Abnormal Sex with 100cm Sex Doll

A 100cm sex doll has a vagina as well as an anus, just like normal women. This makes it possible to enjoy anal sex in addition to regular penetration. Even if you are interested in anal sex, you may be hesitant to tell your female partner. It is easy to think that if you tell a woman that you are interested in anal sex, she might not like it. But with a love doll, your desires will be accepted as they are. You will be able to perform abnormal sexual acts that you have wanted to do but could not do before. You will be able to have a more fulfilling sex life than ever before.

Oral sex

You can even have your love doll perform oral sex on you. The material is close to human skin, so you can really enjoy the feeling of being stimulated with your lips. You can even finish with just oral sex. The doll will not complain even if you put it in your mouth or face. You can enjoy sex just the way you want it.

Note: Using lotion is also effective.
Love dolls are made to look as close to real as possible, but the big difference between them and a real woman is that no matter how hard you try to caress her, she will not get wet. If you try any of the above methods, you may find that your penis gets stuck and may hurt or get damaged. This is why I recommend using lotion. If you use lotion, it will make your penis slippery and you can insert it comfortably. Also, you can hear the “slurping” sound when you are pistoning. This gives you the illusion of having sex with a real woman.

Experiences from Dolls
There are dolls who have shared their own impressions and little tricks they use to have more pleasurable sex with their love dolls! How well does it really feel? How well does it really feel? If you want to know, please read How to Use a Love Doll: The Road to Licensure.

Points to note for each material
There are two main types of love dolls: those made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and those made of silicone. Each of these has its own points to be aware of when using them.

When made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)
TPE is sensitive to heat and may deform if left in a high-temperature state. Therefore, it is necessary to be more careful about where to store it when not in use than when in normal use. Avoid high temperature and high humidity, and store in a cool place.
Silicone dolls
A sex doll made of silicone is very durable. Therefore, as long as you play with them in a normal way, it is unlikely that they will be damaged. However, if the doll is subjected to a strong impact, such as a forced blowjob, there is a risk of rupture. If it is made of silicone, damage to any part of it may make it unusable at once.
Compared to the so-called Dutch wives of a long time ago, today’s love dolls are much more advanced in terms of realism. It feels as if you are really touching the soft skin of a woman. However, if you play with it too hard or do anything crazy, there is a risk of it breaking. Be sure to handle it gently, just as you would a real woman in the flesh.