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  • 75CM Cheap Sex Doll TorsoT05003 02
  • TPE Sex Doll Torso

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  • 80CM D-Cup Anime TPE Sex DollMesedoll D10014 07
  • 80CM Nao Cosplay Anime DollsD24001 11
  • 80CM Mui Ne Life Size Anime FigureD24002 07
  • 80CM Chizuru Cartoon Sex DollD24003 08
  • 80CM Mei Anime Having Sex DollD24005 10
  • 88CM E-Cup Anime Sex DollD24006 03
  • 3D TPE Sex Doll Torso-Stock In USAOV24A1 Medium 09
  • Sex Doll Body TPE Torso-Stock In USAOV24T4 Natural 01
  • Dollhouse168 80cm Nao Anime Sex Doll Elf Style-G CupD17001 01
  • Dollhouse168 80cm Shiori Anime Sex Doll G CupD17002 22
  • 80cm Anime Sex Doll Dollhouse168 E CupD17003 08
  • 68CM Lifelike A-Cup Lovely Mini Sex DollD15052 03
  • 98CM Lifelike Lovely Mini Sex Doll-D CupD15064 12
  • 98CM Lifelike A-Cup Lovely Mini Sex DollD15067 07 1
  • New Anime Sex Doll -Dollhouse168 80cmD30006 05
  • New Anime Sex Doll -Dollhouse168 80cmD30007 23
  • New Anime Sex Doll -Dollhouse168 80cmD30008 04
  • New Anime Sex Doll -Dollhouse168 80cmD30009 33
  • New Anime Sex Doll -Dollhouse168 80cmD30010 02
  • Small Butt,sex Doll TorsoT32005 01
  • Teen Half Body Sex Doll Torso-USA in StockOVU20 04 05
  • Teen Half Body Sex Doll Torso-USA in StockOVU20 06 03
  • TPE Portable Small Torso Sex Doll 80x30x24cm-Stock In USAOVU07 05 05
  • Silicone Anime Sex Doll 80cm+100cm-Dollhouse168D30011 05
  • Silicone Head Anime Custom Sex Doll 80cm+100cm-Dollhouse168D30012 15
  • Anime Sex Doll with Silicone Head 80cm+100cm-Dollhouse168D30013 15
  • Torso Sex Doll TPE Big Butt -Stock In USAOV24A4 Medium 01
  • Climax Realistic Sex Doll Torso-Stock In USAOV24A4 Natural 01
  • Male Masturbator for Men Silicone Anime Sex DollD02032 01
  • Anime Silicone Male Masturbator Hentai Sex DollD02033 01
  • Anime Silicone Figure Vagina Sex ToyD02034 01
  • Silicone Big Breast Sex Doll Vagina Pocket PussyD02035 01
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The necessity of owning below 100cm/3.28ft sex doll

Portability: petite sex dolls are easier to move and transport, which is great for people who want to hide a doll or who travel a lot.

Affordability: Sex dolls under 100cm may be more affordable than larger dolls, making them accessible to more people. Below 100cm/3.28ft sex dolls may also be some torso sex dolls, but they all have the same benefits.

Discreet: tiny sex dolls are easier to hide or store carefully, which may be important to those concerned about privacy.

Reality: While mini love dolls may not have the same level of realism as larger sex dolls, they can still provide a satisfying sexual experience for some people.

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