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The necessity of owning below 100cm/3.28ft sex doll

Portability: petite sex dolls are easier to move and transport, which is great for people who want to hide a doll or who travel a lot.

Affordability: Sex dolls under 100cm may be more affordable than larger dolls, making them accessible to more people. Below 100cm/3.28ft sex dolls may also be some torso sex dolls, but they all have the same benefits.

Discreet: tiny sex dolls are easier to hide or store carefully, which may be important to those concerned about privacy.

Reality: While mini love dolls may not have the same level of realism as larger sex dolls, they can still provide a satisfying sexual experience for some people.

HYDOLL store has many sex dolls of different heights for you to choose

This is our precise height classification

If you already have a specific height you want to buy, you can find it from the following categories
105cm Sex Doll 丨 107cm Sex Doll 丨 110cm Sex Doll122cm Sex Doll 丨 125cm Sex Doll 丨 128cm Sex Doll

132cm Sex Doll 丨 135cm Sex Doll 丨 138cm Sex Doll 丨 140cm Sex Doll 丨 145cm Sex Doll 丨 148cm Sex Doll

150cm Sex Doll 丨 155cm Sex Doll 丨 153cm Sex Doll 丨154cm Sex Doll 丨 156cm Sex Doll 丨 157cm Sex Doll

158cm Sex Doll 丨 159cm Sex Doll 丨 162cm Sex Doll 丨163cm Sex Doll 丨 165cm Sex Doll 丨 166cm Sex Doll

167cm Sex Doll 丨 168cm Se Doll 丨 170cm Sex Doll 丨 171cm Sex Doll 丨 172cm Sex Doll 丨 173cm Sex Doll