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The Presence of Sex Dolls in Popular Hollywood Films

Sex dolls have become a recurring presence in Hollywood movies, captivating audiences with their unconventional roles. From heartfelt dramas to quirky romantic comedies, these films explore the complexities of human relationships and challenge societal norms. “Lars and the Real Girl” (2007): A Quirky Rom-Com One of the most renowned films featuring a sex doll is […]

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The Unconventional Love Story of a Man and His Sex Dolls

Within the realm of sex doll enthusiasts, there exists a notable figure known as Davecat. While leading an ordinary life as a data entry specialist in Michigan, Davecat has garnered celebrity status within the sex doll community. Taking a stance against the complexities of relationships with “organic women,” Davecat has proudly embraced a non-traditional path […]

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The Legalization of Sex Dolls and the Impact on the Adult Industry

In a fascinating turn of events, the United States witnessed a significant shift in attitudes towards sex dolls during the 1960s. The Comstock Laws, enacted in 1873, had made it illegal to send items such as contraceptives and sex toys through the US mail. However, this restrictive legislation was eventually overturned in 1968, marking a […]

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Exploring Pregnant Sex Dolls: Debunking Misconceptions (1)

The beauty of the female body extends to the pregnant form, captivating the senses of many. While not everyone may find a pregnant body sexually appealing, the existence of numerous pornographic websites featuring videos of pregnant women engaging in sexual acts demonstrates that, for some individuals, this is a significant turn-on. Consequently, one can even […]

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Empowering and Meeting The Needs of People With Sexual Disabilities

With the progress of society and advancements in technology, many organizations have started to pay attention to the needs of people with disabilities. One area that has received significant attention is sex dolls. For many individuals with disabilities, finding a sexual partner can be challenging for various reasons. The emergence of sex dolls provides a […]

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Why Do Love Dolls Choose Maid Outfits?

Maid outfits, which refer to the work clothes of maids, usually refer to female clothes modeled after this work uniform. Maid costumes are basically known for anime works. The characters in maid costumes often appear in popular Japanese anime works, and their appearance increases the plot of the anime while the maid costumes are loved […]

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Sex Dolls and Interpersonal Interaction

In exploring interactions with sex dolls, individuals can better understand themselves and the pleasure others obtain from silicone sex doll by experiencing different sexual acts. Such interactions can motivate people to consider the needs and experiences of actual partners, and then show more empathy in future relationships, avoiding self-satisfaction. The potential of sex dolls as […]

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Love Dolls Are More Than Just Dolls

In recent years, we have witnessed various forms of relationships that extend beyond interactions with real individuals. Marriage with 2D Characters Gatebox, a company involved in the research and development of virtual home robots, organized a limited-time event called “Dimensional Travel Bureau” on November 22, 2017, which coincided with “Good Couple’s Day.” During this event, […]

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Types of Breasts in Love Dolls: Hollow and Gel-filled – Pros and Cons

If you are considering buying for the first time, , you may encounter an option to choose the type of breasts, including solid, hollow, or gel-filled. you may not fully understand the differences, so this time we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of each. Solid Breasts Solid breasts are filled with silicone and TPE […]

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The Things You Need to Prepare Before and After Purchasing a Sex Doll

As a special product, sex dolls can be divided into practical and display/photography types according to different purposes for buyers. Different items need to be prepared before and after purchasing sex dolls according to different purposes. Here are the lists of items required for the two types: Essentials for Practical Sex Dolls Practical sex dolls […]

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Peeling Film on the Surface of a Love Doll: Possible Causes and Solutions

Understanding the Causes and Finding Solutions for Peeling Film on a Love Doll’s Surface After a certain period of time, some individuals may experience the peeling and flaking of the surface of their love doll’s skin. While it can be a concerning situation, there are surprising reasons behind this occurrence, and fortunately, it can be […]

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Important Considerations When Purchasing a Love Doll

Don’t Miss These Essential Points When Buying a Love Doll For many individuals, purchasing a love doll is a significant investment. It’s a decision that requires careful consideration to ensure a successful purchase. When it comes to avoiding any potential pitfalls and making an informed choice, it is crucial to thoroughly check the information provided […]

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Do Realistic Sex Dolls Match Their Promotional Photos?

When it comes to purchasing a love doll, it is common for individuals to meticulously examine the photographs displayed on the manufacturer or retailer’s website. Often, it is a moment of finding the doll that captures their hearts, leading them to make the decision to proceed with the purchase. However, a lingering concern for many […]

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Cancer Patient Marries Sex Doll: A Unique Emotional Outlet

A cancer-stricken man marries a sex doll, which may become a special emotional outlet Cancer Patient’s Unconventional Wedding with a Sex Doll In a remarkable turn of events, a terminally ill man suffering from cancer expressed his desire to experience the joy and grandeur of a wedding before the end of his life. However, he […]

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The Realism of Sex Dolls: A Delicate Balance of Craftsmanship and Weight

Unveiling the Realism of Sex Dolls Sex dolls have evolved to a level of realism that is strikingly close to the human form. From intricate internal alloy structures to meticulously detailed eyebrows, the craftsmanship involved in creating these dolls has elevated their lifelikeness to an astonishing degree. However, the weight of these dolls, ranging from […]

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Exploring the Market for Male Sex Dolls

Male Sex Dolls: A Niche Market While the market for sex dolls continues to grow, it’s important to acknowledge the significant difference in demand between male and female sex dolls. While manufacturers offer male sex dolls, their sales only account for approximately 10% of the total revenue. Limited Selection of Male Sex Dolls One key […]