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You Need to Know About Sex Dolls

Regardless of whether you have bought a sex doll, or you are planning to buy a cheap sex doll, you may be looking for all the information about sex dolls everywhere to provide a reference for your purchase decision.Being a sex doll owner is definitely a big decision. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you know all the necessary information that you need before you buy one. This includes choosing, owning, and maintaining your sex doll. Fortunately, this guide will help you introduce yourself to the amazing world of sex dolls.

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By any means, love dolls or sex doll owners are not an exclusive group. Instead, there are individuals who are open-minded about doll intimacy, ownership, and relationship. 

Contrary to what the society is portraying sex dolls to be, there is nothing shady or shameful about having sex with a doll. It is important to note that your sexual preferences do not need to be broadcast publicly. More importantly, sexual preference does not have to be validated by anyone but yourself. 

Some me, women, and even couples choose to become sex doll owners due to genuine curiosity. Most of them also have a sex drive higher than the average. Moreover, some people buy sex dolls due to fetish predilection.

With all that said, sex doll ownership is something unique, which is one of the many reasons why people choose to buy one.

Below is everything you need to know about sex dolls:

Who Owns Sex Dolls

Most people think that only men buy and own sex dolls. However, the reality is these ultra-realistic dolls are meant for everyone who has an interest in them. 

In addition, dolls are available in all types, genders, and styles that would fit your preferences. So, drop the misconception that sex dolls are made only to satisfy the pleasure of men. The truth is there are also sex dolls that are made in with male build. Such dolls are specifically for women who are curious about the benefits of sex, gratification, and pleasure.


When choosing the sex doll that you are going to buy, you need to learn about the materials that are used in building them. In addition, you also need to be aware of the production process of the sex doll manufacturer where you are getting your doll from. 

Knowing the materials used for the sex doll that you are eyeing to buy would help you know the proper care that you need to do in the long run. 

Owning A Sex Doll

There is no doubt that there are a lot of beautiful and amazing sex dolls in the market. In fact, most of the dolls now look so realistic. For this reason, you will sometimes need some guidance with regards to finding the perfect sex doll for you. You will also need guidance as to how you need to take care of your doll once you have already bought it. 

It is worth noting that care, storage, and maintenance are the most important factors to consider if you want to make sure that your doll will keep its structural integrity for a long time. 

Men Who Own Sex Dolls

Some men who are planning to buy sex dolls think twice because they are afraid of being labeled as a pervert. In addition, society has always stereotyped sex doll owners as men who have dirty minds. 

However, the reality is that men who own sex dolls are far from being perverts. Instead, most of them are just curious or had their curiosity awakened after exploring what they could use as alternatives to masturbation. Some men began their sexual exploration by buying an anatomically correct partial body masturbator, or a handheld cylindrical stroker. On the other hand, there are men who are looking for a sexual experience that is as close as possible to having sex with a real human. For these men, only a state-of-the-art sex doll could provide them the satisfaction that they are looking for.

Female Ownership

True enough, the male species dominate 100cm sex doll ownership. But that does not mean that women cannot buy and own sex dolls. Women who are in touch with their sexual desires and sexuality often opt for discreet sex toys such as dildos and vibrators. There are also women who are no longer satisfied with their partners. For this reason, they tend to look for something that could bring them the sexual gratification that they are looking for.

Open-minded women are now leading the way forward into the sexual empowerment of their own gender. Women like these are more than willing to embrace the idea of intimacy through the use of hyper-realistic male sex dolls. 

Couples Who Own Sex Dolls

Many couples– in every possible variable– are now open to experimenting inside their bedroom. Most of them enjoy more sexual benefits than single individuals. Those couples, whose both partners are willing to engage in a threesome often do so by playing with a sex doll.

In addition, sex dolls can help address the issue of sexual imbalance within a relationship. It can also bring mutual benefits to a couple. For instance, when a partner with a lower sex drive allows his or her lover to enjoy playing with a sex doll, their intimate relationship could go much deeper than it already is.

Renting A Sex Doll

Unfortunately, there are people who are open to having a sex doll but cannot buy their own. But the good thing is there are now sex doll brothels that offer a different kind of sexual service for men who want to try having sex with a sex doll. 

Apart from those men who want to try sex dolls but cannot buy their own, renting a doll is also a great idea for men who face restrictions in exploring their sexual interests at home. Such an alternative brings them instant access to the world of sexual fantasy, without fearing that they might be judged by the people around them.

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Interview With HYDOLL Sex Doll Owner

We recently spoke to sex a doll owner, who chose to remain anonymous. We asked one simple question: Why do you have a sex doll and does the stigma not bother you?

“There’s a lot of keyboard warriors out there… I shrug it off pretty easily to be honest, but I do wish they had a little better understanding and knew a little more about sex dolls before expressing their thoughts. People have their own opinion, that’s fair enough, but they can really get it wrong when they cast judgement over doll owners…

I personally have nothing but admiration for the human form in all shapes and sizes… I don’t view dolls necessarily as a way to objectify humans, they are a celebration of the human form. All this talk of love doll objectifying women just isn’t true… Is a dildo an objectification of a man? I’d say the argument is pretty strong, I mean, you take a whole man, a throw away everything except his cock, and you’ve got a dildo… If Anime Sex Doll  are objectification, then what’s a dildo? I just think people like stirring things up sometimes, trying to get attention.

I can’t speak for everyone who owns a doll, but I can talk from my own perspective. And what I notice is that lots of people don’t realise how much we really humanise our dolls. We give them them names, personalities and feelings. Some even give them social media accounts and their own bedroom in the house… Our dolls talk, live and breathe through our imagination, it’s role play in a way, role play that helps us feel connected.


I honestly believe that the criticism that’s thrown around actually comes from a lack of understanding. Assumptions are made, and they’re often just not accurate. I don’t want to sound too “out-there”, but some of us actually develop genuine feelings towards our dolls. They become more that just their material parts, it’s difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t owned a doll before, but the whole experience is really quite incredible.

I actually helped a good friend of mine last year, by recommending him a sex doll. It may sound unusual, but he was going through a difficult time in his life and I knew from my own experience how much my doll helped me when I was going through a rough patch. I bite the bullet and told him about it…We spoke for hours, the next day he went online and ordered his new companion. I made sure he went to the right place, there are lots of dodgy companies out there, but there are some genuinely amazing companies out there that are committed to helping people like us. HYDOLL for example, were amazing when I bought my first doll. I had support throughout the whole process, which is admittedly a bit scary at first…

My friend ended up thanking me months later, telling me how much his doll was helping him through it all… people don’t realise that dolls can be a stepping-stone to healing and re-connecting.

I know it’s not for everyone, but if people understood that they are not always just for masturbatory purposes (which by the way is nothing to be ashamed of and is completely natural) and knew some of the other reasons people turn to sex dolls, perhaps there wouldn’t be a stigma attached at all. Connection, after all, is easier for some more than others. Why would you stigmatise a human for simply having a desire for connection?”

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Silicone Sex Dolls as Baseball Supporters

Yes, Those Were Sex Dolls Cheering On a South Korean Soccer Team

C Seoul wanted to add a little festivity to an empty stadium. Instead, it’s apologizing to fans.

SEOUL, South Korea — As a handful of the world’s sports leagues inch back to life, they have sought ways to maintain a bit of the old pre-pandemic festivity in stadiums devoid of spectators.

One popular choice, from Germany’s top soccer league to professional baseball in Taiwan, has been to replace fans with figures that are not subject to social distancing rules: cardboard cutouts depicting hometown supporters holding signs or smiling.

Over the weekend, a soccer team in South Korea opted to fill seats with something a little more lifelike — to its deep embarrassment.

The club FC Seoul apologized on Monday after what it believed were ordinary mannequins — quickly recognized by many fans as lifelike sex dolls — were placed in the stands for a match against Gwangju FC.

Lifelike Sex Dolls

Some on social media noted the telltale signs, like the business logos for love doll marketers on the dolls’ clothing, or their strikingly buxom physiques. Of the roughly two dozen dolls in the stands, nearly all were women.

“We had tried to add some fun in the no-spectator match,” FC Seoul said in a statement. “But we have not checked all the details, and that is clearly our fault.”

The incident was a blemish for the K League, the top professional soccer league in South Korea. After a 100cm sex doll weekslong delay, it resumed play on May 8, as the country relaxes more restrictions imposed to fight the coronavirus.

It won global attention as one of the first major soccer leagues to retake the field. A dozen foreign broadcasters have bought rights for the season, eager to show games to fans starved for sports.

On Monday, the spotlight was an uneasy one. The Instagram page of FC Seoul was filled with messages from fans outraged that the club had failed to notice that the mannequins were “so obviously” mini sex doll. Some derided the team’s management as clueless and lamented the global humiliation that had been brought on it.

It won global attention as one of the first major soccer leagues to retake the field. A dozen foreign broadcasters have bought rights for the season, eager to show games to fans starved for sports.

On Monday, the spotlight was an uneasy one. The Instagram page of FC Seoul was filled with messages from fans outraged that the club had failed to notice that the mannequins were “so obviously” mini sex doll. Some derided the team’s management as clueless and lamented the global humiliation that had been brought on it.

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How Silicone Love Doll Apply Artificial Intelligence?

What is an artificial intelligence sex doll?

In most scenarios, Artificial Intelligence is not provided to clients as a personal application. Contrary, the products you are using will be improved with AI capabilities. This is the same as Siri which was improved as a new application for new Apple products.

Artificial intelligence is the emerging technology that simulates human intelligence into machines. These machines through programming act and think like normal human beings. AI is applied and commonly refers to any sought of programmed machine that can be able to exhibit characteristics associated with problem-solving and learning. This is the same way a human mind works.

An artificial intelligence robot sex doll is a love doll toy with improved AI capabilities. They are designed to provide extra pleasure to you. New uniquely designed sex dolls are driven by AI with self-awareness capabilities. They are not only wonderful and exceptional sex partners but are also great companions 24/7. Most sex doll lovers like to have sex dolls with certain personality traits, and with the aid of AI tech, you can have the sex doll you have always dreamed of. Currently, there are places around the globe with fully designed AI sex dolls.

Smart Sensors

AI-designed sex dolls have smart body sensors that react to your touch with ease. By touching her perfectly positioned body sensors, she will react with a smooth tone and also moan in relation to the excitement levels she is set up at. These smart sex sensors are found around the arms, vagina, and breast areas. They react the same way a normal woman would when aroused.

Speaking Ability

An AI-propelled sex doll has an interactive voice system that allows her to communicate. She can be able to talk with you well and can hold both sexual and non-sexual conversations. The AI technology makes it possible for the sex doll to learn more about you while you interact with her. She can turn her head when agreeing and disagreeing to your opinions.

Simulated Body Temperature

AI technology has made it possible for sex dolls to be warmed up to 37 degrees Celsius to fit the normal temperature of a woman.

Safety challenges evident with electric heat systems, have allowed for the emergence of battery-powered sex dolls. These sex dolls only need to be slightly super-heated to reach the normal temperature of a human being. Our engineering team has conducted various tests to ensure our electrically powered sex dolls are 100% certified. Only a fully integrated heating system like this can guarantee your sex dolls reaches normal body temperatures.

There is no other system with the ability to allow direct switching on the heating function. The system also turns off automatically when the desired body temperature is reached. This means you can turn the heating before embarking on a house chore and will be ready when you are finished with work.

A Realistic Vagina

Meghan’s vagina is similar and feels cheap sex doll like that of a normal woman. The vagina is uniquely designed to detail. From the two-way vagina channel with a small bump of vaginal walls to the g-spot, you will get the most realistic feeling by hanging out with Meghan.

A recent survey conducted in the U.S.A found out that 67% of men aged between 20 and 60 were open to having sex with sex dolls. These robots are ideal for people not seeking relationships and loners. It’s not confirmed whether sex robots can help curb sexual abuses among women.

Having Sex with a Sex Robot

Asia, in particular, is popular for having sex doll brothels. mini sex doll prostitution might soon become the next phase of human sex development.

However, scientists have constantly warned of the negative impacts AI impacts on humans. It has from time to time been linked to heinous crimes like rape and pedophilia. Some sex dolls available in the market have a negative submissive trait that may encourage the rise of rape cases.

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You Mast Know Best Selling Silicone Love Dolls

Whether you are into young girl-next-door types, or BBW you can find the sex doll to suit your tastes.  Our silicone lovers are here to serve your every need and fantasy.  With extremely realistic features, you’ll enjoy not only how they look, but also how they feel.  This brunette will service your every desire and when playtime is over, storage is easy and discrete.  Limber, petite, and always ready to go, just look  into those eyes and you’ll wonder why you waited this long. 

hydoll silicone lover

Everybody loves a redhead, and these silicone lovers are no exception.  With fiery locks of red hair, supple, perfect skin, firm breasts and hard nipples, you can get lost in playtime for hours.  Fully poseable with full articulation, there are so many combinations to choose from that will make your sex doll one of a kind.  With different eye colors, wigs, accessories, and even options to warm their bodies, HYDOLL silicone sex doll lovers are incredibly lifelike and your body will  be eager to responding to their enticing charms. Order your sex doll to fit your preferences, from breast size, firm or soft and natural, tight, or incredibly curvy, you will enjoy every moment with them.

Best Sex Dolls

BBW sex doll are a lot of fun and this model is no exception.  Fully customizable with a variety of hair colors–blonde, brunette, redhead, exotic–and a variety of heights, cup sizes, and even skin tones, you can find the silicon lover that gets you hot and bothered.  With soft, inviting lips, tight removable vaginas that are designed to stimulate your body and take a pounding again and again, these sex dolls are incredibly realistic.  Spice up your sex life by adding a cheap sex doll to your repertoire. 

With so many combinations to choose from, you can make your sex doll your own.  Build her with that porcelain skin, exotic look, and long flowing hair like the girl from your dreams.  With full breasts, a tight body, and pouting lips, these silicone lovers feel just like the real thing.  Build more like a sculpture than the sex dolls of the last generation, you can even outfit them with accessories to make them even more exciting.  From wigs and outfits that play up that sporty look, to lingerie and fetish gear that will take you to other realms of fantasy, you’ll love your purchase.

The best thing about building your own love doll is you are in control of every aspect of your silicone lover’s creation.  From her height, body time, skin tone, hair color, and breast size, there are so many combinations to choose from that the variety is nearly limitless.  From tanned California Girl to wavy haired brunette, Asian, black, or even fantasy elf or vampire dolls, the object of your desires is ready to fulfill your fantasy.  With fully articulated limbs, real feel silicone skin, and realistic details you won’t believe how easy it will be to satisfy your cravings once you’ve met these dolls.

 lifelike sex dolls are more than a sex toy.  Once you add personality as you customize your silicone lover, from hair color, breast size, details such as eye color, skeletal structure, and even vaginal tightness, your sex doll becomes your silicone lover.  These llifelike sex dolls look and feel like real humans.  For quiet companionship or hard core sex play, they don’t judge, they don’t complain, and they won’t steal your french fries–unless you are into that.  Just one touch and you’ll see how these silicone lovers are a cut above the competition.

Everyone has a favorite type, and what may seem to be unobtainable in a world of shallow conversations, endless swiping on apps, vapid conversations, and frustrating encounters, your silicone lover can satiate any of your desires and make your fantasies come true.  If you are interested in athletic and toned, or tiny waif-like bodies, young, mature, and all points in between, we have exactly what you are looking for in a silicone lover.  Act out your strangest fantasy or your most mundane afternoon, either way what you do with your sex doll is up to you and always in your control.


The Comments on Sex Doll Torso

Nowadays, many people buy Sex Dolls online, because it is a very private thing, and no one wants people to know that they have a feeling about this kind of goods. So many people choose not to leave their comments. That makes us more curious about the comments on the sex doll torso.

I’d like to share with you some of the comments I’ve received from people who bought Sex Doll Torso.

Let’s See The Comments on Sex Doll Torso.

Even the torso weighs 25kg, but if it had arms and legs, I would not have been able to handle it.
I thought she had a nice body, but the position of her breasts, vagina and other parts were slightly different from humans.
Her breasts also didn’t feel very soft, almost like they were taut before her period.
Nevertheless, it was pleasant to be able to touch and kiss her breasts without relying on my imagination.
Some buyers said.

As I’ve written in the past, the first time I saw and touched a love doll at a silicone art showroom, my impression was “it’s a giant Kinnikuman eraser.

The first time I saw and touched a Mini Sex Doll at a Silicon Art showroom, my first thought was, “That’s a giant Kinnikuman eraser.

The silicone was a lot clingier than I thought it would be, the joints were tight, and I even felt like I was in rigor mortis when I laid him down.

But it was so beautiful that it didn’t matter.

It didn’t matter if I couldn’t use it in practice, it was worth 2000 just to have it on display. That’s how I felt.

At the time, I had never even seriously considered my own sexual preferences, so I just impulsively picked up the girl I saw at the time, but since then, I’ve been making more and more requests, such as “I’d like smaller breasts,” “More moderate breeding,” “More grip,” and so on.

Compared to that time, it has evolved too much, and the current situation where manufacturers are all over the place is almost like heaven for me.

For those of you who have decided to pick up a product after seeing such a frenzy of excitement, you may feel that it is not as good as you expected.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that the characteristics of each manufacturer are really quite different, so even if your first love doll wasn’t as good as you expected, it doesn’t mean that they are all the same.


Do You Know The History of Silicone/TPE Sex Dolls?

Love dolls are the adult item for such people. These days, they are also called real dolls or sex dolls.

These are life-sized dolls that resemble the shape of a woman, and masturbating with these dolls is truly pseudo-sex. Recently, technology has advanced to the point where you can not only enjoy the same realistic tactile sensation as the skin on BBW Sex Doll or Mini Sex Doll, but there are also high-tech love dolls with AI, and there are many cases where people become addicted to them once they experience them.

Love dolls used to be called Dutch wives.

If you write オランダ人の妻 in English, it means “Dutch Wife”.

As you can see from the name, the origin of the word is Dutch.

The origin of the Dutch wife is said to be that a Dutch merchant who left his wife or girlfriend at home to travel made a cylindrical pillow using native Indonesian bamboo to soothe his loneliness in Indonesia, where he was working. It is said to have been born around the 1870s.

It was not until the 1950s, shortly after the war, that its existence became known in Japan. It was in the 1950s, just after the end of World War II, that the Dutch wife called “Antarctica No. 1” appeared.

When the Reserve Antarctic Research Expedition (later known as the First Antarctic Research Expedition) was dispatched to Antarctica in 1956, they brought with them their own sex toys.

They brought mannequin-like dolls called Sex Doll torso with masturbation holes attached, but they were not popular for their poor visual appeal and were rarely used. So as time goes by, people produce a kind of Anime Sex Doll, Teen Sex Doll, BBW Sex Doll and etc.

At that time, it was commonly interpreted that men might have developmental disorders if they were unable to have sex for a long period of time. (In reality, there was nothing wrong with not having sex for a long period of time, so this idea is now obsolete.

Because of this episode, several manufacturers actually started selling Dutch wives under the product name “Antarctica No. 1”.


How to Select Clothes for a 100cm Teen Sex Doll

Sex Doll Costumes: – As part of dressing up and customizing your sex dolls, no matter if it is an expensive sex doll or a Cheap Sex Doll, you have a variety of options, depending on the style and budget you want for the process. If you need a different costume, but you don’t have any real preference, you won’t spend as much time shopping like a fashion fanatic who wants to make them look as good as possible. Some people may like to try on different piercings, stockings, thongs, etc.

Choosing the right size: – One of the biggest problems, when you’re shopping for clothes for your sex doll, is finding something in the right size. Unlike real people, it’s not very practical to take your doll to the store and try it on. This means it’s crucial to know what size you need before you start. It is recommended to use full-size realistic dolls, this will simplify the problem as these are very similar in size to us and it will be easier to find the best and right size for a sex doll.

Where to Buy Sex Doll Clothes?

  1. Local brick-and-mortar stores: brick-and-mortar stores can get a real feel for the size and material of the clothes, and it is less likely to buy clothes that are not the right size, especially if the color difference. The disadvantage is that the price is expensive. Such stores are relatively few, the style of clothes will be less, not to mention the right size clothes. If your doll is small, like Teen Sex Doll. It will be much harder. Many stores offline don’t have many in stock.
  2. Online-store: this is more recommended, the style and size are richer, easier to find the clothes corresponding to your sex doll. And cheaper. Generally, specialize in selling dolls outlets, will set up a special section to sell clothes, accessories and so on. Should have everything, more convenient.


Do You Love Sex Dolls More Than Real Women?

Some people think that sex dolls are really better than real women!
In reality, women are always arguing with you on various factors, refusing to back down and expecting their boyfriends to cajole them even if it’s their own problem. What else is there? Women will mind if you are handsome enough and if your penis is big enough. Will abandon you because you have some kind of disease or because you do not make enough money and leave you.
But what about a Cheap Sex Doll? She will be there when you need her most and disappear when you don’t because she will only belong to you unless you give it to someone else or abandon it, she won’t force you to surprise her with gifts for the holidays, and of course, you can prepare for her, she’s single-minded and won’t have the same emotions as a real woman. They will make you comfortable with your self-esteem. What’s More? It is cheap. You don’t have much financial pressure.

It doesn’t take much thought to get along with silicone dolls, they are more real and easier to clean. Also, they are easy to keep fresh and you can choose their look, big breasts, perky hips, sexy body, etc!

There are also many people who feel that it is better to be a real woman. Many people want to have soulmates, sex dolls are no better, but also can not be deeper communication, more touching interaction. If you like dirty talk and communication, a real woman will be better. Many societies have a stereotype that women want to “have sex” and men only want to have sex, but all it takes is one man crying vulnerably after sex, or hugging his partner tightly after sex, and continuing to adore her for years to refute this argument. And there are plenty of such people, even if they don’t want to admit this to other men. Even if we find someone who doesn’t really care about these things, or someone who prefers women to be completely still, or someone who doesn’t want an emotional connection at all, there is still something missing in a Sex Doll Torso. That is desire.

If you’re the kind of person who has trouble respecting the feelings and needs of others, then a sex doll is better than a woman. If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to learn or use social skills, then a sex doll is better than a woman. If sexual stimulation is your only goal, then sex dolls are better than women. If you don’t like disagreements, then a sex doll is better than a woman.

If you are looking for a partner to interact with, then a woman is better than a sex doll, which has so many styles, like mini sex doll, BBW sex doll & Anime Sex Doll If you like to give pleasure to others, then a woman is better than a sex doll. If you appreciate something other than the act of sex, then a woman is better than a sex doll. If you like your partner to take the initiative sometimes, then a woman is better than a sex doll. If you like dirty talk, then a woman is better than a sex doll. If you need to connect emotionally, then a woman is better than a sex doll. Many people also want to have an emotional connection during sex.

After all this talk, what are your thoughts? After all, everyone’s ideas are different and no one can replace yours. Just as there are no two leaves in the world that are exactly the same.

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Will Sex Dolls Replace Women in the Future?

It depends on how you define “alternative”. But in general, I would say yes – not just a woman. As it stands, even the most lifelike doll looks like a real woman in photos and feels like real skin to the touch, but it’s still just a fabrication without any movement or even altered facial expressions. On the other hand, many people have options such as providing natural body heat for those who just want to be cuddled emotionally. It seems a bit much to say that Cheap Sex Doll have the ability to replace women in the future. However, with the advancement of technology, it is foreseeable that sex dolls do have the ability to win the sex market in the future. This is because advances in technology have helped them become more and more real. They have applied some technologies that make them resemble real women. These technologies are artificial intelligence-assisted sensor technologies.

Artificial intelligence-assisted sensor technology allows the dolls to respond to stimuli! When you try to wake them up, or when you try to wake up your partner, your sex doll, she will respond. When you kiss, rub the breasts of your sex doll, and gently stroke the clitoris will give you an incredibly realistic response. Some techniques can even cause her body to heat up with changes in moisture, pressure, and friction. She will even wiggle her hips and moan as you make love to her., a new doll on the market, can automatically wiggle her waist so that the user no longer feels like they are having sex with a corpse. The same may be true for the emerging market of male sex dolls. While they now have permanent erections, when female dolls can be fully mechanized, male dolls will also have the ability to form real erections. Combine that with artificial intelligence and you essentially have the perfect man who can listen to you, talk to you, clean up after you, and please you in the way you want.

If a doll not only looks and feels like a real woman but also mimics facial expressions and moves in a realistic way, it doesn’t matter if they’re actually sentient. In general, people clearly have the ability to form emotional connections with things that even give the impression of being real.

Many predict that when Teen Sex Doll enters the market, they will begin to fill a niche market of people who have successful but lonely careers. Both men and women have active careers and either doesn’t have time to date or aren’t interested. Even without sex dolls, people in some countries have stopped having sex with other real people for similar reasons.

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Why do men love sex dolls?

Dolls are physically perfect, everything is perfect. When you need it warm, you just heat it up by using a heated blanket for about 1h. Then you will feel like way more having sex with a real woman. You can also buy a stick, smear some lube, and put it into the mouth of your Teen Sex Doll.

Sex dolls will not reject you. They will always open their legs to you when you need it. So you can do anything you like with them.
Sex is important and everyone loves sex, but people are horrible judges. It’s really nice to say the disgusting phrase “there’s something for everyone,” but the reality is, there isn’t.

People with ugly butts still want to sleep with sexy people. They don’t want to sleep with other ugly people. Plenty of overweight women who don’t want to date equally overweight men but instead go after hot guys with six-pack abs. There are burned people who are still human and still want to have sex, but they can barely walk out in public without facing awkward stares. There are those who are devastated by their rejection and can never get over it. Maybe they think they don’t “fit in” with other men.

So using Anime Sex Doll to satisfy your sexual desires is a good option.

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Why Choose Sex Doll Torso

Sex dolls include full-sized sex dolls and sex doll torsos.
Many people complain that full-sized dolls are too heavy and not very convenient to store. After all, the size is secured and the storage space cannot be less at all. Well, silicone torso sex dolls are the perfect dolls to meet the needs of this part of the customer. For this reason, we have created a sex doll torso collection to facilitate customer shopping.
This collection is all sex doll torso, As for gender, we have male sex doll torso, female sex dolls torso and shemale sex doll torso. As for the body structure, we have big breast sex doll torso and big butt sex doll torso.
Torso sex dolls evolved from sex toys such as silicone male masturbation. This masturbator is only available in the shape of an ass or a vagina. With the development of market demand and technology, people gradually manufactured them with torsos and heads, making these tools more interesting and ornamental, greatly enhancing people’s sexual desire.
In addition, compared to the full-body sex doll, without weight of the limbs, sex doll torso appears to be more lighter and convenient for customers with less power to use. In terms of materials, it has also kept up with the times by using high quality TPE and silicone materials. If you happen to be looking for a small, light weight sex doll, then hydoll is your best choice, we offer sex doll torso at a good price. These torso sex dolls have more realistic pussy and vagina, giving you a realistic sex experience and they are not expensive.

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Unpack and Assemble A Realistic Sex Doll

In order to transport and protect our BBW sex doll, most sex dolls are shipped individually. This requires the customer to assemble the doll. Our sex dolls are usually separated from the head and body.


Unpack and Assemble A Realistic Sex Doll

What a Excitement!
When you first get your realistic sex doll, You must take care of it. I bet you want a perfect one, right? So let’s see how to unbox a sex doll properly.
Here are the steps as following:

Step 1: Carefully transport the package to a wild room.

Many people are surprised at the weight of the packaging when they first receive a sex doll. Most full-size love dolls weigh between 50 and 70 pounds, plus the weight of all the packaging! When your fully packaged real doll arrives, maybe she will weigh up to 80 pounds.
If you are disabled or elderly, you should be prepared for how you will move this package. You may need a close friend or a delivery guy to help you out.
A wild room is a good place to unpack your sex doll, as you will need to lay her flat on the group next to the box.

Step 2: Use a paper cutter, knife, etc. to open the package along the seams.

Once the package is placed, you can cut the tape along the top edge of the box. Be careful not to cut too deep in order to avoid hurt your sex doll torso. The minute you cut the packing tape along the seam, the box will open up like a coffin.

Step 3: Wash your hands

Now your new sex doll is ready to be taken out of her box, you don’t want to leave stains on your doll with your dirty hands. So you need to wash gloves thoroughly before touching sex doll.
get dirty or leave traces of her smooth skin with dirty hands! Wash gloves thoroughly before touching sex dolls.

Step 4: get the head of your new sex doll out

On the upper part of your sex doll will be a round packing foam ball, which is the head of your new sex doll. Carefully remove the bubble wrap and remove the head from the bag. Place the head of the sex doll on the floor next to the box. Once you take the body out, you will return to it later. You can save the bag to store the head.

Step 5: Remove other accessories from the box

Usually, the package will include accessories such as clothes, cleaning tools and etc. Remove all these items from the box and set aside.

Step 6: Use scissors to get rid of the foam. It is very important to be careful in this part.

Step 7: Use a blanket or a towel to take the doll out of the box

Wrap the doll with a blanket or a towel, take her out of the box, and gently place gay sex doll on the floor next to you.

Step 8: Put on a head and a wig for your new sex doll

Congratulations! Now you can enjoy your amazing love doll.

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What to pay attention to when buying clothes for sex dolls?

For many people who like sex dolls, anime sex dolls can replace the role of girlfriends. Therefore, it is very important to dress the realistic sex dolls beautifully. The most important thing is the clothes worn by the sex dolls. It’s very particular about it.

Big nipples sex doll

Give a very simple example, because many big-name physical dolls are made of skin-friendly TPE materials. If these materials touch dark clothes, they are likely to be dyed because the clothes fade. When cleaning, unless you use professional Tools, otherwise it is very troublesome to clean.

Therefore, if you need to buy clothes for physical dolls, you can actually consider choosing light-colored, cotton-made clothes that are not easy to fade. Of course, when you buy at, generally, you will get clothes randomly. Of course, You can also buy their packages and make corresponding choices. It is more convenient and safer to buy clothes for physical dolls in professional places. Otherwise, the dyeing of physical dolls will not only affect the appearance, but also affect the service life.

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Why are realistic sex dolls so popular?

There are many kinds of sex dolls, but if the most popular one, it must be Realistic Sex Dolls. Why did you say that? Because based on my 7 years of industry experience, Realistic Sex Dolls have been sold a lot, and it is also one of the most frequently asked questions. Below, I will give you a detailed introduction to realistic dolls.

    The biggest advantage of Realistic Sex        Doll

       Look, this picture, if you don’t look carefully, you can’t tell if this is a              picture of a sex doll or a picture of a human being.

        This is the biggest advantage of Realistic Sex Doll. When you have            her, it is as if there is a real person with you, and the various                          positions  of this person, such as height, chest shape, vagina, hair,              eyes, can become your best What you want, what a good                              thing,Most  importantly, she will not annoy you, will not refuse all                  your requests, will not make you feel lonely.

       Do you want someone like this to be by your side? 

       I have to say I want

You can put her in the clothes you like and let her stay at home, oh my goodness, this is really great, unimaginable perfection.

When you come home after a long day of work, she will sit by the bed and wait for you. You can release your desires in her to your heart’s content, and then go to bed comfortably.