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Best possible positions to experiment with your doll

The most effective sex poses to test with your doll will depend on your own personal preferences. Here are some suggestions that you could try to maximize that authentic feel.

From behind

Turn your sexy doll to the side on tables or beds. They must be bent in the waist naturally. This is a great position for anal or vaginal penetration. You can even dress your sexy doll in heels to show off her bottom. This position can be done either in or out of the bedroom. Check her out by placing her on the sofa or in the chair. Be sure not to cut or scratch the fabric.

On the other side of the wall

If you love being able to have sex in a standing position it’s possible to do this along with your sexually active doll. The main benefit is that they’re light. The cheap sex doll‘s arms are spread on the wall to keep her posture. Lean one of her legs up to make it easier to penetrate and allow for a real grasp. It is possible to penetrate deeper in this position.


Spooning is an intimate position to play with your doll. It’s best for heavier sexually active dolls when you don’t wish to carry them around. One of the primary benefits that this pose offers is the body warmth. It is possible to get your doll warm up ahead of time and the heat generated by your body will give you an authentic warm sensation. Move her legs forward to 45 degrees, then relax and relax.

Doggy style

Let your doll rest on her knees for a sensual model. Place her arms slightly higher than her head in order to keep her equilibrium. Once you’re done your work, try straightening the doll back into her usual posture. So you can avoid any permanent damage. Doggy looks are ideal for those who are an a** man or are fond of spanking.


There’s a reason why it’s an old-fashioned. If you like being face-to-face with your sexy doll, you could play missionary. You’ll be able kiss her real face and have a better image of her tummy. The majority of sex dolls are capable of bending their legs upwards if they like.

It’s clear that, there are many ways to have fun with your sexy doll. It’s essential to do some preliminary research to find the perfect sexuality doll to suit your needs. There are many options available to give you the most authentic experience based on your needs in real life.

In the end, the answer is that sex using a sex doll is a lot as real. Thanks to advances in manufacturing and technology real-looking anime sex dolls have become more attractive than they ever were. They can be heated to give them a more natural look and, with the right fashions and accessories, you are able to outfit them in the way you’d would like. Whatever you pick it’s recommended to buy a high-quality product for the most realistic experience.