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Do you prefer a more delicate and compact love doll? Maybe the 85cm sex doll is a good choice.
Start your adventure with the 85cm love doll!

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  • J85CM S A-cup Anime Sex Doll NazukiD43059 03
  • J85CM S Cute Japanese Cartoon Sex Doll | YuiD43060 04
  • J85CM B Cute Realistic Silicone Anime Sex Doll | ReynaD43061 13

Choice of 85cm sex dolls

The 85cm sex dolls provided by Hydoll are very popular, mainly anime-themed and derived from the well-known brand – climax dolls. These alluring sex dolls are made from high-quality vinyl, which not only gives their heads a life-like shape, but also gives their bodies lightweight properties, making them easier to move and store.

Climax Doll, as a brand, has always been known for its exquisite craftsmanship and unique design style. They are committed to providing customers with high-quality, realistic sex dolls that meet the needs of anime enthusiasts and collectors. These 85cm sex dolls not only restore the essence of anime characters in appearance, but also focus on user experience in use, striving to present the most realistic effects. This makes these sex dolls not just simple collectibles, but unique works of art

Spend a night with an 85cm sex doll

As night falls, the relationship between the sex doll and its owner reaches its climax in the evening’s ambiguous moments. They spend time together indoors, where the lights are dimly lit, creating a mysterious atmosphere. Sex seems to change its face, from being lively during the day to being charming at night.

At midnight, the relationship between the sex doll and its owner reaches a mysterious climax. The room is filled with an ambiguous atmosphere and the lights are dim, creating a quiet and private space. In this late night moment, you tried various positions. At this moment, the 85cm sex doll is sitting contentedly on you, as if telling her fatigue. Then you fall asleep in each other’s arms.