then repaired. Otherwise, continuing to apply the repair agent without wiping it off will make the colloid around the crack melt even more.
    (3) What should I do if it is dyed? Depigmentation cream for TPE thermoplastic elastomer dyeing can remove localized dyeing (non-toxic, harmless to human body) for a period of time.
    Step 1: According to the size and degree of dyeing, take an appropriate amount of ointment with a cotton swab and apply it evenly on the dyed part;
    Step 2: Repeat wiping every 4 hours until completely removed. But it needs to be emphasized that the color removal cream can only slow down the dyeing to varying degrees, that is to say, the use of the color removal cream with a heavy degree of dyeing can lighten the color, but it cannot be completely removed. Under normal circumstances, small areas of staining will fade within 24 hours, and severe staining will generally be removed within 3-4 days.
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Sex Doll Torso – How to Use

Heads Up

preparation-before you use a sex doll torso

1.1 The things you will need: Stain Removers, Lubricant, Vaginal Irrigator, Anti-Bacterial Soap, Renewal Powder

unpack your sex doll torso-enjoy your doll


2.2dress up

clean up and store your sex doll torso

3.1how to clean up your torso

3.2how to store your sex torso


1.1Before you buy a half sex doll and start using it in the way described above, there are a few things you will want to have on hand. Here are some of the things you should buy before you start using your sex doll.

 ?‍♂️Stain remover: Stains can appear on many things, including your baby’s clothes and bedding. So it’s important to have a stain remover available so that you can easily remove these stains.
 ?‍♂️Lubricants: It is best to choose a water-based lubricant, as it is easy to clean and will not cause allergic reactions.
Every time you use your sex doll torso, it should be cleaned properly for hygiene reasons. A vaginal cleanser will surely help you to clean your baby’s orifices. So the next time you use it, you can do so without any health risks.
 ?‍♂️Antibacterial soap: Another important thing is the antibacterial soap you use to clean your baby. You want to eliminate bacteria from your baby’s body, so it is very important to have antibacterial soap.
 ?‍♂️Regenerating powder: For this, you need a supply of powder. This will help to make your baby’s skin as beautiful and glowing as it was in the beginning.

Sex Doll Torso - How to UseD26038 06

unpack your sex doll torso-enjoy your doll, it suits male torso sex doll, female sex doll torso, TPE half body sex dolls, silicone sex doll torso and torso dildo


Step 1: Bring the package to an area of your home with a large floor.
Step 2: Make an incision along the edge of the box with a sharp knife or cutter.
Step 3: Wash your hands to avoid soiling the skin on the love doll’s torso.
Step Four. Start unwrapping the head (if your torso sex doll has a head).
Step 5. Remove the accessories from the box, one by one.
Step 6: Remove the Styrofoam from the doll’s body with scissors.
Step 7. Use a blanket to safely remove the doll from the box.
Step 8. Attach the head to the sex doll’s body and attach accessories such as wigs and clothing.

2.2Dressing Up

To make sure that your sex doll’s torso is hot and sexy, you need to prepare it properly. Here are some of the things you will need to dress your precious love doll torso.

Wig: You need to choose a wig that matches the hairstyle and color you want your doll to have. For example, if you like a blonde girl, choose a blonde wig for your doll.
Clothing. Make sure that the clothes do not stain the doll. Choose naughty clothes or sexy lingerie and enjoy an exciting time with your doll.
Jewelry: To make your doll more beautiful, you can also add jewelry to it. However, avoid jewelry with sharp corners to protect your doll.
Perfume: You want your doll to have a nice scent. To do so, buy cologne or perfume and spray it on the doll’s clothes. That way, the alcohol in the perfume won’t damage the doll.

clean up and store your sex doll torso

3.1Cleaning the torso of a sex doll after use
You should clean your torso after each use. To do this, you should carry out the following process

❤️‍?Remove the doll’s wig and other accessories.
❤️‍?Prepare a mixture of antibacterial soap and lukewarm water.
❤️‍?Spray it on the doll’s body.
❤️‍?Use a scrubber to clean the opening with the mixture.
❤️‍?Spray with fresh water to remove the mixture.
❤️‍?Use a soft towel to wipe off the water from the doll.
❤️‍?Leave to dry naturally
❤️‍?Apply Vaseline to restore the doll’s charm.
❤️‍?Finally, apply talcum powder to give it a nice scent.

3.2Ways to store your torso sex doll

Tips for laying them down: Don’t put them directly on a hard floor. Don’t lay him directly on the floor or on a hard surface. Put something soft on him first, such as a pillow, and then lay him on it. Of course, if you have a crate or bed, that would be ideal. Make sure his back is not flattened or deformed. If not, it will not be able to bounce back.

Hanging tips If there is enough space to hang it. Hang the body by the neck hook. Then you need a holder to put his head-on. Here we sell hooks and head holders to help you store your doll well.

storage tips for different occasions

In the box
If you are a little embarrassed at the idea of someone falling on your sex doll, you can store it in a box. This can be any large enough toy box, but you can also get an opaque Tupperware box that can easily be stored on top of a cupboard or even under the bed.

Laundry room or boiler room
If you are very worried about your sex doll being found, you can use a small space in the house, such as the laundry room or boiler room. These spaces are the most uninteresting places, so no one will even dare to open them.

A room or closet that’s usually locked.
If your friends and family know that you have a place in your home that is locked for some reason and they don’t ask you about it, take this opportunity to hide your sex doll. It’s the perfect place to make sure no one sees what’s inside the locked box or room, and even if they’re eager to know what’s inside… they’ll never know.

In a travel bag
If you have a nice travel bag that you use on vacation, you can easily put your sex doll in it and place it in the closet. What are the odds of someone opening the travel bag in the closet? Very slim! Unless you decide to lend them the suitcase, in which case: don’t forget what’s inside!

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TPE and silicone—which doll is more suitable to be your sex partner?

When you start shopping for a sex doll, the first thing you have to decide is the material of the doll. There are basically only two good options for sex dolls. The two most commonly used materials in the industry today are medical grade silicone and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). From now on, I’ll refer to them as “Silicone” and “TPE” because they are the best-known vocabulary for both.

However, when you start digging deeper, you will quickly realize that both have many advantages and disadvantages. There are tons of “Silicone vs TPE” type articles out there, and each one seems to have a very different argument on the issue. And, not only that, the final answer for all of them is often uncertain.

  • Silica gel: Also known as silica gel, also known as silicone rubber, it is a highly active adsorption material and is an amorphous substance. It is insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, chemically stable, does not react with any substances except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid, and has high mechanical strength and flexibility. However, the softness of silicone is poor, generally hard, poor tensile properties, high repair costs, and high manufacturing costs, which naturally lead to generally high prices.
  • TPE: It is a thermoplastic elastomer material with the characteristics of high strength, high resilience and injection molding. It has a wide range of applications, is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe, and has excellent colorability. Soft touch, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, excellent processing performance, both secondary injection molding and independent molding”; TPE material is cost-effective and has a good experience. But inferior TPE products include Smell, long-term use will have an impact on the human body, and it will produce oil and sticky hands

Silicone dolls and TPE dolls have their own advantages and disadvantages. If the economic conditions are able, you can choose silicone dolls. If you choose TPE dolls, you should also choose dolls of good quality and genuine brands.

TPE sex dolls are starting to become very popular because they feel more realistic, flexible and soft. Donkeys on TPE sex dolls provide great feedback during sex and they bounce off nicely when you tap them. TPE sex dolls also tend to be cheaper to produce, so it’s no wonder that the industry is starting to shift mainly to TPE sex dolls.

However, one advantage of silicone sex dolls is that they handle heat better. If taking a hot bath with your love doll is something you’re interested in, then a silicone sex doll might be better suited to your needs. Silicone sex dolls are also easier to clean, and some men find their vaginal and anal openings more realistic.

I know a lot of people who love modern TPE sex dolls for their silky skin and bouncing butts. However, personally, I have to say that I still prefer the good old material silicone. There’s no way around it – the silicone feels as realistic as it gets, and I love that my doll is completely realistic.

We recommend that you finally try TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls so you can make your own judgement. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference as both materials have their pros and cons.