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The 98cm sex dolls, with their moderate height, offer a more realistic experience, neither appearing overly bulky nor excessively petite.

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Classification of 98cm Sex Dolls

In the market, 98cm sex dolls are typically divided into two main types, each with its own unique characteristics and advantages.

98cm Petite Full-Sized

These sex dolls are characterized by their height of only 98 centimeters, yet their proportions and appearance resemble those of real humans. They typically feature fine facial features and body curves, allowing users to experience a more realistic sensation. Despite their small size, they still possess life-sized genitalia, providing a more authentic feel.

Life-Sized 98cm Torso Sex Dolls

Compared to the petite full-sized sex dolls, these torso sex dolls also stand at 98 centimeters in height, but their design focuses more on the torso portion. This means they may have proportionately shortened other parts, such as the legs. This design makes the dolls more portable and easier to store while still offering a realistic torso experience.

Which would you choose?

The choice between these types of 98cm sex dolls depends on personal preferences and needs. Those who prefer a full-sized appearance and a more realistic experience may lean towards selecting the petite full-sized 98cm sex dolls. Meanwhile, those who prioritize portability and storage space may find the life-sized 98cm torso sex dolls more suitable for their needs.

Regardless of which type of 98cm sex doll you choose, HYDOLL can provide it for you.