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4 Tips for Drying Out Real Doll Holes

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If you are a fan of sex doll, you probably know that after each sexual use, you must thoroughly clean and dry her orifices. Without this important step, mold and fungal growth can occur. This fungal growth can render the model sexually unusable. Since TPE is a porous material, the situation becomes even more complicated. So, take seriously the thorough cleaning and drying of your high-end love doll.
In this blog post, you will find some tips for properly drying your sex doll’s vagina and anus. These tips will help keep your model like new for years to come.
Removable vaginas, called inserts, are helpful for cleaning. Since these vaginas are easily removable, you can clean them separately from the body of your life-size TPE Doll. If the thought of cleaning a life-size love doll’s vagina seems too daunting to you (due to her back or other positions), I recommend this type of vagina. Cleaning is easy and you can always replace it if any issues arise. For details on vaginal inserts, please refer to the dedicated article.

Before considering drying the orifices, thorough cleaning and careful rinsing are required. At this stage, no organic matter or lubricants remain.
After each intercourse, you must systematically clean the openings. Do not leave any organic matter or lubricants for a long time. A special hand shower (if not an enema pear) will be your best ally. You can effectively spray soapy water and rinse and remove unnecessary organic matter.
Soft silicone brushes (available for cleaning baby bottles) can be cleaned, sterilized, and reused. In this case, I also use hechima sponge sticks. The insertion of this type of brush must be done carefully. Do not force. Gliding must be smooth and natural. To safely introduce them without tearing, I recommend pre-soaping the target hole and silicone brush.
In molded silicone sex doll mannequins, this procedure can be difficult. Silicone is not as flexible and elastic as TPE. Therefore, extra caution is especially needed.
Then comes the important step of drying the holes of your high-end Dutch wife. The goal is to remove all moisture.

How do I dry the holes of my sex doll?

Use soft cloths

Open your life-size love doll’s openings wide enough to insert soft cloths or microfiber towels. This will be your best ally to reach the deepest. You will need to repeat this operation until drying is complete. Be careful not to apply force or abrasives to avoid discomfort. You need to enjoy massage and gentle caresses like with a real woman.

Use absorbent bags

Another possibility to ensure that all forms of moisture disappear reliably from the vagina or anus of your real love doll is to introduce absorbent pouches inside the openings. The cost of this accessory is nearly zero and helps keep your model’s holes fresh first.

Use absorbent sticks for adult toys

Absorbent sticks for adult toys are more expensive but still powerful. They are usually used to dry onaholes, vaginas or openings in the torso of Dutch wives. These absorbent sticks can be used to dry the vagina or anus of your high-end cheap sex doll . With these sticks, there is no risk of damaging the sex doll’s skin due to friction.
The sticks are made of diatomaceous earth (a white powder composed of 80-90% mineral silica) and can absorb 150% of their weight in liquid. Even more expensive, the sticks (once dried) can be reused several times.

Use feminine tampons

An effective yet little-known tip: Use feminine tampons. Consider absorbing a large amount of organic matter and lubricant immediately after intercourse. They can be changed during buffering (20-30 minutes).
After removing the pads, you can easily rinse them with soapy water, clean them and reuse them dried with chip n°1 or n°2, n°3 or n°4 to dry the hole. Achieving drying by reintroducing two or three pads into the hole. Then 20 minutes is enough to absorb all stagnant moisture. Once the tampons have swollen, just check that everything is completely dry. Otherwise, feel free to repeat the operation without hesitation.
Anyone who wants to keep a life-size love doll fresh for years must take the hygiene of their real love doll very seriously.