Airfreight Prices Will Rise Price Of Mini Sex Doll

Due to the increasing airfreight price, the mini sex doll will go up as well.

Shanghai airport canceled a large number of flights, the United States airlines also canceled a large number of flights, air transport prices rose sharply. DHL and other adjustments in the emergency situation surcharge (ESS), sellers cost another, “last year’s freight can only pay a down payment of Pingxiang, this year’s freight can pay a down payment of Guangzhou,” Amazon sellers helpless flirt.

In response to the port demurrage fee, the third-quarter earnings of these shipping companies have come out, each earning a lot of money. Peak season is often expensive freight logistics experience is poor, coupled with Amazon’s burst warehouse, the bunker is too serious, sellers screaming. A number of freight forwarders also said this year’s capital chain tension, advance pressure is unprecedented.

Shanghai airport canceled a lot of flights, air freight prices rose again

Monet learned that recently, a number of freight forwarders issued a notice that because the Fourth Fair will be held in Shanghai on November 5-10, East China Administration decided that Pudong does not allow new cargo package flight plans, and therefore canceled a large number of flights. In addition, according to the feedback of the East China Administration, due to the impact of the Shanghai Fair, no passenger to cargo flights will be approved before November 13.

Freight forwarders also sent a notice that, due to the impact of this, from November, mainland China and Hong Kong, all the air freight prices are going to skyrocket, it is likely to exceed the historical high point in May last year, has received several airlines price increase news, you sellers pay attention to adjust the shipping plan.

As all passenger-to-cargo flights are not approved before November 13, previously signed with the airline company’s passenger-to-cargo freight charter will face the risk of cancellation, a freight forwarder said, “From the current situation, the cancellation of flights on air transport is too big, not only will increase prices, but also cause a backlog of goods.”

This year’s logistics situation has not been very optimistic, sea prices soared, and the timeframe is not guaranteed, in addition to the sea, the railroad timeframe will also be delayed, and now, a large number of flights canceled, which led to the price of air transport is also soaring.

I interviewed a freight forwarder, the freight forwarder said: “Recently, the price of air transport has risen to fly, flight reduction, passenger to cargo cancellation. Now the U.S. line air transport prices have to eighty or ninety, some have exceeded 90 yuan/kg, express prices in the 80 yuan/kg or so.”

On the timeliness, he added: “Express words, there will be a row of warehouses, a row of flights, air transport words will appear to pull the goods and tail end of the delay.”

In fact, a number of freight forwarders have said that the recent air freight and express prices have been rising, from more than 60 before to more than 80 now.

Price increases + time delays, air freight has also fallen, and just in time for the peak season, if sellers urgently need to replenish goods, but also only high prices to go air freight. Previously, some industry insiders said that this year’s air freight prices are likely to exceed the historical high of May last year, that is, 110 yuan/kg, if the air freight price really reached 110 yuan/kg, perhaps sellers also dare not send air freight ……

I also interviewed a seller to do Amazon U.S. station, the seller said: “I ship generally take the sea and express, but mainly send express. Recently, the price of air freight has skyrocketed, the cost of sending express delivery has also increased significantly, but even if the cost becomes higher, we must send, can not break it ……”

Now it has come to the peak season, in order to catch up with the promotion, sellers need to replenish the goods, but also can only send express and air.

In addition, there are freight forwarders issued a notice saying that from November 12, the Hong Kong government requires all aircraft staff to be quarantined for 21 days, the cabin will only get less and less, this situation is expected to the end of November. In addition, the recent U.S. Customs Los Angeles port full overload, cargo will be transferred to air and express, will also cause time delays.

In addition to the cancellation of flights at Shanghai airport, U.S. airlines have also canceled a large number of flights. “Due to a large number of flight cancellations, it will therefore lead to some delays in airfreight timelines, and prices will also rise.” A number of freight forwarders said, it is understood that the U.S. local time on November 1, American Airlines announced that another 262 flights were canceled, accounting for 5% of the day’s planned operations; the day before that, that is, October 31, American Airlines said that 634 flights were canceled that day, accounting for more than 12% of the day’s total operations, since October 29, due to the weather problems faced and the shortage of personnel under the new crown epidemic Since Oct. 29, American Airlines has canceled 2,211 flights due to weather issues and staffing shortages in the wake of the New Crown outbreak. So the cheap sex doll can’t afford the shipping price anymore, and it will change its shipping methods. The price will go up.

Earlier, American Airlines said staffing shortages have hit the company hard, with the airline adding flights ahead of the peak holiday season but unable to find enough flight crews and flight attendants. Disruptions to the airline’s operations are still ongoing.