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History of the Sex Doll

sex doll my brunette sex doll Boris sex dolls were already present several centuries ago but quite different to what we can know since about thirty years, period at which the industry started to realize sex dolls as we know them today.

sex doll

Historically, over the centuries and the various cultures that have passed through them, each has had its version of sex dolls. Stories in Greek and Roman literature tell us that men of those times made their first love with statues representing the ideal woman of the moment. Later, in the 17th century, Spanish, English and especially Dutch sailors, who sailed for months at a time, had sex dolls made of straw and leather. The Dutch, trading with the Japanese, called them “Dutch brides”. To this day, the Japanese still call them that.

However, these dolls from the olden days as well as the dolls from the 70’s-2000’s were not as realistic as the sex dolls we offer.

From the inflatable doll to the sex doll in VSE
The first inflatable plastic dolls appeared in the United States in the late 1960s, as soon as it was legal to sell sex toys in 1968. But it was not until the 1980s that inflatable dolls began to appear in sex shops.

real dolls

The inflatable doll was mainly offered as a gift for laughing with friends. These inflatable sex dolls were obviously not suitable for sexual intercourse, as the sexual parts were crudely represented and the materials used were neither pleasant nor resistant.

The new sex dolls use the latest technology, which has made these inflatable dolls obsolete and ridiculous, it must be said.

The sex dolls available on allow you to get closer to a real sexual relationship thanks to the use of TPA and silicone. Indeed, these high quality materials offer a perfect balance between softness and firmness, as well as a self-healing elasticity, approaching the texture of human skin.

From realistic mannequin to sex doll
In the 90s, a Californian artist, Matt McMullen, started making ultra-realistic mannequins. The rendering of his creations was so impressive that he received numerous requests from all over the world. Many of these requests concerned the anatomy of his female mannequins. He realised that there was a strong demand for realistic female models that could provide sex.

From there, McMullin developed the first ultra-realistic sex dolls. Today, his company continues to create and market high-end sex dolls.

To date, the sex dolls have advanced features, and the future will bring even more realism to these sex dolls through the use of artificial Intelligence.

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But What is a Sex Doll

A sex doll is a new generation of sex dolls using the latest technology in hyper-realistic rubber.
A sex doll is also known as a love doll, a real doll or a sex doll in French. Sex dolls are very realistic, life-size female and male dolls made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or silicone.

big boob

Sex dolls have very realistic sexual parts (vagina, anus) and breasts, both visually and tactilely. The sex dolls have openings (mouths, vagina, anus) allowing men to have sexual intercourse very close to reality. Women are not forgotten, with sex dolls equipped with realistic penises, ensuring pleasure and strong sensations.
Sex dolls in TPE or medical grade silicone
The use of TPE or silicone allows sex dolls to be completely safe, affordable and above all ultra realistic.
Sex dolls are available in many sizes, but on you will only find adult size sex dolls limited to 150cm. The top of the range love dolls are made from TPE or medical silicone, which ensures safe contact with the mucous membranes and skin during sex. In addition, they are more resistant and reliable over time.
The skeleton is made of stainless steel, making it safe to use in the shower, bath or other wet environments.
The maintenance is easier, the cleaning more efficient, which maintains a high hygienic level.
But what to choose between a TPE or silicone sex doll?
Well, we will explain the differences between a TPE and a silicone love doll. First of all, when it comes to pricing, a TPE sex doll is often more affordable than a silicone love doll. The TPE one is also more flexible, soft and easily manipulated, allowing you to give her the craziest and most torrid sexual poses. The flexibility of TPE will depend on the assembly of the polymers used in its manufacture. As a result, the texture and feel may vary and therefore disappoint. At we have selected the best TPEs to ensure your complete satisfaction.
However, TPE has one small flaw, which is that it does not retain heat and the sex doll will be cold.
Silicone sex dolls are more expensive than TPE but offer better anatomical detail and more pleasurable sexual sensations almost identical to real sex. The face of silicone sex dolls is more detailed with finer and more beautiful features because silicone offers the possibility to be moulded and sculpted with more finesse. The material is also firmer offering more realism especially for the sexual parts (softer orifices) and breasts. Silicone also makes it possible to have a sex doll with a less cold sensation than one made of TPE. currently only sells TPE love dolls but will soon offer silicone sex dolls.

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What Can a Sex Doll Do for You

A sex doll will give you a more realistic sexual experience than an inflatable doll, thanks to their design based on high-quality TPE, which will make them more alive both visually and in terms of touch and sexual sensations during intercourse.
The sex dolls on have benefited from a strong technological evolution and are no longer just simple rubber sex objects.
The advanced technology used has made it possible to reproduce a sexual experience very close to reality, the parts used for sex such as the mouth, vagina and anus have been designed from real women using 4D casts. 
All your fantasies can be realised with your sex doll
As well as being good company, your sex doll will help you fulfil your fantasies and explore other sexual desires, whether you are single or in a relationship.
When you’re in a relationship, it’s not uncommon for your partner to be unwilling to fulfill your hottest fantasy(s). This is why a sex doll is the ideal solution. Indeed, your Sex doll, or Male doll for the ladies, will not refuse any practice and will allow you to carry out a threesome and many other experiences still…. without worrying about feelings…

sex doll leg

Whatever your fantasies, you will find at a Love doll adapted to your desires & wishes…
The new sex dolls even more realistic & intelligent thanks to AI
Your sex doll or male doll will be an ideal life companion who will listen to you, understand you and respond.
Indeed with the latest AI technology which is very advanced, your sex doll will be an excellent company especially for divorced or single people. These new generation adult sex dolls (also known as sex robots) can be configured in terms of their personality, to make them fully compatible with your desires or your mood. These sex dolls will offer even more character possibilities, by programming it with a higher or lower level of jealousy, making it more or less exuberant or provocative, all personality traits can be configured.
Some can go even further by offering an incredible emotional connection. For example, your love doll will laugh at your jokes, remember your tastes, remember what turns you on during sex, offer to be caught in certain positions… To achieve this, tactile sensors are placed on their erogenous zones allowing moans and exciting words to be triggered when they are touched.

bbw sex doll

Sex dolls with artificial intelligence integration excel in the role of sexual partner. Incorporating deep learning technology, they will learn everything about you and hold a conversation comparable to a real human being. In addition, they have tactile sensors on their erogenous zones that trigger moans and dirty talk when touched.
In short, these new dolls will listen to you, respond to you, talk to you and turn you on during sex, but with the huge advantage of never judging you. offers non-robotic sex dolls at this time but they will be available for sale or rent sooner than expected. also offers an exclusive “Sex Doll” rental service with an option to buy, making the adoption of a sex doll more affordable. To learn more about renting a sex doll we invite you to visit one of our sex dolls available for rent like this one.

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Who is a Love Doll for

love doll sex doll brunette Morgane 160cm A Sex Doll or Love Doll is for everyone and is suitable for people (men and women) with or without sexual experience, couples wishing to spice up their sexuality by wanting to try swinging… or even those disappointed in a previous relationship who no longer wish to commit themselves but still need company… Or even as an unusual decoration in your living room!

sex doll torso

In short, everyone, from the simplest ordinary person to the sex doll fetishist, will be able to take pleasure and realize their most intimate fantasies…

A love doll increases fidelity in a couple

For those who are in a long-distance relationship, a sex doll can really help the man or woman to stay committed to their partner.

And yes, the arrival of a love doll in a couple where the man or woman is not getting what they want sexually, allows them to remain faithful by indulging in the most intimate practices they desire…

While for the hardened bachelors, who for some reason do not find a partner, a Sex doll or Male doll for these ladies, will allow them to fill their emotional gap. This is less expensive than calling on professionals in the field & more hygienic.

In couple, a love doll will make you realize your fantasies

You are in a couple and want to have a threesome, but accepting another person in your sexual relations blocks you?

maledoll brun nicolas bucheron fantasy couple threesome you are in a relationship and want to have a threesome, but you don’t want to accept another person in your sexual relations?

hydoll fantasy couple threesome well, acquiring a Sex doll will allow you to realize this fantasy without emotional complication, Whether it is a Male doll for your partner or a sex doll for your companion, the sexual pleasure will be there but without worrying about the feelings that your partner could develop against your sexual guest.

Whether it is a relational substitute offering you a simple and pleasant company or a means allowing you to explore your most unavowable sexual fantasies, Sex dolls are ideal for all and all wishing to enrich their desires & fantasies…
So don’t wait any longer to buy a Love doll or Male doll, it can only be beneficial for you, your partner or your couple.