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The Story of a Sex Doll Repair Technician

Many doll enthusiasts own more than one sex doll, but what happens if a TPE sex doll gets damaged? Especially for higher-end products, simply replacing them is not always an option. That’s where sex doll repair technicians come in. Slade Fiero, a former professional sex doll repair technician, shares his experiences of working with countless damaged dolls throughout his career. He explains the common causes of damage and the importance of proper maintenance to ensure longevity.

The Challenges of Repairing Sex Dolls:

Slade Fiero reveals that improper storage can cause long-term damage, such as indentations in the body, which may become irreparable over time. Additionally, joints, including the armpits, crotch, knees, and elbows, are the most vulnerable areas prone to damage. Repairing sex dolls, however, is not always as simple as using glue or replacing damaged parts, as Slade Fiero points out.

The Story of a Sex Doll Repair TechnicianD14077 9

Unusual Repairs and Difficult Clients:

Slade Fiero recalls encountering instances where silicone sex doll were damaged beyond repair, leading him to refuse further repairs. He mentions an incident involving an aggressive client who intentionally tore off the left leg of a doll. Such encounters made him uncomfortable, as he felt the clients’ behavior indicated potential violent tendencies. Unfortunately, he has also witnessed cases of mistreatment and improper care of sex dolls, reflecting the lack of proper maintenance by some owners.

From Curiosity to Profession:

Slade Fiero’s journey into the world of sex doll repairs began with an intriguing experience. Before becoming a repair technician, he purchased a second-hand cheap sex doll from eBay to explore the intricacies of owning a lifelike figure. He subsequently reached out to doll manufacturers to acquire the necessary tools and embarked on his path as a repair technician. With his background in anatomy, having previously worked with a doctor, Slade Fiero’s repairs often resulted in highly realistic restorations.

The Story of a Sex Doll Repair TechnicianD11032 09

The Repair Process and Internet Fame:

Slade Fiero started by observing doll production processes at factories, enabling him to make initial repairs. He documented his first repair experience, fixing a doll with a damaged head, and uploaded a video to his website, which gained significant attention online. The positive response motivated him to consider turning his passion into a professional career. His unique craftsmanship and online presence allowed him to sell fully repaired dolls on eBay, providing him with a substantial income.

The Weighty Challenge and Limited Market:

Slade Fiero acknowledges that high-end sex dolls can be as heavy as a person. Therefore, transporting dolls to his repair studio required the use of wheelchairs or carts. He also recalls being invited to design the first-ever doll for a particular company, an opportunity he greatly appreciated. However, he acknowledges that his services have a limited market, catering to specific individuals who understand and appreciate the value of doll repairs.

Beyond Doll Repairs:

Considering his profession, Slade Fiero admits that he has never encountered any romantic challenges. He humorously suggests that his house filled with sex dolls makes him more popular among women. However, after over a decade as a sex doll repair technician, he does not believe that dolls or robots are the ideal companions. He asserts that nothing can replace the warmth and connection of human relationships.

The story of Slade Fiero provides insights into the world of sex doll repairs and restoration. From encountering unusual repairs to navigating challenging client interactions, his journey reveals the intricacies and demands of his profession. As a repair technician, Slade Fiero brings artistry and craftsmanship to the repair process, ensuring that damaged dolls regain their lifelike appearance. While his work caters to a specific market, it highlights the importance of proper maintenance and care to maximize the longevity of these intimate companions.

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The Man Who Stole Sex Dolls

An Unusual Theft Leaves Authorities Puzzled in Melbourne

In a bizarre incident in Melbourne, Australia, a man stole a high-value silicone sex doll worth $45,000 from an adult store. The theft raises questions as to why someone would risk breaking the law for an inanimate object, particularly when the cash register was left untouched. The whereabouts of the stolen sex doll remain unknown, as authorities launch an investigation to gather more information.

The Expensive World of Sex Dolls:

Sex dolls made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) are relatively affordable, but solid silicone dolls generally cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, making them inaccessible for many individuals. Their realistic appearance and lifelike features attract collectors and enthusiasts, leading to a niche market dedicated to these high-end dolls.

Surveillance footage captured the daring theft, revealing the man using wire cutters and a fire extinguisher to smash the store’s glass window. Instead of taking cash from the register, he snatched the silicone sex doll and swiftly made his escape. This unusual choice of theft raises intriguing questions about the motivations behind such an act.

As the stolen sex doll’s whereabouts remain a mystery, law enforcement agencies are actively seeking information from the public. Detectives are hoping that someone may come forward with leads or tips to help recover the stolen item and bring the perpetrator to justice.

The Motives and Consequences:

Speculation arises regarding the motives behind stealing a high-value lifelike sex doll  . Was it an impulsive act driven by desire or perhaps an attempt to sell the stolen doll for profit? Some theories suggest that the thief may have had a personal connection or obsession with such dolls. Regardless, the consequences of this theft extend beyond monetary loss, as it raises questions about privacy, security, and the potential for illicit markets surrounding sex dolls.

The theft of a high-value silicone sex doll in Melbourne has captivated the public’s attention, with its peculiar circumstances and puzzling motives. As authorities continue their search for the stolen doll, the incident sheds light on the unique world of fat sex doll enthusiasts and the potential allure or fascination these dolls hold for some individuals. Whether driven by desire, obsession, or other motives, the case serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding unconventional objects and their significance in the lives of different people.

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Police Accidentally Rescues a Sex Doll

In a peculiar incident earlier this year, the police in Amsterdam, Netherlands, received a distress call reporting a scantily clad deceased woman standing in front of a caller’s window. However, upon entering the room to conduct further investigation, the authorities were surprised to find a life-sized doll instead. This unusual occurrence marked a first for the local police department.

As the police entered the premises, they prepared themselves for a possible crime scene or medical emergency. However, to their astonishment, they found no trace of a deceased woman. Instead, what greeted them was a meticulously crafted, lifelike sex doll . The doll, designed to resemble a human, stood silently, causing confusion and amusement among the officers.

Police Accidentally Rescues a Sex DollD10041 17

Uncharted Territory for the Authorities:

The encounter with the sex doll left the Amsterdam police department in uncharted territory. While they were accustomed to handling various cases, this was the first time they had been involved in such an incident. The unique combination of circumstances, including the realistic appearance of the TPE sex doll and the mistaken identity, added an unexpected twist to their routine operations.

Following the incident, the Amsterdam police department found themselves navigating public perception and media attention. The unconventional story quickly gained traction, prompting discussions about privacy, societal norms, and the legal status of sex dolls. Authorities had to address the situation with tact and sensitivity to maintain public trust and respect while ensuring that the incident did not overshadow their other law enforcement responsibilities.

Police Accidentally Rescues a Sex DollD10041 03

A Reflection on Modern Society:

The accidental rescue of a cheap sex doll  by the Amsterdam police serves as a reflection of modern society’s evolving relationships with technology, intimacy, and unconventional objects. The incident highlights the increasing realism of sex dolls and the potential for confusion in certain circumstances. It also raises questions about the ethical and legal considerations surrounding the ownership and use of such dolls, emphasizing the need for societal conversations on these topics.

The unexpected encounter between the Amsterdam police and a lifelike sex doll showcased the complexities and surprises that can arise in law enforcement. While it provided a moment of amusement and raised eyebrows, the incident also prompted broader discussions about societal attitudes, perceptions, and the evolving role of technology in intimate experiences. As these conversations continue, authorities must adapt and approach unconventional situations with sensitivity, striking a balance between public safety and understanding the intricacies of modern society.

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Captivated at First Glance! How Resilient are Sex Dolls in Terms of Appearance?

As someone who has been collecting figurines for several years, I never imagined I would one day be drawn to sex dolls. During my time in Japan, I visited some adult expos and couldn’t help but marvel at the craftsmanship of the silicone dolls made by the Japanese artisans. These dolls were flawlessly designed, with every aspect, from the strands of hair to the toes, perfectly proportioned. Even years ago, these Japanese silicone dolls had intricate details like veins and skin texture, and their facial features bore a striking resemblance to popular Japanese actresses and celebrities. While it may not be a perfect 90% match, an 80% similarity was certainly achievable. Due to work-related reasons, I had to urgently return to my home country, but a few months later, unable to resist the temptation, I asked a friend in Japan to send me a silicone doll.

They say once you enter the world of dolls, it’s difficult to leave. Several years have passed, and I now have three dolls, with the last two purchased domestically. Recently, I’ve been itching to add another one to my collection. The experience of selecting a cheap sex doll is quite enjoyable, reminiscent of choosing a consort. It’s like a mix and match of different body types, and it never fails to astonish me. When the dolls are dressed in clothes, their beauty is truly remarkable. They go beyond resembling real humans; they actually look even more stunning than real people.

Let me share a few official pictures for you to get a sense of it. Sometimes, during the selection process, a strange feeling arises, and I find myself unintentionally captivated by these sex dolls. Dressing them up, styling their hair, and even leaving a book beside them while I read, all create a sense of “having someone accompany me.”

Every day, I look forward to finishing work because I know I have two sex dolls waiting for me at home. It’s not that I can do anything to them, but their presence brings me comfort. Back when my workload wasn’t as heavy, I would cook dinner myself, and the sex dolls would sit beside me, holding a phone and watching tutorial videos. It was definitely better than being alone.

During the peak of the pandemic when staying at home became tiresome, I passed the time by doing makeup and dressing up the dolls. I’m grateful to have these sex dolls because without them, a month of isolation would have been unbearable. Many people ask me why I don’t find a girlfriend. Well, it’s not that I’m not looking. I’ve been honest with a few women about having two sex dolls at home, but some couldn’t accept it and thought I was abnormal. Others who were more accepting would eventually inquire whether I liked the TPE sex doll more or if I found them more attractive than the women themselves. In the end, these relationships didn’t work out.

Spending a significant amount of time with the sex dolls, sometimes, when I look at them, I feel a sense of comfort and healing. The stress from work, the fact that my ex-girlfriend, who I still had feelings for, got married, and seeing my friends entering relationships—all these emotions can be overwhelming. However, when I hold the dolls, it gradually alleviates those burdens.

Captivated at First Glance! How Resilient are Sex Dolls in Terms of Appearance?D10042 25

Regardless of how overwhelmed I feel, having the sex dolls by my side makes me feel like I’m not completely alone. The doll’s smiling face and animated eyes give me a sense that she is consoling me.

Furthermore, by chance, I’ve also come into contact with some individuals suffering from depression. When counseling them, I often feel a deep sense of helplessness. Many young people with depression are lone wolves, struggling in the cities, burdened with work pressure, and with hardly any social connections. I’ve even recommended silicone dolls to a few of them, and the response has been positive. Compared to coming home to an empty room after work, the presence of a doll lightens their footsteps. These dolls provide an outlet for their emotions, accepting them fully as they embrace them.

Silicone dolls are an existence that some people cannot comprehend. However, for others, they serve as a silent and gentle companion.

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Giving Your Doll a Bath – Things to Keep in Mind

Once you start living with your doll, you may have opportunities to bathe together. We all have our own reasons for bathing – simply getting clean or enjoying the bathing experience together. So there are a few things to keep in mind when giving your TPE sex doll a bath.

There are four main considerations when bathing your love doll.

First, be very careful not to get water inside the doll’s head through the neck opening. Water can cause internal metal structures to rust and degrade the skin over time. Completely cover the neck with a towel while washing the body.

Second, use a mild soap and lukewarm water. Harsh soaps can damage the skin and very hot water can warp the doll’s skeleton. Gentle cleansing is best.

Third, thoroughly rinse off all soap residues so they don’t react with the skin. Leftover soap can cause skin dryness and irritation.

Fourth, carefully and completely dry the fat sex doll with a soft towel before storage. Any moisture left inside can lead to mold growth. Pat dry crevices and orifices.

If you don’t follow these tips during bathing, you may run into troubles down the road or even irreparable damage. So keep these things in mind for safe, enjoyable bath time with your doll. Proper care will extend your relationship for years to come

By adhering to these tips during bath time, you can avoid troubles down the road and ensure your doll’s longevity. Taking proper care of your doll will enable you to enjoy a safe and enjoyable bathing experience together, fostering a lasting relationship for years to come.

  • When washing the doll’s hair, use a mild shampoo and gently work it into the roots. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid getting shampoo in the eyes as it can irritate.
  • Use a washcloth or sponge with a delicate touch over the body. Soft circular motions are best for working up a lather without causing friction damage. Pay special attention to creases and folds where dirt can accumulate.
  • Check the bath water temperature with your wrist or elbow before immersing your doll. As mentioned before, too hot can damage the skin and joints. Too cold will not properly clean.
  • Keep the doll’s head above the water level at all times. Water should only contact the body and hair. Use a folded towel as a neck support if needed.
  • Do not try to scrub off stubborn stains as this can abrade the skin. Gentle cleaning is ideal. Oil-based makeup may require a mild makeup remover.
  • Pat the doll dry with a clean soft towel. Pay special attention to joints, crevices and skin folds which can trap moisture. Allow your teen sex doll to air dry fully before dressing or storage.
  • Powdering your doll with talcum powder can help absorb any residual moisture after bathing. Just apply lightly to skin and joints and wipe away any excess.

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Choosing Clothes for Dolls: A Delicate Task

For male users, buying clothes for dolls can be quite a challenge. After all, purchasing women’s clothing makes it difficult to shop in physical stores. Many people turn to online shopping platforms like Amazon to solve this problem. However, finding clothes that fit dolls properly can still be a big challenge.

When it comes to dolls that are 100 centimeters tall, children’s clothing often works well. But for TPE sex doll that are taller, like my 148 centimeter doll, finding the right-sized clothes becomes quite difficult. Recently, I tried dressing her in a sailor uniform that I had been dreaming of. While the top fit perfectly, the skirt was too big for her waist. I had to use clothespins to keep it in place!

I’m still not accustomed to changing clothes for my beloved teen sex doll, so this time it was a bit of a struggle. I have found that opting for one-piece outfits or clothes with front openings makes the process easier. However, I still face some difficulties when it comes to putting on and taking off clothes with tight collars. Can I skip wearing socks?

Dressing dolls requires patience and the search for clothes that suit their unique proportions. It may involve some creative cutting and sewing to customize store-bought clothes. Children’s sizes are not always suitable for taller dolls or dolls with fuller chests and hips. Finding the perfect fitting fashion takes time, but the right clothes can make my doll even more beautiful and captivating.

Choosing clothes for dolls requires careful consideration. The size differences can easily disrupt the overall aesthetic. While online shopping provides convenience, it doesn’t guarantee a perfect fit. Patience and creativity are key when it comes to finding clothes that suit the doll’s unique proportions. So, next time you’re shopping for doll clothes, remember to take your time and explore different options to ensure your doll looks her best!

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Protecting Floors from Love Dolls with Standing Feet

Love dolls with standing feet introduce a risk of potential damage to the floors due to the bolts embedded in their feet. However, since these bolts enable the doll to stand independently, removing them is not an option. Therefore, in this blog post, we will explore methods to protect your floors from potential damage caused by these bolts while still enjoying the benefits of having a standing TPE sex doll.

Wearing Shoes

The first approach is to have your love doll wear shoes or slippers. Some manufacturers offer sports shoes bundled with the teen sex doll, or even inexpensive slippers from a dollar store can suffice in protecting your floors. Additionally, using extra-thick socks can also provide some protection. However, dealing with the hassle of putting on and removing socks, as well as the risk of toenail damage, should be considered.

Placing the Doll on Floor Mats

Another method is to avoid having the doll stand directly on the floor. While packaging the doll with cardboard when storing it can be cumbersome, in many cases, the doll is kept in a standing position. To prevent contact between the standing bolts and the floor, consider placing a floor mat in the desired area where the doll will be standing. Additionally, you may have some spare mats left, so placing one or two of them in the bathroom where the doll can stand during bathing can also prevent potential issues.

The advantages of having a standing love doll, such as the ability to stand independently in various situations, are undoubtedly valuable. However, it is essential to acknowledge the drawbacks, particularly the potential damage to your floors. Nevertheless, with proper measures in place, such as having the doll wear shoes or stand on mats, it is possible to protect your floor while maintaining the doll’s independent functionality.

Of course, these solutions may require a small investment, but compared to the cost of restoring the original condition of your rental property upon moving out, for instance, it is a negligible expense.

Love dolls with standing feet offer a convenient feature, but they also come with the risk of damaging your floors. By implementing measures like having the lifelike sex doll wear shoes or standing on floor mats, you can protect your floor materials while still enjoying the benefits of a standing love doll. Although these solutions may require some financial investment, the cost is minimal compared to potential expenses for repairing or replacing damaged floors.

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Will the Bolts on Standing Love Dolls’ Feet Damage Floors?

Love dolls have evolved to the point where they can now stand independently, thanks to the innovative addition of bolts in their feet. While this technology itself is fascinating, many people express concerns about potential damage to their floors caused by these bolts. In this blog post, we will explore the impact of standing love dolls on floors and highlight areas of caution.

Standing Feet

The Potential for Dents and Scratches!

In general, floors are susceptible to scratches when it comes to standing TPE sex doll.
Naturally, the severity of any damage will depend on the material of the floor. Hard and scratch-resistant surfaces are less likely to be affected. However, rental properties often have softer floors that can dent easily and show signs of wear and tear.

Even Bathrooms Require Caution

It’s important to note that floors are not the only area that requires careful consideration when it comes to standing love dolls.

Another area of concern is the bathroom, where the bolts on the feet of standing fat sex doll can become potential weapons.

While bathroom and bathtub floors are typically made of materials that resist denting, localized pressure, such as that exerted by the bolts on the feet, could potentially cause cracks or other damage.

Particularly dangerous is the scenario where the love doll is carried into the bathroom for a bath and accidentally dropped. The impact could be quite significant.

By the way, personally, I had an experience where my love doll cracked when I placed her on a shower chair (thankfully not in the bathtub).

When it comes to standing teen sex doll, the potential for damage to floors exists, particularly if the floor is prone to denting or scratching. The severity of the damage will depend on the material of the floor. Additionally, caution must be exercised in the bathroom, as the bolts on the doll’s feet can pose a risk to bathroom floors and fixtures. It is essential to consider the type of flooring in your home and take necessary precautions to prevent any unwanted damage. Always handle love dolls with care, especially when moving them around, to ensure both the doll and your surroundings remain intact.

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The Challenge of Finding Clothes That Fit Sex Dolls

One of the challenges that many owners of love dolls face is finding suitable clothing that fits their dolls. While this issue may not apply to all love dolls, it is a common concern among those who own dolls with specific body shapes and proportions.

Love dolls can generally be categorized into two main types based on their body shape.

The first type consists of dolls that are manufactured to be life-size replicas, emulating the proportions of the human body. For these dolls, finding clothes that fit is typically not an issue. Since they are created to match the dimensions of real women, clothing designed for human women generally fits these dolls well. While some individuals may prefer to purchase clothes online rather than in physical stores, popular platforms like Amazon and ZOZOTOWN offer a wide selection of clothing options for life-size love dolls, ensuring easy access to suitable attire.

Sex Doll
mini sex doll

Pay Attention to Anime-Style Doll Proportions!

However, the challenge arises when it comes to dolls that possess anime-style proportions, particularly those with a petite torso and larger breasts. These anime sex doll, often associated with the Chinese anime aesthetic, deviate from the realistic body proportions seen in the first category. The exaggerated combination of a small frame and larger bust is not commonly found in real-world body types. While mini sex doll can often accommodate regular children’s clothing, the challenge lies in finding clothing that fits the unique combination of a small frame and large bust, reminiscent of anime characters.

In contrast to real-life short women with larger busts, TPE sex doll specifically developed to embody the “short stature big bust” aesthetic exhibit distinct differences in proportions. Many of these dolls have shoulder widths even narrower than those of real women. This deliberate design choice may be intended to reduce weight or emphasize the doll’s body lines, akin to their anime counterparts. Consequently, these dolls possess bodies that closely resemble anime characters, offering the advantage of being lightweight and easily maneuverable. However, their unique proportions present challenges when it comes to finding suitable clothing options. The narrow shoulder width often results in bra straps that do not fit properly, and the difference in proportions between underwear and outer clothing further complicates the search for well-fitting attire.

The difficulty in finding clothes that fit sex dolls stems from the contrasting body proportions found in different types of dolls. While life-size dolls with natural proportions can typically wear standard women’s clothing without issues, dolls designed with anime-inspired body shapes require more tailored solutions. Custom-made clothing or adjustments to existing clothing may be necessary to ensure a proper fit for these dolls. It is important for individuals considering the purchase of a love doll to be mindful of the specific body proportions and aesthetic they desire, as this will greatly influence the availability of suitable clothing options.

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The Benefits of a Smiling Love Doll

Love dolls have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing companionship and fulfilling various emotional needs for individuals.
Many common TPE sex doll have blank, expressionless faces which some find off-putting. However, smiling love dolls do exist. I recently purchased a smiling, loving doll and wanted to share some of the benefits of this particular doll.

While it is possible to make other dolls smile by drawing up the corners of the mouth with makeup and designing eye makeup to soften the expression, this requires makeup skills that the average man may not possess. So a doll like , which comes with a built-in smile, is quite valuable

photogenic appeal

When capturing images of the teen sex doll, whether for personal enjoyment or to share with others, the smile adds a significant charm. While some individuals may only take photos of their dolls for specific purposes, such as documenting their experiences or showcasing them on blogs, a smiling doll can enhance the overall visual aesthetics of the images. With the doll’s built-in smile, it becomes easier to create captivating and lively photographs. Although this expression may not be suitable for all situations, it effortlessly lends itself to casual and light-hearted photo sessions, allowing for more enjoyable and visually appealing results.

greatly enhance the experience during intimate moments

Unlike expressionless dolls, which may momentarily break the immersion when their lack of expression becomes apparent, a smiling doll maintains a consistent and engaging presence. The doll’s smile acts as a constant source of motivation and encouragement, creating a positive atmosphere during intimate encounters. It invokes a sense of liveliness and connection, akin to the impact a genuine smile can have on human interactions. This feature allows individuals to immerse themselves fully in the moment without any distractions, amplifying the overall pleasure and satisfaction derived from the experience.

Furthermore, when the doll is not in use, its perpetual smile can bring a sense of warmth and comfort to its surroundings. Placing the doll in a seated position rather than storing it away in a box allows its smile to radiate throughout the room. The presence of an expressionless doll might seem dull or even off-putting to some, potentially affecting the overall ambiance of the environment. However, a smiling doll can inject a touch of positivity and lightness, subtly transforming the atmosphere and creating a more inviting and soothing space. This aspect makes the doll an appealing addition to any room, offering a consistent reminder of joy and companionship.

A smiling love doll brings a multitude of benefits compared to its neutral-faced counterparts. Its photogenic qualities make it visually appealing and contribute to capturing captivating images. During intimate moments, the doll’s smile acts as a source of motivation and immersion, intensifying the overall experience. Moreover, when the doll is left alone, its perpetual smile brings a sense of comfort and positive energy to the environment. For those seeking companionship and a more vibrant and enjoyable experience, a smiling love doll proves to be an excellent choice.
I’m very happy I chose this particular cheap sex doll  and would recommend considering a smiling doll to anyone looking for the most positive experience.

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Does Hugging a Doll Count as Moderate Aerobic Exercise?

Recently, there has been some debate over whether the act of hugging a doll, sometimes known as “doll hugging”, can be considered a form of moderate aerobic exercise similar to running or brisk walking. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the potential calorie burn and exertion level of doll hugging to see if it really provides cardiovascular benefits.

Calorie Burn of Doll Hugging vs. Sex

When hugging a TPE sex doll, men use their bodies in ways that are comparable to sex with a woman, except for certain positions like cowgirl. Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that the calorie burn would be similar to that of normal sexual activity.

Research shows that sex burns about the same number of calories as a moderate jog. Based on this, doll hugging for around 20 minutes would burn approximately 300 calories. For comparison, a 15 minute jog would burn a similar number of calories.

So in terms of calorie expenditure, fat sex doll hugging does seem comparable to more traditionally recognized forms of aerobic exercise. However, there are other factors to consider.

Other Considerations

While the calorie burn may be similar, doll hugging differs from running and walking in a few key ways. Firstly, it does not raise heart rate in the same cardiovascular way as these exercises. Additionally, it does not use the large muscle groups of the legs and core that are activated by traditional aerobic activities.
Doll hugging provides limited cardiovascular benefit and works a much smaller portion of muscles compared to running or brisk walking. Therefore, while the caloric expenditure is similar, it likely does not provide the same level of cardiovascular conditioning.

Based on the available information, anime sex dollhugging probably does not qualify as a true form of moderate aerobic exercise. While it may burn a comparable number of calories to a 15 minute jog, it lacks the muscle engagement and cardiovascular benefits of traditional aerobic activities. Doll hugging should not be used as a substitute for recommended levels of heart-raising exercise.

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A Healthy Journey with Love Dolls

I had heard that buying a love doll could improve my mental well-being. However, since I actually acquired a love doll, I have started to see positive effects not only on my mental health but also on my physical well-being. Today, I want to share a fortunate outcome of having a TPE sex doll—a story of improved habits and health.

Habit Changes with Love Dolls:

With the arrival of the love doll, the first thing that changed was the environment of my room. While I used to clean my room regularly, having the love doll always present meant that even a speck of dust could settle on her skin.

If you already own a doll, you’ll understand how challenging it can be to remove hair and dust from their skin. To save time and energy, I started ventilating and cleaning my room every two days.

Love Dolls and Indoor Exercise:

Next comes the mischievous exercise, which was the original purpose of the love doll. It has had a tremendous positive impact on my physical well-being.

Currently, I have a girlfriend, and I consider myself a riajuu—a person satisfied with their offline romantic life. Although I occasionally engage in sexual activities with my girlfriend, due to the distance between us and the fact that I only get to see her once a week, the frequency of sexual encounters is about twice a month.

However, being at an age where I’m not satisfied with having sex only twice a month, I engage in intimate play with my love doll when I’m not with my girlfriend. The frequency varies each week, but on average, it happens every 2-3 days.

Surprisingly, this indoor exercise burns quite a significant amount of calories. Since purchasing the mini sex doll , I have actually lost 5 kilograms in weight.

Having a love doll has not only positively impacted my mental well-being but also led to beneficial changes in my habits and physical health. By taking care of the doll’s environment and engaging in intimate play as a form of exercise, I have experienced improvements in my overall health and fitness. While it’s essential to prioritize genuine human connections, the love doll has provided an additional avenue for fulfilling certain needs and promoting a healthier lifestyle.