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40kg to 45kg Sex Dolls Look Like Real People

Have you ever imagined that a sex doll can look and feel so much like a real woman? The new 40 to 45 kg sex dolls are designed to simulate real females in remarkable details. Every part of these love dolls resembles an actual woman, from head to toes.

Their heads and faces are carefully sculpted based on real human models. Some have blue eyes, long eyelashes and flowing hair. Their skin texture feels soft and realistic, even warm to touch. These sensual bodies have curves in all the right places—full breasts, slim waists, rounded hips and tight bottoms. Each body part is flexible and easy to pose, allowing countless sexual positions.

More advanced tpe sex dolls contain a steel skeleton and high-quality silicone that enables natural movements during sex. Their steel joints and tendons also allow the dolls to stay in the positions you desire for long periods. When cuddling or having intercourse with them, their weight and flexibility feel just like real human partners.

The dolls’ intimate parts such as vagina, anus and mouth are designed for penile and oral pleasures. The tunnels are textured, soft, tight and deeply contoured,providing stunningly realistic sexual sensations upon penetration. Some dolls have built-in heating that warms the body parts for added realness.

These 40 to 45 kg sex silicone sex doll cater to those seeking highly sensuous experiences with low maintenance—they do not require wining, dining or small talks like a real romantic interest would. While they lack emotions or intelligence, their ability to simulate an attractive real woman is par excellence. For many, they satisfy sexual and physiological needs when or if human partners are unavailable.

With ever-improving quality and affordability, lifelike sex doll are gaining mainstream popularity and acceptance. For lonely souls or sexually adventurous, a voluptuous yet petite 45kg love doll could be the perfect surrogate companion in between relationships or when need be. She asks for nothing but provides stimulating pleasures and excitement that feel indistinguishable from the real thing.