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  • 80CM Mei Anime Having Sex DollD24005 10
  • 80CM Mei Anime Having Sex DollOV27004 04
  • 80CM Nao Cosplay Anime DollsD24001 11
  • 68CM TPE Anime Sex Doll-USA In StockOVU15 05 01
  • 65CM Lovely A-Cup Mini Chloe Sex Doll05 D05001 01 1
  • 145CM Life Size Anime Manga Demon Slayer B Cup Sex Doll NezukoD23027 09
  • 88CM E-Cup Anime Sex DollD24006 03
  • 72CM ⭐Full Silicone⭐ Anime Sex Doll Stock In USAOV14022 05
  • 135CM  A-cup  Anime Sex Dolls Big EyesD23029 12
  • 80cm Anime Sex Doll Dollhouse168 E CupD17003 08
  • 68cm/88cm/98cm Cute Anime Sex Doll🔥hot🔥D15120 02
  • New Anime Sex Doll -Dollhouse168 80cmD30007 23
  • 128CM(4.20ft) Teen A-cup Love DollOVU10 0718
  • 100CM Small Breast Sex Doll -AibeiDollD14047 01
  • Anime Silicone Figure Vagina Sex ToyD02034 01
  • Anime Silicone Male Masturbator Hentai Sex DollD02033 01
  • Male Masturbator for Men Silicone Anime Sex DollD02032 01
  • Dollhouse168 80cm Shiori Anime Sex Doll G CupD17002 22
  • New Anime Sex Doll -Dollhouse168 80cmD30010 02
  • 80CM D-Cup Anime TPE Sex DollMesedoll D10014 07
  • Anime Sex Doll With Jelly Breasts Pocket PussyD02036 01
  • New Anime Sex Doll -Dollhouse168 80cmD30006 05
  • 155CM H Cup Anime Sex DollD23021 01
  • 80CM Little Strawberry E-cup Sex DollD24020 03
  • Anime Hentai Figure Big Tits Sex Girl Adult Doll 2.2lbD02043 01
  • 158cm D Cup Elf Ears Big Breast Sex Doll American SpotOV14009 21
  • 135CM A Cup Teen Manga Character Sex DollD23008 08
  • New Anime Sex Doll -Dollhouse168 80cmD30009 33
  • 135CM A Cup Sex Doll-AnimeD23002 11
  • 135CM Anime Dolls-A CupD23013 01
  • 135CM A Cup Anime DollsD23012 01
  • 135CM A Cup Teen Anime Sex DollsD23007 11
  • 145CM D Cup Anime Sex DollD23022 09
  • 80CM Mui Ne Life Size Anime FigureD24002 07
  • J55CM Anime Flat Chest Sex Doll EudoraD43030 22
  • Japanese Sex Doll Silicone Masturbator Figure 2.2 lbD02041 01
  • Masturbator Anime Sex Doll For Men 3D Silicone 2.8 lbD02038 02
  • 145cm Anime Sex Doll Dollhouse168D30001 05
  • 135CM A Cup Cute Elf Sex DollD23006 04
  • J58CM Big Breasts Blue Eyes Anime Sex Doll BoboD43032 04
  • 60CM Full Silicone Silver Hair Student Mini Sex DollD41112 02
  • 60CM High Quality Full Silicone Maid Mini Sex DollD41114 05
  • 60cm Sex Doll Vinyl Head Silicone Body Pole DancerD43021 01
  • 80CM Sena Blonde And Big Breasts Cosplay Anime DollsD24018 04
  • Japanese Love Doll Anime Pocket Pussy Silicone Masturbator 2.3 lbD02040 01
  • Silicone Anime Sex Doll 80cm+100cm-Dollhouse168D30011 05
  • Dollhouse168 80cm Nao Anime Sex Doll Elf Style-G CupD17001 01
  • 135CM A Cup Cheapest Anime Sex DollD23014 05
  • 135CM Anime Sex Dolls A CupD23005 11
  • 135CM A Cup Cosplay Anime Sex ToysD23004 06
  • 135CM Sex Doll Anime A CupD23001 02
  • 155CM H Cup Life Size Anime FigureD23025 11
  • 80CM Chizuru Cartoon Sex DollD24003 08
  • J55CM Sex Doll Sally Silicone Body Vinyl HeadD43029 02
  • 126CM COS Makeup Silicone-Headed Anime Sex DollD41111 05
  • 60CM Anime Sailor Moon Sex Doll Silicone Body Vinyl HeadD43025 12
  • 60CM Maid Anime Sex Doll Silicone Body Vinyl HeadD43022 20
  • 60CM Mini Long Ear Silicone Sex DollD43014 21
  • 138CM(4.52ft) A-Cup Anime Sex DollD41095 07
  • 80CM(2.62ft) Kawaii Anime Sex DollOV30020 13
  • 145CM Tongue-Sticking Zombie Anime Sex DollD30014 07
  • 116CM C-CUP Elf  Love DollD10021 24
  • 155CM Anime Sex Doll Silver White Short HairD23030 08
  • Silicone Big Breast Sex Doll Vagina Pocket PussyD02035 01
  • Anime Sex Doll with Silicone Head 80cm+100cm-Dollhouse168D30013 15
  • Silicone Head Anime Custom Sex Doll 80cm+100cm-Dollhouse168D30012 15
  • New Anime Sex Doll -Dollhouse168 80cmD30008 04
  • 135CM A Cup Kawaii Anime Sex DollD23003 05
  • 145CM Anime Sex Doll D CupD23023 06
  • 155CM F-Cup Anime Sex Doll-Black AngelD23017 06
  • 155CM F-Cup Anime Manga Character Sex DollD23016 09
  • 155CM F-Cup Breat Best Anime TPE Love DollD23015 04
  • Nishino Lisi - 168CM G-Cup TPE Love DollQitadoll D08040 06
  • 170CM E-Cup TPE Lifelike Anime Sex DollQitadoll D08029 01
  • 157cm Cosplay Red Hair Sex Doll - SophieminaD47048 08
  • 159cm League of Legends Cosplay A-cup Jinx Sex DollD47044 27
  • 155cm Blue Hair GameLady Sex Doll – LexieD47033 28
  • 155CM League of Legends Agony’s Embrace Evelynn Sex DollD47030 11
  • J60cm H-cup Suntan Anime Sex Doll | MaureenD43035 11
  • J60cm Anime Sex Doll | NagisaD43057 06
  • J85CM B Cute Realistic Silicone Anime Sex Doll | ReynaD43061 13
  • J85CM S Cute Japanese Cartoon Sex Doll | YuiD43060 04
  • J85CM S A-cup Anime Sex Doll NazukiD43059 03
  • 100cm Flat Chest Full Silicone Anime Sex DollD30015 18
  • Out Of Stock
    80CM Tifa Lockhart Silicone Sex Doll Final Fantasy VIID44001 01
  • 60CM Sex Doll Zella Silicone Body Vinyl HeadD43028 18
  • 60CM Pink Anime Sex Doll Silicone Body Vinyl HeadD43027 09
  • 60CM Naughty Anime Sex Doll Silicone Body Vinyl HeadD43026 04
  • 60CM Ligh Mini Sex Doll Silicone Body Vinyl HeadD43024 12
  • 60CM Sweetheart Mini Sex Doll Silicone Body Vinyl HeadD43023 03
  • 138CM Teen Small Breast Japanese Sex DollD41096 07
  • 158CM Small Breasted Cat Sex Doll  -Stock In USAOV30015 04
  • 80CM Sia E-Cup Long Hair Anime Sex DollD24019 02
  • Anime Adult Sex Doll Hentai Silicone Masturbator 1.7 lbD02042 01
  • Silicone Anime Onaholes Male Sex Doll 1.4 lbD02039 01
  • Anime Figurine Masturbator For Men 2.2 lbD02037 01
  • 135CM Manga Character Sex Doll-A CupD23011 05
  • 135CM Life Size Anime Figure Doll A CupD23010 02
  • 145CM B Cup Anime Sex DollD23028 09
  • 145CM B Cup Life Size Anime FigureD23026 02
  • 155CM Anime Sex Doll-H CupD23020 01
  • 155CM F-Cup Breat Best Anime TPE Love DollD23019 06
  • 155CM Anime Sex Doll-F-CupD23018 11
  • 148CM Best Anime TPE Love DollMesedoll D10013 01
  • Nishino Lisi - 168CM TPE G-Cup Love DollQitadoll D08039 04
  • Nishino Lisi - 168CM TPE G-Cup Sex DollQitadoll D08038 03
  • Xiaoran - 158CM Big Tits G-Cup TPE Love DollQitadoll D08010 04
  • Nangong - 100CM TPE Custom Sex DollQitadoll D08004 01

Factory Pictures of Some Anime Sex Dolls

What is an anime sex doll?

Anime refers to hand-drawn and computer animation originating from Japan. In Japan and the Japanese language, “anime” (a term derived from the English word “animation”) describes all animated works, regardless of style or origin. However, outside Japan and in English, “anime” specifically refers to Japanese animation.

Anime sex dolls are a form of lifelike representation of beautiful women created by various manga artists. They embody the physical features of the attractive women depicted in manga, including body proportions, eyes, and ample busts, eliminating the need for self-pleasure while watching anime. Let this anime sex doll accompany you, as she can fulfill all your desires.

Key Features of Anime Sex Dolls:

Eyes: The most significant difference between anime sex dolls and other types lies in the eyes. Anime dolls have large, round, bright eyes with various beautiful colors. The artists put considerable effort into creating these eyes, making them vibrant and visually appealing from multiple angles. Unlike 2D animations, where you can’t see a character’s eyes from different perspectives, anime sex doll capture the beauty and aesthetics from various angles.

Body: The bodies of manga character sex doll differ from conventional ones. To replicate the same body sensations as depicted in anime, artists design unique body styles for each character. Through subtle adjustments, the appearance of anime sex dolls becomes more perfect, aligning with the feelings of every anime enthusiast. This allows you to embrace and caress them just like in the manga, making them qualified as true representations of anime sex dolls.

Types of Anime Sex Dolls:

Anime sex dolls can be classified based on appearance, style, and characteristics. Here are some main categories:

Lolita Anime Sex Dolls:

These are petite and cute dolls based on girls in pre-adolescence, adolescence, or post-adolescence in manga. Despite their appearance resembling cute girls from anime stories, these dolls have larger busts and buttocks, primarily designed for sexual activities.

Catgirl Anime Sex Dolls:

These elf sex doll feature anime girls with cat ears. These adorable sex dolls have voluptuous breasts and buttocks, along with distinctive features like cat ears and whiskers.

Busty Fantasy Sex Dolls:

These cartoon sex doll have massive breasts, catering to males fascinated by voluptuous chests. They exhibit eye-catching figures, such as basketball-sized or watermelon-sized breasts.

Anime Sex Dolls with Different Hair Colors:

Yellow hair symbolizes popular and sexy anime girls.

Green hair represents intelligent, friendly, and cute anime characters.

Orange signifies optimism and loyalty.

Red-haired anime girls portray confident and passionately loving personas.

Online Game Female Character Sex Dolls:

These dolls are designed based on various female characters in online games, making fantasy female character sex dolls a popular topic in the industry.

Why are anime sex dolls so popular?

The biggest distinction between anime sex dolls and other types of sex dolls lies in the face. The facial features of anime sex dolls do not exist in real life.

According to our research, while real-life appearances can elicit desire, the beautiful faces and glowing big eyes depicted in anime generate even more desire for many people. As a result, we started selling anime dolls. This category includes sex dolls based on characters from Japanese anime, game characters, movie characters, and more. In the future, we will add more types of anime sex dolls for customers to choose from. You are sure to find your favorite one.

Features of Anime Sex Dolls:

Anime sex dolls offer more than just sexual satisfaction. If you only see the purpose of sex dolls as fulfilling sexual desires, you are misunderstanding their diversity. In reality, these sex dolls have many other surprising features. Let me introduce you to the exciting experiences these sex dolls can bring, beyond just sexual pleasure.

Firstly, sex dolls are often designed to be aesthetically pleasing, with cute or sexy appearances, making them valuable collectibles. Having an anime sex doll can satisfy not only sexual desires but also serve as a unique and charming addition to personal space.

Secondly, these sex dolls also come with photography features. Anime sex dolls are typically designed with highly adjustable joints, allowing them to pose in various positions and providing users with a more flexible interactive experience. Due to their exquisite appearance and unique styling, many users enjoy capturing the beautiful moments of these sex dolls with a camera. This is not just for documentation but also for sharing and showcasing, allowing people to appreciate and convey the beauty of sex dolls through the art of photography.

Popular Anime Sex Dolls from HYDOLL:

HYDOLL offers over 3000 types of sex dolls, and anime sex dolls are particularly popular among the public. To ensure that you enjoy the highest quality products and the best service, we have established close partnerships with official brands such as Climax Doll and Castle Doll. All products are sourced through official channels, ensuring the origin and quality of the products. You can shop with confidence, as our prices are fair and transparent, and we offer various promotional discounts, providing you with a worthwhile consumer experience.

Customize Your Exclusive Anime Sex Doll at HYDOLL:

Makeup Customization:

Provide a variety of makeup styles, including sweet, mature, fresh, etc.

Adjust makeup details such as eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick according to customers’ personalized preferences.

Hairstyle Customization:

Offer a rich hairstyle library, covering long hair, short hair, straight hair, curly hair, etc.

Customers can choose hair color and adjust hairstyle length and layers according to personal preferences.

Skin Color Customization:

Provide multiple skin color options, including natural, white, purple, green skin, etc.

Support personalized adjustments to meet specific appearance requirements for anime sex dolls.

Material Customization:

Use high-quality silicone or TPE materials to ensure a realistic touch.

Choose different material textures, such as softness, elasticity, etc., to meet customers’ varying preferences for touch.

HYDOLL is committed to creating a fantasy sex doll with both unique appearance and inner personality, meeting each customer’s expectations for an ideal companion.