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Midget Sex Dolls-100cm, 108cm and 128cm Meme Midget

Sellers all around the world try to produce new products. So do sex dolls. After mini sex dolls, now we add midget sex dolls. Mini sex dolls are child look sex dolls, and they can be classified by age. However, Midget sex dolls, are short, like dwarfs, but not about age. It is all about height. Their looks are women alike. Their price generally is over $1000. But we try our best to cut down the cost. Here are 3 gorgeous ones we would highly recommend. We will list by height as below.

100CM Huge Sexy Breast Big Tits Sex Doll – AibeiDoll

Midget Sex Dolls-100cm, 108cm and 128cm Meme Midgetimage 9

Many of our customers love huge boobs, then this will be a great one for you. Just looking at the picture, makes people drool. Let alone touch and crab them. And it is not a child look. There are still men looking for women’s look dolls. She is not a fat one, just huge breasts. With classic curly blonde hair, it looks like an American dream girl. She is only 3.28ft. You can easily put her juicy pussy slit in your face. And get your knees down in front of her. Enjoying her smile face, look, she is encouraging you that she wants more, and don’t stop. Twist your tough, show her what you get.

She’s made of high-quality TPE, her skin is soft and realistic, and she comes with a fully integrated skeleton. Her incredibly soft skin is a major plus, and you can’t get rid of it once you touch it. The next game is on, would you like to join her? She’s very attractive, as are her juicy holes. She hasn’t got a name yet. Why not take her home and call her by your name?

If you like photo shooting, try to place her somewhere creative, a different angle can give you a unique view of her and see her in a totally different beauty. You see our leading picture of her. We placed her on a toilet, and she perfectly fits in. With a hand to hold her body, she looks smoky and hot. This photo easily draws attention to her breasts. It makes people fantasize about touching her and squeezeing those juicy boobs…

Ah, you are wondering what the price is. I can tell you now, less than $1000. yeah, you are not wrong. And great quality as you see.

Alright, let’s move on to our second midget baby!

108cm Chubby Huge Tits Sex Doll -aibei Doll

Midget Sex Dolls-100cm, 108cm and 128cm Meme Midgetimage 12

When I first looked at this picture, wow, and em. Haha, I thought it is beautiful but what a pity, she doesn’t have full legs. However, it is my fault, It has legs. It must be my occupational disease. I see a lot of torsos like this. But luckily, this one has beautiful legs.

Let’s have a close look at her.

Dedicate eyebrow✔️

red lips✔️

long eye lashes✔️

fashion makeup ✔️

smoky huge boobs ✔️

cute Belly button ✔️

short height ✔️

french fingernails ✔️

slim waist ✔️

skin color tone ✔️

everything is ready. Clearly, she is ready to serve her master. Would it be you?

last but not least, let’s welcome our 128cm midget sex doll

128CM Teen Big Tits I-Cup TPE Love Doll

Midget Sex Dolls-100cm, 108cm and 128cm Meme Midgetimage 13

I have to admit, this one is not so 100% midget style. It is a mixed one. Someone saw her as a childish face. Some don’t. I just love it both ways. Suit yourself.

Her boobs are round. So it can bring you more taste, after those shapes above, maybe you want to taste something different?

BTY, sex dolls payments are not stable. I would recommend you use PayPal offline transfer payment. You can always ask me for factory pictures, don’t hesitate. Find me at Phone call:(989)778-4519

If I miss your call, no worry, I will call you back.

If you see sex dolls at other places, but you can’t find them in ours. Send the pictures to me and I will check for you.

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First, when this article: came into my eyes, I am curious. After reading this article, I would say it is irresponsible.

what do we call a scam?

All the things on the website and emails are telling the truth. He didn’t buy a doll from us, which means he didn’t lose his money either.

Plus, the illegal thing, I always make sure that if there are risks for buyers, if it has, I will tell buyers not to buy and cancel the order. Why? Because nothing is more important than safety. You can check from one of my random emails. We are aiming to do long-term business. It is an online business, everyone can doubt based on anything. If you don’t trust us, simply don’t buy from us. no need to slander.

There are many legal and illegal comments online, and it is mainly about mini sex dolls, our old customers would know, that mini sex dolls on are really cheap, if there is a risk for buyers, do you think seller and logistics will get away with it? Then you underestimate the police. No need for a huge risk just selling really cheap dolls.

for the email, I do find the email. it is funny, he did his work. Although It is subjective. Better than other scammer detective websites. These websites seem didn’t do anything. And give a really low score to us.

it actually answered all questions. We produce the doll that answered the brand question. Maybe it seems too templatized. That is because we answer a lot of similar questions. When I read the emails, I can immediately find the answers to them. But no lies.

We sell brand sex dolls and produce some of the sex dolls ourselves. If you don’t see which brand the doll is, we produced it.

you can check brands here:

Many sex dolls are expensive, not everyone is rich. They also want their own sex dolls. Under the premise of quality assurance, we are committed to making sex dolls that most people can afford it. If there is only one buyer who can see that, it is enough. I had terrible insomnia the day before I saw this email. It was the morning, he lighted up my whole day. Many people are biased against Chinese sellers. is one of them. People don’t like you in the first place, and it may happen that they will dislike you forever no matter what things you do or say. Every country has dishonest sellers. Not just China. And vice versa. Still, there are good sellers everywhere. Buyers are victims, why not good sellers?

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Artificial Realistic Sex Doll

If you are in a relationship, the fear of being cheated on will always exist.

Women are very selfish, they only like men who can meet all their needs. Since these latex dolls are artificial non-creatures, they will never cheat on you. No emotional attachment is required: these dolls have no heart or emotions, so there is no need to develop an emotional attachment. You can use them to satisfy your wildest fantasies without having to worry about them.

In Arizona, you can find many beautiful and hot sex dolls at cheap prices. These realistic sex dolls are made of very high-quality materials. When you touch them, you will get the same feeling as touching a real woman. These adult toys are very attractive and beautiful. Even on hard days, they will give you a lot of pleasure. If you are ready to meet your wildest fantasies and want to try all the poses you have always dreamed of, it is very important to choose a love doll nearby to ensure the best sexual experience or make your sex life more important. Great. If you buy Washington sex dolls, you will be able to meet all your sexual needs.

With so much money spent on silicone sex dolls, what do you want? You can also check out the Japanese sex dolls from Sacramento, which are also considered the best dolls on the market. These sex dolls offer a real feeling of sexual experience and can even be more than that. The price of the doll is based on many factors. Most of the prices of sex dolls are related to manufacturing, style, artificial embellishment, etc. Its manufacture involves many processes, and this depends on the final price of the sex doll. These sex dolls are indeed high-end sex dolls and they last longer than other adult products.

busty sex doll

The sexual pleasure provided by these dolls is unparalleled.

Because the male doll is made of silicone, it is known as the perfect and amazing sex partner, which can help you get rid of stress. The price of silicone dolls is not cheap, and at the same time, their price is not high. Its price is moderate, if you really want to buy one, you can indeed buy it. New Jersey also has real silicone dolls made in the USA, which are also considered the best. There is no shame in buying a doll. It has become a common trend in the United States, and even if someone is married, people can buy such dolls.

Because these sex dolls are artificial, they lack meaning and brains, so there is no need to make an emotional connection with them. They can be used occasionally without any accessories. Customizable body parts: These sex doll torso are usually very beautiful. Their body parts can be customised according to preference. The shape, size, and color of the penis can be adjusted accordingly for maximum pleasure. Unlike real men, women can perforate at will without ejaculating from the penis. In addition, there are a lot of fake sex dolls on the market, but after proper research on the internet, you can find a real realistic sex doll in Houston.

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Answers About How to Buy Realistic Sex Dolls

Only a few years ago, we heard the term sex dolls produced in China and many other countries around the world. Many companies are now selling cheap quality realistic characters, like the brand names of some well-known companies. If you know anything about websites that sell lifelike sex doll, you should only visit online websites. If you have any questions about how to buy realistic sex dolls, please sit at your computer desk and browse the websites that provide this content.

Real silicone women belong to the category of most luxury dolls. This teen sex doll has a huge H-cup breast of about 170 cm in length, which makes it cuter. Medical TPE silicone is the material for making love dolls. The texture of the realistic doll’s skin is very smooth and soft, and the feel is completely similar to that of a real woman. The articulated Love Doll skeleton allows you to try out all the naughty poses of your dreams. This realistic figure measures approximately 170 cm and weighs 43 kg.

teen sex doll

Best choice

You can contact the trusted Portland authenticity doll manufacturer to find the perfect adult toy product at a very reasonable price. Its price is not cheap, but this price is worth the incredible sexual experience. If you have money in your pocket and want to do some entertainment and untapped sexual activities, then these adult erotic dolls are the best things you can bet on.

Life-size Japanese love dolls are the most visible dolls on the market, they offer you a stable and solid night full of unprecedented pleasure. For people who feel lonely most of the time, they have definitely become a handy tool. You can easily buy the best Japanese sex dolls in San Jose, as they can be easily purchased from various real dolls shops online. You can get it online through any website that sells erotic dolls. Browse through various websites and compare the prices of the dolls you choose to find the doll that suits your budget and preferences.

teen sex doll
teen sex doll


But nowadays, the situation has changed quite a bit. In response, you will find countless people coming out of the wardrobe and showing a strong desire for dolls, these dolls are enough to satisfy them with their sexy curves, big breasts, tight vagina, and charming breasts. The use of these realistic sex dolls is already common in many parts of the United States. In recent years, the sex doll industry has seen many sudden developments. Sacramento City offers Japanese sex dolls similar to humans and fantasy and is equipped with unique and exquisite features that can encourage anyone to take home a beautiful doll to meet their various private needs.

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How Much Does a Sex Doll Weigh Comprehensive Guide for Buyers

When it comes to sex dolls, weight plays a significant role in determining their overall size and portability. The main reason for variations in weight is the doll’s height. Generally, taller sex dolls tend to be heavier than their shorter counterparts.

Different Weight Ranges

Sex dolls come in various weight categories. Let’s explore some common weight ranges and their corresponding doll types:

Mini Sex Dolls (Below 20kg): These dolls are typically around 100cm in height and are known for their compact size and lightweight construction.

20kg-30kg Sex Dolls: Falling within this weight range, these dolls offer a slightly larger build while remaining relatively easy to handle.

30kg-35kg Sex Dolls: With a moderate weight range, dolls in this category strike a balance between realism and maneuverability.

35kg-40kg Sex Dolls: These dolls provide a more substantial feel and are ideal for those seeking a more lifelike experience.

40kg-45kg Sex Dolls: Falling within this weight range, these dolls offer a more realistic weight distribution and enhanced physical presence.

45kg-50kg Sex Dolls: Dolls in this weight category possess a solid build and are designed to closely resemble the weight of an average human.

Above 50kg Sex Dolls: Sex dolls exceeding 50kg in weight offer a significant level of realism and are suitable for those who desire a more substantial and authentic experience.

Finding the Right Balance

While it may be tempting to choose a taller and heavier sex doll for a more realistic encounter, it’s important to consider practicality. It’s generally not recommended to purchase a sex doll over 170cm in height, as it can become challenging to move and handle. Cleaning and storage also become more cumbersome with larger dolls. It’s crucial to find a doll that strikes the right balance between weight and realism, ensuring ease of use and maintenance.

Ensuring Accurate Information

Some of our regular customers can tell if the weight is reasonable based on height. It is so sweet. Once I received an email, and he told me to check one of our product page, and he pointed out the weight might be wrong. When I checked it, no need of confirm, it must be a mistake that we typed it wrongly. Sometimes we uploads so many sex dolls datas, there will be some wrong datas. haha, maybe that’s why people love use robot to replace human. normally, they won’t make an error, only when they are broken.

In recent times, we have introduced a range of silicone sex dolls that feature vivid makeup and highly realistic skin texture. If you’re interested in these dolls, it’s essential to consider their weight and plan accordingly for their movement and storage. We hope you enjoy exploring these exquisite dolls. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to reach out to us at