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Are sex dolls waterproof?


When it comes to sex dolls, people always have questions. Are they safe? How realistic are they? Will a sex doll replace my relationship? They’re not illegal, right? But one of the most common questions we get at *Dolls Club* is “Are they waterproof?” After all, everyone wants to know if they can take their new friend into the bathroom with them. We’ll answer this question and more below—so let’s dive right in!

The dolls are waterproof, but it’s not recommended to immerse them in the water

The dolls are designed to be used in water so that they can be cleaned more easily, but if you submerge them underwater for long periods of time then their internal parts will rust and corrode. This can negatively impact the experience that you have with your doll as they rust over time and need to be replaced.

If you want to use your doll on a regular basis, then it’s better not to let them get wet at all because this can cause damage over time and lead t o issues with functionality and performance which may no longer work properly after being submerged in water too many times

Because there are many accessories in the doll’s head and body, some dolls can be washed with water.

  • You can clean the doll’s head and body with water.
  • If the doll’s body or head is removable, it is not waterproof.

Some accessories, such as makeup and hair, will fade after being wet.

You should be careful with accessories such as makeup and hair, as they will fade after being wet. You can clean the doll by hand or in a washing machine on a gentle cycle, but avoid getting water into the openings where electronic parts are located.

After cleaning your sex doll, be sure to dry her thoroughly with a towel to prevent mold from growing inside.

If you need to clean the doll with water, please wipe it dry with a towel after cleaning.

  • Wipe the doll with a damp cloth.
  • Make sure that you are using only mild soaps and not body washes, which can damage the silicone skin of your doll.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners on any part of your doll, as they will scratch off some of the paint and take away from its appearance over time.

You can take convenient and fast showers with your love doll or boost quality time by showering together.

The best way to clean your love doll after use is to take a shower with her. A shower can be an exciting and sensual experience for both of you, but it will also help keep your doll clean. It’s recommended that you use a gentle shower gel or soap to wash the doll. After cleaning her body, wipe off any excess water from her body with a soft towel before drying it with a hair dryer on low heat.


Most dolls can withstand getting wet to a certain extent. I would however advise that you do not submerge your doll in water. This will damage the structure of the doll and lead to mold growth.