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Choosing One-Piece or Detachable Sex Dolls

When it comes to sex dolls, you have the option of choosing between one-piece and detachable models.

One-piece sex dolls are made of a single solid piece, providing a seamless and realistic appearance. They are generally more durable and easier to maintain. However, their weight and size can make storage and transportation more challenging.

Detachable sex dolls, on the other hand, feature separate body parts that can be assembled and disassembled. This allows for easier storage and customization, as you can mix and match different body parts. However, the detachable joints may require extra care and maintenance over time.

Ultimately, the choice between a one-piece or detachable sex doll depends on your personal preferences and needs.

It’s time for some sex doll education! In this article,HYDOLL will help new who are new to the doll circle understand the structure of love dolls, and tell you how to choose the internal structure of physical dolls and make informed decisions when purchasing one.

sex dolls come in two types: one-piece or internal structure (also known as detachable)

One-piece TPE love doll look more like a real woman in terms of appearance because the mold is cast as a single piece, making it inseparable and permanent. Those who prefer one-piece sex dolls believe that they provide the best realism, appearance, and feel, and to some extent, the combination of its components is more compact and less prone to falling off than detachable ones.

One-Piece or Detachable

There are two things that cannot be ignored:

First, cleaning a one-piece sex doll is more difficult. When the doll gets dirty, you have to embrace the entire body to clean each part. If your doll is big and heavy, you can imagine the experience.

Second, once the built-in components of the sex doll are damaged or become outdated, you cannot replace them with new parts.

On the other hand, detachable silicone love doll can have different parts installed according to their size, forming a complete function for use. Compared with one-piece sex dolls, detachable sex dolls have the following advantages and disadvantages:



First, they make the sex doll more durable. Detachable parts are easy to replace, so if they are damaged or outdated, you can purchase new parts through official channels. However, when the parts of the fixed section are damaged, you will need to spend a lot of money to buy a new sex doll.

Second, they are easy to clean and dry. Since the detachable parts can be removed, they can be cleaned independently in water and dried from the inside out, which is different from one-piece sex dolls.

Third, sex dolls with detachable parts are easier to resell as buyers can purchase new parts for the doll. For those new to the sex doll community, you can consider buying a second-hand sex doll from previous owners.Not much for second hand sex dolls, maybe more people would prefer to buy sex doll torso, or some full size mini sexdoll

Lastly, detachable sex dolls are more versatile. If your sex doll is detachable, she can easily become a doll with various embedded components! you can get new functions for your sex doll at a very affordable price!


While detachable sex dolls offer their advantages, it’s important to consider their drawbacks as well. Firstly, compared to one-piece sex dolls, they may not provide the same level of realism. The detachable joints, although designed to allow customization, can sometimes create visible seams or gaps that compromise the overall lifelike appearance.

Secondly, the assembly process of detachable sex dolls requires a bit more skill and patience, particularly when it comes to activities like photography. Achieving natural poses and capturing the doll’s beauty can be more challenging due to the need to properly align and secure the detachable parts.

Lastly, the detachable structure of these dolls introduces a potential vulnerability. Regular disassembly, cleaning, and assembly can increase the risk of accidental damage. Over time, the repeated manipulation of the joints may lead to wear and tear, potentially affecting the doll’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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Common Mistakes You Might Make When Buying a Sex Doll and Not Realize

When you fall in love with something, you want to have it and be together forever. Right? So why would you ignore details or make mistakes when it comes to arealistic sex dolls? Of course, I know you love your sex doll and don’t mean to harm it. But some things are done unknowingly and many behaviors are serious mistakes.

In this article, HYDOLL will discuss these behaviors that can harm your doll. TPE love doll are precious and beautiful, and they accompany us in many ways. So it is our responsibility to take care of them properly. Remember the following points and do not make these mistakes again with your beloved TPE sex doll!

Not cleaning the doll
Just like we need to take a shower every day to stay clean and healthy, tpe sex dolls also need to be washed or at least kept clean. It is important to clean the doll every time you take it out of the storage box, whether in the shower or in the bedroom. Failure to clean the silicone dolls can lead to the accumulation of various bacteria and microorganisms on the doll’s skin, which can damage the skin material and even cause the owner to become infected with fungal or bacterial diseases.

Ignoring the details of the doll’s body
When you start buying sex dolls(maybe just a torso sex toy) on a platform, you should keep the doll’s lifespan in mind. Some small problems that are easy to overlook, such as cracks on the doll’s body, stains on the skin, and falling hair, are serious problems that can significantly reduce the doll’s lifespan. This means that if you ignore these small problems, it will not be able to accompany you for a long time. Therefore, if you notice these problems with your doll, you need to ensure that they are repaired in a timely manner.

Storing at extreme temperatures
Another common mistake made by many doll enthusiasts is storing their dolls in extreme temperatures. The temperature of the environment where TPE sex doll are stored cannot be too high or too low and they must be placed at normal room temperature. If you cannot avoid placing the doll in a room with extreme temperatures, you need to ensure that the room is equipped with portable dehumidifiers, air conditioners, or heaters depending on the temperature changes.

Avoiding these mistakes helps extend the lifespan of your doll. If you cherish your doll, please stop making the above mistakes!

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These 4 Factors Need to be Considered When Choosing a Sex Doll

When selecting a physical doll, there are several factors to consider. As the use of physical dolls becomes more common, there has been ongoing debate about the differences between silicone and TPE dolls. As the names imply, the materials used are the first point of comparison between the two types of dolls. Silicone is a rubber-like synthetic material, while thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are a blend of advanced plastics and rubbers. The changes in the composition of these materials result in many differences between the two types of dolls.


Porosity refers to the proportion of the total volume of a material that is occupied by the volume of its pores. The trend and rate of fluid permeability determine the porosity of physical dolls. Silicone material is non-porous and cannot absorb secretions during use. On the other hand, tpe dolls tend to accumulate these fluids, reducing their effectiveness in cleaning and disinfection after use.


Another major difference between silicone and TPE dolls is elasticity. Compared to silicone, TPE has both rubber and plastic properties, making it more flexible and realistic. silicon sex dolls are less deformable, which also makes them harder.

These 4 Factors Need to be Considered When Choosing a Sex DollD11012 09


When using physical dolls, lubricants are essential. TPE dolls are compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants, while silicone dolls can only use water-based lubricants, as other types can damage their properties. This difference makes TPE dolls more versatile than silicone dolls.


The quality and durability of a doll depend on the pressure it can withstand and the liquids it may come into contact with during use. For standard silicone and TPE, silicone has a relatively longer lifespan. However, unlike standard quality silicone, the quality of TPE depends more on the combination of its components, and high-quality TPE dolls have a longer lifespan than silicone dolls.

TPE dolls are more elastic, providing sufficient slip resistance during use. On the other hand, the rigidity of silicone material gives silicone dolls a more realistic appearance than TPE dolls. In terms of price, because silicone requires more complex manufacturing processes and has a higher injection molding difficulty than TPE material, it is more expensive than TPE dolls. As a result, TPE dolls are more affordable for many people.Of course, considering the price, HYDOLL recommends that you start with a torso sex doll for beginners

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Love Dolls are Entering Our Lives and Benefiting Us

Love dolls are entering our lives and benefiting us. The market for these dolls is continuously expanding, and companion robots are gradually appearing in the public eye. At first, when they were mentioned, people did not think of companionship because these dolls were initially associated with human desire. However, the doll manufacturers did not simply provide dolls to the public. Instead, they made dolls as a demand for emotional bonding, and these dolls are also a good way to solve loneliness.

Around 2010, the entity dolls first entered the market. At that time, they were just inflatable plastic dolls with human shapes. But now, due to the continuous advancement of technology, these love dolls have become surreal. They can react to touch, have skin-like texture, have “speaking” functions, have temperature, and have sensors that allow them to mimic human movements.

As mentioned earlier, tpe sex dolls are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, a 2017 survey in the United States showed that nearly half of Americans believe that living with robots will be a common thing in the next few years.

A UK manufacturer of a companion robot named “Samantha” even believes that companion robots can bring benefits to nursing homes. According to their statement, if people can have a companion and caregiver assistant like Samantha, then nurses and caregivers will save a lot of energy.

It is not surprising that love dolls will become a part of many people’s lives in the next few years. Lonely people start to view entity dolls as companions, rather than just toys. Many people will buy realistic silicone dolls so that they have someone to accompany them at night or during their meals.

The current question is, can people really benefit from sex dolls and companion robots? Considering all that has been said and done, the answer is yes: sex dolls and companion robots do have benefits.

Companionship: Not everyone who buys entity dolls or companion robots is playing with them. On the contrary, many of them are looking for companionship. In addition, entity dolls can help couples manage long-distance relationships and provide care for the elderly who have no one to accompany them. Admittedly, people feel panic about the fact that this is becoming mainstream, but it is worth noting that this technology is not something that anyone should fear.

No strings attached: Not everyone wants to have a lifelong relationship; some people are destined to be transient. They enjoy the constant changes in life and like to explore new things, which can sometimes be difficult to achieve. However, if you have sexual companion dolls, your problem will be solved immediately, and the best part is that it will not mess you up with many interpersonal problems.

Wide variety of love dolls: Everyone has their favorite style. Some people like black hair, while others like blonde hair. On the other hand, some people like slender figures, and some people like muscular bodies.

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Do You Agree With the Controversy Surrounding Sex Dolls on The Internet

Sex dolls are purchased by people whose lives are unsatisfactory or are single

In reality, anyone can use a sex doll. According to surveys, people with fulfilling lives are more likely to purchase sex dolls than those with unsatisfactory lives, and around 20-30% of people will consider purchasing one at some point in their lives. People in relationships often have higher quality of life and better emotional intimacy.

Sex dolls are addictive and can lead to social disconnection

While some people may become dependent on having a sex doll, they do not have to be forced to withdraw. It is a “supplement” to life and cannot replace any person in your life. Furthermore, torso sex toy do not harm you, and anyone can easily return to life without a sex doll.

Are only single people purchasing sex dolls?

In terms of overall trends, it is true that single people are more likely to purchase sex dolls. However, millions of people, whether single or in relationships, own them. Owning a TPE love doll does not mean that a person is a “loser.” In fact, they exhibit a good attitude towards life and are more hopeful for the future.

Do sex dolls make people unnatural?

We has read some posts claiming that sex dolls can make people unnatural, but does not believe this to be true, except for potentially dangerous issues such as quality problems. The use of sex dolls depends on how we use them, and in fact, as long as we find the right sex doll for ourselves, there is usually nothing unnatural about it. It is simply an expression of one’s attitude towards life.

Are more expensive sex dolls better?

In reality, this is not always the case. A sex doll that costs a few thousand yuan can bring you just as much pleasure as one that costs tens of thousands of yuan. Expensive silicone sex doll may be more durable or of higher quality, but a more expensive sex doll does not necessarily bring you more pleasure. In addition to sex dolls, this applies to most other products as well. It is generally recommended to find the product that is most suitable for you.

People who own sex dolls are strange, and normal people are relative

You may feel uncomfortable discussing sex dolls in public, but if you realize that everyone is tight-lipped, then that may be “strange.” Sex dolls can bring you happiness and joy. This is not strange, but simply an indication of your pursuit of life.

Sex dolls may cause harm to the body

Currently, there is no evidence that sex dolls will harm you mentally or physically. Of course, if used improperly, there may be some dangers.

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Why Owning a Sex Doll is not a Shameful Topic

Although sex dolls are considered taboo in many countries/regions around the world, they have a large following of enthusiasts from all walks of life, including artists, celebrities, office workers, and people from various professions. Sex dolls are incredibly fun, have many amazing benefits, and have completely replaced the old-fashioned plastic toys.They are made of more high-quality materials, tpe or silicone, which makes their use experience better and more and more realistic. In recent years, silicone sex dolls have become more and more popular among the public, but it has to be said that silicone sex dolls are different from TPE sex dolls. Compared with dolls, he will cost more and weigh more.Of course, what you choose has to be combined with your own consumption situation.

In addition to providing visual enjoyment, sex dolls have gradually become an excellent choice for overcoming loneliness. Finding a lifelike sex doll that looks like a real person is not uncommon in today’s society, thanks to the many reliable suppliers available.

Owning a sex doll may sound strange, but you don’t need to feel ashamed about bringing it home. Many people from all over the world are happy to use them to pass the time. When these dolls provide their owners with comprehensive companionship, their effectiveness is undeniable.

The best option for protecting romantic relationships

When considering purchasing sex dolls, there is no feeling of deception. Many people find sex dolls to be a safe way to introduce themselves to their partners because they have no real emotions. Sex dolls are only for sexual exploration. If there is love, these dolls can help you avoid loneliness without deceiving your partner.

For buyers, it is important to choose dolls that are exquisite and have a range of additional functions. To make an excellent choice, it is important to carefully examine the details provided by the doll’s seller. Contacting well-known brand manufacturers can ensure that you get a good product in the shortest possible time.

Many people are dissatisfied with their lives but still want to avoid any external temptations to enrich their lives, choosing lifelike sex dolls to satisfy various needs. With the help of these sex dolls, a delicate balance can be established between both parties in their daily lives, making them one of the most companionable toys available.

Owning a sex doll may sound strange, but you don’t need to feel ashamed about bringing it home. Many people from all over the world are happy to use them to pass the time. When these TPE sex doll provide their owners with comprehensive companionship, their effectiveness is undeniable.

The best option for protecting romantic relationships

When considering purchasing sex dolls, there is no feeling of deception. Many people find sex dolls to be a safe way to introduce themselves to their partners because they have no real emotions. sex doll torso are only for sexual exploration. If there is love, these dolls can help you avoid loneliness without deceiving your partner.

For buyers, it is important to choose dolls that are exquisite and have a range of additional functions. To make an excellent choice, it is important to carefully examine the details provided by the doll’s seller. Contacting well-known brand manufacturers can ensure that you get a good product in the shortest possible time.

Many people are dissatisfied with their lives but still want to avoid any external temptations to enrich their lives, choosing lifelike sex dolls to satisfy various needs. With the help of these sex dolls, a delicate balance can be established between both parties in their daily lives, making them one of the most companionable toys available.

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More About Our Dolls

For many people, sex dolls provide a safe and judgment-free environment to explore their sexuality. Unlike human partners, sex dolls don’t have any expectations or preferences, which makes them an excellent option for those who may feel insecure or inexperienced. In addition, sex dolls can provide a more personalized experience than pornography or other forms of media, allowing users to fulfill their specific desires and fantasies.

With the rise of online shopping, it’s easier than ever to purchase a sex doll discreetly and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. This level of privacy and convenience makes sex dolls an attractive option for those who may not have easy access to sexual partners or who prefer the anonymity of solo play.

In conclusion, sex dolls have become a popular trend due to their realism, accessibility, and ability to provide a safe and personalized sexual experience.

Our doll price matches your budget. We take the time to inspect every detail, every joint, every limb, every orifice to ensure safe and perfect delivery. Our shared passion for this manufacturer is proof of the professionalism and seriousness of our order processing. Why hesitate any longer? This choice must be made by the individual according to their own preferences and personal budget. Investing in quality products should be the first and even the only choice, even for the only available vagina and torso. In this situation, there is nothing to fear, as both can achieve your goals.

These sex toys are made from a variety of materials, so they are useful for people seeking comfort, and they can also include a hole. To achieve someone’s fantasies, fucking dolls, sometimes even called, can create their own faces for many doll customers. Today’s dolls can be preheated, and the materials used in their production are closely related to the dermis and flesh, so sexual relations with them cannot be considered artificial.

It depicts the beautiful shapes and forms that the ideal manufacturer represents and is now available to all female enthusiasts. So go ahead and realize all your fantasies, don’t let any hidden desires remain in your inner space. Our TPE sex toy measurement is aromatic and harmonious and exudes sexy charm.

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More Other Information About Sex Dolls

With the recent trend of sex dolls, people are surprised by the peculiar stories and data surrounding this phenomenon. While many sex doll manufacturers also offer male dolls, they only account for about 10% of overall sales on average. Male sex dolls have much less selection and customization options.

Based on their love for the doll industry and culture, enthusiasts refer to themselves as “doll friends.” This fan community revolves around their collective love for sex dolls, with many doll friends considering their dolls as partners. For most of these individuals, they find human relationships too difficult and turn to sex dolls instead. Many people argue that dolls will never lie, deceive, or criticize them like regular people do.

Sex dolls can become very lifelike. From the movement and operability of their limbs to the details on their eyebrows, meticulous factory work can make sex dolls look almost identical to real people. Did you know that even their weight can be made to feel realistic? Sex dolls are heavy, ranging from 15 to 45 kilograms.

There are many articles and products related to sex dolls available.

ntimate relationships play an important role in a person’s life, and as one ages, social isolation can have devastating effects on their psychological and physical health. For those without a partner in life, there are many benefits to having a love doll. Individuals who have lost a partner due to death, divorce, or breakup, as well as those with disabilities who have difficulty finding a partner, can benefit from having a sex doll.

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Benefits of Fantasy Dolls and Sex Doll Torso

Sex dolls offer a comfortable companion with various body types and facial features that you may have been missing for a long time. Have you ever seen a woman on the street that you wish you could take home every day? I mean a stunningly soft look, an orange-sized breast (the perfect size for your palm), and a good thing that gets solved every other day. But you can’t get close to her, can you? She’s too good. In any case, it may not be interesting for you. Ok, don’t worry. Our sex toys have similar characteristics to modern women. Whether you want their slim, naked breasts, curvaceous, large breasts, huge sex doll ass, tall or petite, we serve you. It’s time to have the curvaceous gems that you see on the street and make them your daily favorite. Right?

Besides sexual pleasure, of course, sex dolls are a submissive companion, ready to help you ease your daily setbacks and provide you with a wonderful time (everyone dreams of it). You may not know that sex dolls are therapeutic. Are you? Well, these lucky gods are ideal recipes for people with social anxiety, those who don’t feel comfortable with others, especially those who interact with the opposite sex. Dolls tell you how to treat your partner and build your respect and courage.

Like your favorite wine, sex dolls also have miniature sizes, the torso of the miniature doll or sex doll. Just the way you like it. In fact, size and weight are still the only differences between fantasy dolls and stuffed dolls. The size of the vagina can be changed by opening and closing the legs. Amazing. Right? There are a variety of fantasy sex doll sizes that have different characteristics to ensure that all needs are met.

Why are fantasy sex dolls worth it?

Size. The small size of a tiny sex doll is the main reason why you should buy it. The mini love doll very effective, and considering that size and weight are the only differences from normal dolls, the fantasy doll is very real. Don’t you think? Its small size allows you to effortlessly use your doll to perform some hard sexual poses without getting tired.

After countless heart-wrenching efforts with women, many men turned to sex dolls, and some of them were more willing to keep the love doll incident a secret. This makes sex dolls an ideal choice because they can be easily hidden in a suitcase or closet after each use. Keeping away from business trips to the city? Ok, that doesn’t have to keep you away from your doll. Can you? The compact size makes the doll easy to carry as it can be comfortably stored in your travel bag.

Their absolute affordability. The price of mini sex dolls is about 50% of the price of a normal doll. Regardless of the material used, mini dolls require less material, making them slightly cheaper. Therefore, they can be the perfect recipe for those who want sex dolls but are not willing to pick up many things.

The starting point for beginners. Just as a beauty finds it easy to feed with their hands instead of a spoon, fantasy TPE love doll prefer those who have no experience with love dolls. They are small and lightweight, making them flexible and easy to use. This makes them ideal for beginners before they decide to go bigger and put them in full-size dolls.

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How Do Love Dolls Affect Male Psychology

Do sex dolls keep sleeping pills away from your life and encourage natural sleep? The sex doll movement is a wonderful way to get a good night’s sleep. Real dolls, the next day you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and it’s much better than waking up with a headache. It’s an effective sleep aid for men, helping them cope with daily stress. HYDOLL know that the products we manufacture have positive and significant effects on the health and emotional state of men. They are very happy, and their confidence in themselves has greatly increased. Returning to the psychological benefits of torso sex doll, these toys offer an erotic pleasure treatment to avoid anxiety. Recent cardiological studies have greatly promoted heart health and reduced normal gender stress. This is difficult for men looking for the best way to train. The fact that our experts observe is that we hesitate when it comes to sexual attraction. In other words, not everyone is born like an attractive prince, but a part of humanity is an unattractive confidence. The reason is that these days, you can be deceived, cheated, or deceived. These dramatic events involve a range of sadness, loneliness, sadness, depression, and melancholy. Furthermore, it avoids expensive doctors. Do you know what the treatment costs are? Working with a sex doll once or twice a week can help boost the immune system and extend the lifespan of silicone dolls, so you can save a lot of money. After all, everything is made for your happiness. Therefore, men who own sex dolls are usually very happy because they have the opportunity to fantasize with tpe dolls. Additionally, they can feel emotional attachment and be seen as partners in love.

With the advent of more and more realistic sex dolls.The use of sex dolls has become a popular topic of conversation in recent years, with many individuals wondering about the impact that these dolls have on male psychology. While there are many different opinions on the matter。

One of the most significant benefits of using sex dolls is their ability to provide a form of erotic pleasure that can help individuals avoid anxiety and reduce stress. This is particularly important for men, who may struggle to find ways to manage their daily stress levels. Additionally, recent studies have shown that sex dolls can help promote heart health and reduce normal gender stress, making them a valuable tool for men looking to maintain their overall health and wellbeing.

Another benefit of using sex dolls is their ability to provide a sense of emotional attachment and connection. This is particularly true for individuals who may struggle to form meaningful relationships with others due to a lack of confidence or physical attractiveness. By using sex dolls, these individuals can experience a sense of emotional intimacy and companionship that may be difficult to achieve in other ways.

Sure, there are also some potential drawbacks to using sex dolls that should be considered. For example, some individuals may become overly dependent on these dolls, which could lead to problems with social and interpersonal relationships. Additionally, there is a risk that individuals may become addicted to the use of sex dolls, which could lead to negative consequences for their mental and physical health.

The use of sex dolls can have both positive and negative effects on male psychology. While there are many potential benefits to using these dolls, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks and to use them in moderation. With proper use and care, sex dolls can be a valuable tool for men looking to manage stress, improve their emotional wellbeing, and enhance their overall quality of life.

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Sex Dolls Are Becoming Popular Due to Their Obedience

Sex dolls have been around for a long time, but they are becoming increasingly popular today. One of the reasons for this is the trait of obedience that many sex dolls possess. This has led to a growing number of people turning to sex dolls as a means of fulfilling their sexual desires.
Is sex the only requirement for customers to purchase tpe dolls? Of course not. Many people suffer from loneliness in their daily lives and need companionship. For these individuals, dolls may be the solution to alleviate their loneliness. the customer gradually becomes attached to the doll, developing a desire to speak with it and eventually developing an emotional connection.

Where do you believe dolls are attracting customers? Firstly, I would like to state that there is no shame in having a demand for sex. Just like food, it is a person’s normal physiological need, and therefore, it is very important.

It is important to be aware that the sensitive heart desires a long-term partner, and being accompanied by repeated heartbreak can be very difficult, especially for my customers in their middle age whose passion for a sexless marriage must be endured.

Secondly, it seems that the sex industry is open and accepting. On the other hand, in a culture that values traditionalism and modernism, expressing love may be difficult for many men. Love dolls may seem a bit awkward for shy women who have lost their passion and desire. Touching a life-size doll is not the same as touching a real woman. The young sex doll are quiet, obedient, and easy to use.
Sex dolls are designed to be subservient, and they will do whatever their owners tell them to do. This can be a major turn-on for some people, as they enjoy the feeling of being in control and having someone completely submissive to their desires.

Another reason why sex dolls are becoming popular is the fact that they are incredibly realistic. Many modern sex dolls are made using the latest materials and technologies, which means that they look and feel just like real human beings. This level of realism can make the experience of using a sex doll much more satisfying and enjoyable.

sex dolls offer a safe and consensual outlet for sexual desires, and that they can be a healthy part of a person’s sex life.The sex doll torso is convenient to use, easy to store, and can be carried when traveling

sex dolls are becoming increasingly popular due to their obedience and realism.Whether or not you choose to use a sex doll is ultimately up to you, but it is clear that they are here to stay.

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What Think About Feelings with Sex Dolls

What do you think about feelings with sex dolls?

Today, people often think that only men interact with sex dolls. However, if you are a woman reading this, that might not be the case. You could be a woman who has sex with a sex doll. In many cases, some people do not need emotional attachment, and some people need to remove it, which real dolls might be right for you.

Tailored to you

One of the benefits of sex dolls is that they can be tailored to you. Even through the mechanism of body heat and sound change, it certainly helps to imitate real women.
If you get a male sex doll, you can adjust the penis to relax and stand up according to your preferences. There are even dolls with heaters that keep the penis warm. If you are a man looking for a male sex doll and want to know if there are different penis options, there are. If you do not opt for super customization, they often come with a penis up, so you can use it.

Female dolls are often not lubricated. If you want to spend money, some dolls come with their own lubricant. This is very interesting. As you can see, sex dolls are constantly evolving. So, you have to evolve and complete yourself.

Then you can customize your hair. If you want a doll with pubic hair, you can buy a doll with pubic hair. If you want your partner to switch to a different location, and you have a TPE skin, this is definitely possible. When you touch the doll for the first time, it will certainly be a significant cultural shock. Feel the reality or many things that suffer from social unrest. This is one way to be closer to others and deepen your intimate experience.

More than just sex

Sex dolls can, of course, not only be used for sex. As I mentioned earlier, there is a tendency to support people with disabilities. If you never go out, there is really no social anxiety. The full size sex dolls can help you deal with this anxiety and can solve some interpersonal relationship problems in certain cases. Autistic patients can find the benefits of sex dolls. Because in many cases, it will continue to grow because it has different behavioral and communication problems.

Some sex doll torso,It can even be used as a teaching aid. Some people think they know sex, but they may not. Maybe you want to try it, but you are deeply concerned about trauma or lack of knowledge in the past. For some people, this is embarrassing because they fear they may break down if there is a possibility of sexual behavior. This is definitely a good way to practice. If you are worried about hurting future partners, this is also a useful project in a way.

Did you know that they can be used for treatment purposes? Can there still be a companion? You may not believe it, but these dolls are often not just those used for sex, but many people think they are friends. Even if you are concerned about trauma or past pain and cannot build relationships with others, sex dolls can help you. In many cases, people certainly help in many situations because someone wants them.

Your sex is amazing, but sometimes you want to tell someone about your day. If you forget your partner or someone and cannot move, I can’t believe what can help you. It will let you discuss this topic. Of course, you can also have sex with it, but that’s another reason to buy a TPE love doll.

It can be useful for treatment purposes. they can sit there and listen. Some people use this method in nursing homes to help older people be alone.

Of course, this is not all the reason to buy sex dolls.

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How to Dress Your Love Doll and Spice Up Your Nights

Let’s take a look at some suggestions to enhance the appearance and sexual experience of your love doll. You can also dress up your love doll for entertainment or exploration purposes. Making your playmate sexy doesn’t have to be expensive, even if you’re on a budget.

Role-play uniforms/clothing. If your imagination runs wild and you participate in role-play, this is it. You spend the night in a passionate and climaxing way, dressing up your sex dolls and tapping into your secret fantasies. A naughty nurse or a college beauty, a French babysitter or a partner that you dress up as someone you love will give you a crazy encounter.

The cute girl’s clothing in a van top. Sweet women are very sexy, men like you love sweet women. Soft fabric dresses like satin and silk. Even if you don’t put your hands under the shirt, the texture reminds me of the softness of your skin. Enchanting lingerie and lace. Choosing red, black, or other bold colors of glamorous and sexy underwear makes their eyes disappear. Nightwear and vest sets. Most men like to look at women in pajamas. If you’re one of those people, this sleep style is cute and hot.

Transparent shirt. If you dress your tpe sex dolls with it, you will definitely be tempted to look at it. This dress reveals nothing, it only covers a part of her body, but you will feel like you have seen everything. It is also perfect if you spend the night watching a movie with her.

Of course, you want to make your night hot. You want to add fun to your love doll. You need to buy some sexy outfits for your doll. You can choose from a variety of styles, but consider creating your style. Please choose a style that moves between your feet. After all, you are the ones buying them, and you will feel sexy when you wear them. Your choice will be a special night, or if you have a special occasion for the future, you can prepare your mood.

Dressing up your love doll can add a new level of excitement and pleasure to your intimate experiences. Whether you choose to dress up for role-play, to explore your fantasies, or simply to add some spice to your routine, there are plenty of options available to suit your taste and budget. Just remember to have fun and enjoy the journey.
Of course, if you’re buying a torso sex doll, you probably won’t have the fun of dressing her differently.
If you don’t have a realistic sex doll yet, you can go to HYDOLL’s website to buy one.

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Realistic Sex Doll Offers Endless Sexual Experiences


How does a reasonable sex doll empower you? Sex dolls are highly flexible. They will agree to anything you want to do. Are you into anal? They are you like torso sex toy? Do you like your woman wearing a fur tail? They like that too. If you want to beat her as much as possible once you marry her, she won’t complain. The problem with sex fantasy dolls is that they provide a way to bring “people” home and into your bedroom without actually bringing people. In other words, some couples really want to try threesomes but are afraid it might cause problems in their marriage or relationship.

The TPE sex dolls in the HYDOLL store are very realistic.This sex doll is attractive and sexy, allowing you to explore many imaginable outcomes. Practical sex dolls are suitable for all genders and all pleasures. Realistic sex dolls are made with amazing quality and guarantee impressive durability. The body shape looks like a real human body, meant to penetrate the anus, vagina, and mouth to create a fantastic exotic experience.

A realistic sex doll keeps your friends in the room up to date and adheres to your mental state. There is a large group of dolls that consider a variety of libido and calls – some include the ability to vibrate – so find your ideal doll today. To clean the doll, it is recommended to use a fluffy, damp cloth. If the doll is really dirty, you can remove all deposits with body wash and then dry with a towel. After this process, baby powder should stick to the hands. Smooth again.

The price of real silicone dolls is hefty. Use real sex dolls to find out what’s missing. To provide you with the best real sex dolls. Our love sex dolls evoke passion to make your experience even more enjoyable. You don’t have to have unusually high sexual desires and be in a relationship with people whose desires don’t match yours. There are many male partners who only have sexual dysfunction.

Are you ready to be emotionally excited when trying to break up with a woman who is not healthy for you? It’s possible. It happened. If you go at any time, it’s no problem, but when will it happen? Everyone give up. Make your own man. For us, this is the compelling reason to enjoy the pleasure and sexual satisfaction of our realistic sex dolls.

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Basic Tips and Tricks for Buying Male Sex Dolls Online

When it comes to sex dolls, most of us first think of female sex dolls. Due to traditional concepts, people who use sex dolls are mostly men. Good satisfaction cannot show off their own sexual abilities, so they are extremely empty and alone, so there is such a false phenomenon that only men use love dolls. However, this is not the case: with the increasing demand for adult sex, more and more women are choosing male dolls because they are safer and perfect for protecting their sexuality and privacy.

male love doll

With the media and the internet providing people with unrestricted access to information, we may have heard and seen sex doll torso. Sex dolls are dolls shaped like humans for sexual purposes in form and structure. Realistic dolls are an excellent choice for enjoying incredible sex without a partner. If you want to have fun too, you should buy it wisely.

As the price of these love dolls increases, so does the quality. In addition to strong contrasts between male and female sexual desires. Unlike women, most men have more sexual contact. Therefore, a man in a relationship is usually left without friends by his partner. However, women are not left behind. The recent demand for male sex dolls has increased and is open to women and members of the gay community. Many projects are still in progress, but we will see them soon.

When choosing, you need to know the cost of lifelike sex dolls on the market. How is this possible? When comparing the prices of adult dolls on the market, you will always be sure to get the perfect price when choosing online. Those who tried it were able to make decisions in the mall. You save money by finding ways to save money by buying a market.

If you have ever used or bought a TPE love doll for a man, you should not be ashamed. Sex is a very fluid concept that varies from person to person. It is important that you are open enough to accept your sexual desire and that you are not afraid to explore the possibilities.

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Discover the Exotic Authenticity of Doll Experiences

Often, we see people on our side of the world who we believe are identical to us, with no major differences that make us feel new or excited. It’s like having sex with our own wife. There’s no excitement in the love life anymore. You become bored and always try to find new sexual objects. Are you tired of your wife? Tired of her sexual experiences, wanting to experiment with new sexual partners, especially in search of exotic sex partners? If so, then you should buy a realistic TPE sex doll from a foreign country that is full of exotic atmosphere and can satisfy all your fresh feelings.

For the vast majority of men, they still want to experience a happy sexual experience with different women, and they love their wives very much and would never betray their partner. So how can they experience a happy sexual experience? Personally, buying a realistic TPE sex doll is the best choice. Therefore, in real life, there are also many women who buy various types of male dolls unlimitedly.

Looking for the best Chinese sex dolls online? Do you want to buy sex doll torso when needed? HYDOLL is the best place to visit. We are always ready to help our customers buy the best Asian sex dolls that last a long time. In addition, we also offer more more types sex dolls, especially in USA, France, etc.

With the rise of sex dolls in recent years, more and more people are starting to explore the world of doll experiences. For some people, these dolls have become an integral part of their sex life. Whether you’re looking for a new sexual partner, a unique experience, or simply a way to explore your sexuality, sex dolls can provide a safe, satisfying, and exciting way to do so.

One of the main reasons people choose to use sex dolls is the ability to experiment with different sexual experiences without the emotional baggage that often comes with traditional relationships. For example, some people may be interested in exploring their BDSM fantasies but don’t want to involve a real partner. Sex dolls can provide a safe and non-judgmental way to do so. Similarly, people may be interested in trying new positions or sexual activities without the fear of being judged or rejected by a partner.

Another benefit of sex dolls is the ability to have complete control over the sexual experience. With a silicone love doll, there’s no need to worry about pleasing a partner or meeting their needs. Instead, the focus can be entirely on your own pleasure and satisfaction. This can be particularly appealing for people who struggle with performance anxiety or other sexual issues.

Of course, sex dolls are not for everyone, and there are some potential downsides to consider. For example, some people may feel uncomfortable or even disgusted by the idea of having sex with a doll. Additionally, sex dolls can be expensive, and they require maintenance and cleaning to keep them in good condition. However, for those who are interested in exploring this unique and exciting world, sex dolls can provide a safe and fulfilling way to do so.

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Charities Suggest NHS to Use Sex Dolls to Help Pedophiles

Sex dolls have become increasingly popular due to their realistic build and ability to provide sexual experiences to a wider range of individuals. The demand for sex dolls has increased, and you can now buy a sexy doll, especially for sexual purposes. This provides the convenience that some men need, as some may find masturbation to be tiresome, and the idea of a love doll can divert their attention to other parts of the body,TPE or silicone torso sex dolls, helping them to perform better. The use of real sex dolls is a good way for people to showcase their masculinity and also to practice different positions and techniques in relation to sex.

Pedophiles in our society are always considered to be criminals and not as a mental illness or disorder. Of course, there is a reason for the hate. Strict measures are taken in the social and legal world to prevent pedophiles, but this will only make the situation more complicated. So, what is the ultimate solution? One of the ongoing recommendations in the media is the use of realistic silicone dolls. Asian countries like China use silicone dolls to flood the market. Although manufacturers make adult dolls, the demand for adult love dolls is increasing.However, European manufacturers have also been actively producing silicone dolls in recent years. The sales of silicone love dolls are increasing. If one group of people considers silicone sex dolls as a treatment for pedophiles and another group is considering selling and buying love dolls, then it is hypocritical. When authorities recently tried to arrest a number of sex dolls of children during transport, the dispute was initiated.

Controversy over the use of sex dolls by pedophiles

People use sex toys everywhere, it is almost socially acceptable, but society does not accept sex dolls, even if only for their benefit. Stopso President Juliette Grayson refers to the “community that should use the doll.” She added that if pedophilia is guilty, an adult inflatable doll is desired to ensure that other children are not harmed, it is our responsibility to help him. Allowing pedophiles to import and use silicone love dolls can help some children not to harm the innocent man. However, a British judge recently ruled that adult silicone sex dolls were “obscene.” More than 120 adult sex dolls were seized by British authorities at border checkpoints.

The use of girlish sex dolls

Doctors draw attention to people who are attracted to children. They cannot help themselves, but they build close relationships with their children. Many girls are victims of male pedophiles. Sweet dolls for adults, however, there is no medical option for treating pedophilia. So, what about those who are diagnosed as pedophiles but do not want to harm ants? The benefits of using adult sex dolls for adults come here. Adult silicone dolls and tpe dolls are widely used. And if the manufacturer could develop similar dolls that look like minors? This will be a great help to those in need. The manufacturer of Asian country sex dolls, such as China and European countries, produced an average height of 140 cm for adults.These beautiful teen sex doll are also featured in the HYDOLL store

Charities in the UK have suggested that the National Health Service (NHS) use sex dolls to help pedophiles who are attracted to minors but have not acted on their impulses. Although pedophilia is considered to be a mental disorder, it is also a crime, and there are strict measures in place to prevent pedophiles from harming children. However, some charities believe that the use of sex dolls could be an effective way of treating ped

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In Germany and Other European Countries, Sex Dolls are Legal

ll of our products are manufactured in our own factory. While we do have our own warehouse, we do not keep many products in stock in order to meet the varied needs of our customers. Once we receive a customer’s order, we begin production. Therefore, your love doll will be sent to you about a week after you place the order with a tracking number. Of course, this may be influenced by other factors, but not by your desire for a realistic silicone dolls.

Sex dolls are legal products. In fact, in Europe and Asia, there are even brothels featuring sex dolls! During the 2018 World Cup in Russia, sex doll brothels in Moscow were particularly popular, with dozens of sex dolls attracting a crowd of hormone-charged patrons. We are now offering Americans the opportunity to experience sex dolls in the comfort of their own homes or offices. We can guarantee that all of our sex dolls are legally purchased. We always prioritize the safety of our customers and never want to expose them (or ourselves) to the risk of legal disputes.

Overall, lifelike sex dolls are legal in European countries such as Germany. Sex is what people desire, and stimulating sex and different types of sex are sought after and explored. While some people may think that small sex dolls are illegal, the fact is that all of the sex dolls sold by are legal because they are not only used for sex, but increasingly more people see them as life companions who enrich their life experiences. For example, many people use small dolls as children, dressing them in beautiful clothes, taking them on vacation, and adding to their life experiences.

Sex dolls have become increasingly popular in recent years. While there are certainly those who criticize the use of sex dolls, many people find that sex dolls provide a safe and satisfying outlet for their sexual desires. In addition, sex dolls can provide companionship and emotional support, especially for those who are lonely or have difficulty forming relationships with others.

One of the benefits of purchasing a sex doll from HYDOLL is that we offer a wide variety of dolls to choose from, each with their own unique features and qualities. Whether you are looking for a doll with a certain hair color or body type, we have a doll that will meet your needs. In addition, our dolls are made from high-quality silicone, which not only looks and feels like real skin, but is also durable and easy to clean.

Another benefit of purchasing a sex doll from HYDOLL is that we offer discreet shipping. We understand that not everyone wants their purchase of a sex doll to be public knowledge, and we take great care to ensure that our shipments are discreet and unobtrusive.

We believe that TPE love doll can provide a valuable service to those who are seeking sexual satisfaction, companionship, or emotional support. We take great care to ensure that all of our products are legal, safe, and of the highest quality. Whether you are looking for a doll to satisfy your sexual desires or to provide companionship and emotional support, we have a doll that will meet your needs.

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Why are Adult Sex Dolls Popular Around the World

In modern society, almost every country in the world is open to sexuality, including special courses for sex education that help students understand the structure of the human body without avoiding the issues of the past. In life, more and more people have chosen to satisfy their sexual preferences with lifelike sex dolls. There are many reasons why adults choose to buy sex dolls, perhaps because their partner is absent or their sexual behavior is unsatisfying,sometimes all it takes is a torso sex toy. At this point, sex dolls become their best means of sexual liberation. Sex dolls have been around in one form or another for many years, but they are more famous in today’s society than ever before.

First, the excessive use of pornography plays a key role in shaping people’s expectations of sex by creating a fantasy image of sexual behavior in pornographic videos. Many men’s expectations of women’s sexual behavior are based on what they see in porn. Women are challenged to meet those standards, and if they fail to fulfill a fantastic image in a man’s mind, it may force him to turn to sex dolls.

A young tpe sex doll

Is it common for men and women to have a desire for something different during sex? It is very common to have different sexual behaviors and to spend more time exploring and participating in various other activities. The choice of the best doll or sex doll for adults also depends on many other factors, such as your preferences, the type and size of body parts, their price, and skin tone. Some prefer Japanese sex dolls, while others seek European beauty or Asian girls.

Due to the severe imbalance between men and women and personality disorders, people are afraid to participate in social activities. Many of them do not have a life partner, and their sexual desires cannot be satisfied. It is illegal to go to a brothel to improve their lives, so buying tpe sex dolls is the best way for them.

In recent years, the popularity of sex dolls has grown rapidly around the world. Many countries have seen an increase in sales of sex dolls, and manufacturers have started offering more customization options to meet the needs of different customers. One of the main reasons why sex dolls have become so popular is their ability to provide sexual pleasure and companionship to those who are lonely or have difficulty finding a partner.

Sex dolls have evolved significantly over the years, and today’s models are much more realistic than ever before. Many sex dolls are made from medical-grade silicone, which gives them a lifelike feel and appearance. They also come with various features, such as heating elements to simulate body temperature, and flexible joints that allow for a more natural range of motion. Some models even have built-in voice control, which adds to the immersive experience.

Another reason why sex dolls have become so popular is the rise of the internet and online shopping. People can now easily browse and purchase sex dolls from the comfort of their own homes without having to visit a physical store or interact with others. Online retailers also offer a wider range of products and more competitive prices, making sex dolls more accessible to people around the world.

There are also many social stigmas attached to sex dolls, which may deter people from openly admitting to owning one. However, as society becomes more accepting of different forms of sexuality, this stigma may start to fade away.

In conclusion, the popularity of sex dolls around the world can be attributed to various factors, including the excessive use of pornography, the desire for something different during sex, and the need for sexual pleasure and companionship. As technology and manufacturing techniques continue to improve, sex dolls will likely become even more realistic .

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Sex Doll Story and Lifelike Sex Doll Features


Most busty sex dolls are custom made to represent the different preferences of other users,might just be a sex doll ass. This is a basic requirement for your face and body to be beautiful, as well as for various types of breasts, pupil colors, and if you need to install lower hair. In addition to appearance, the Real Doll is also set up, from the Jiaxin Auto model to the red network of Yuanyuan, the name and character will match. The only thing they have in common is that they don’t have manes and of course, no pores or scars for prosthetists. The feet are usually small and blunt.

For the factory, the first activity was to check if all needed a good partner. However, it was gradually discovered that silicone dolls, which originally took on a sexual function, do not exist solely as a sexual product. In addition to the sexual function, more and more people consider their emotional and psychological needs. European and American factories have also developed simulation dolls with body temperature and conversation. Recently, many foreign media have reported such news: “The Chinese sex robot: you must talk to her, she can help you with washing dishes”. Usually, he combs Sakura, buys clothes, and puts on underwear after showering. He feels that his home position is not high. “Children reject me, I come out as a driver and as luggage, doll buyers are usually introverted, which does not communicate well with others.” Buying a doll is like boring. “

Two years ago, his wife died of cancer. He feels that he has difficulty getting married and fears that no one will have a child. He will adjust the doll to the image of his wife. They live like normal couples. At home, he danced with his wife and now jumps into the living room with a few pounds of TPE sex doll. When the hands and feet of the doll are released, it will be very sad. From there, I can really feel that the doll is already a real companion. Despite the prosthetic limbs of these lines, it is only a sex toy without emotions.


“Whenever I go home and my wife and daughter are waiting at home, even if I rent a house, there will be a kind of warmth, we eat at one table, and my wife listens quietly to my problems and interesting things about my work. I will never be impatient, always show a warm smile.” “I will dress her carefully as I want, and I will not worry about being cheated. Do it for me without hesitation.” Sharp remarks from friends.

In Japan, more and more men are living with simulated dolls and even some are marrying dolls. 45-year-old physiotherapist Ozaki Yuki said he fell in love the first time he saw Susan at the window. He bought it and brought it back to Tokyo. His wife was very against it at first, but she got used to it. When their daughter became wise, she was disgusted when she learned the true use of the doll, but now she can wear clothes with her doll.

Another Senji Nakajima, 62 years old, said in a bath for a doll: People only ask for what they want, like money or a promise. But every time I go back to my Saori, I feel happy, it always makes me comfortable, for me, it is a personal course.

Today, everything is smart, people are becoming more and more isolated, they are constantly inventing new ways to comfort themselves, even silicone dolls are becoming intelligent, learning to smile, learning to use the response from Baidu to comfort their owner.

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Real Love Dolls Allow You to Have Sex Every Night and Every Day.

Sexual love and desire are natural and essential human experiences. However, not everyone has access to fulfilling sexual experiences. Silicone sex dolls offer a solution for those who want to explore their sexual desires but do not have a partner or are unable to form a physical relationship.

Real love dolls are highly realistic and lifelike dolls that are designed to offer a realistic sexual experience. They are made from high-quality materials such as silicone, and some are even equipped with advanced features such as heating elements that make them feel more like a real human being. These dolls have been gaining in popularity in recent years, and many people are starting to see the benefits of using them to enhance their sex lives.

One of the most significant advantages of using a real TPE love doll is the ability to have sex whenever you want. Unlike a human partner, a sex doll is always available, and you do not have to worry about schedules or mood. You can have sex with your doll whenever you want, day or night, and you can take your time to explore your fantasies and desires without fear of judgment or rejection.

Another advantage of using a real love doll is that it can help people who are struggling with loneliness or depression. Studies have shown that physical touch and intimacy can have a significant impact on mental health and well-being. Real love dolls offer a way for people to experience physical intimacy without the need for a partner, and they can help alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Real love dolls also offer a safe and discreet way to explore sexual fantasies and desires. Many people have sexual desires that they may feel ashamed or embarrassed to share with a partner. Real love dolls offer a judgment-free space to explore these desires without fear of rejection or judgment. They can help people to discover new aspects of their sexuality and develop a deeper understanding of their desires and needs.

One of the misconceptions about real love dolls is that they are only for men. However, this is not the case. Love Doll Torso Male and Women Body are designed for people of all genders and sexual orientations, and they can be used by anyone who wants to enhance their sexual experiences. They offer a safe and non-judgmental space for people to explore their sexuality, regardless of their gender or orientation.

Real love dolls are also becoming more popular among couples who want to spice up their sex lives. They can be used as a way to introduce new elements of play and exploration into a relationship and can help couples to deepen their physical connection. Real love dolls offer a way for couples to explore their fantasies and desires together in a safe and consensual way.

In conclusion, real love dolls offer a safe, discreet, and realistic way for people to explore their sexual desires and enhance their sex lives. They are designed for people of all genders and sexual orientations and can be used by individuals or couples. Real love dolls offer a way to experience physical intimacy without the need for a partner and can help alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation. As society becomes more open and accepting of sexual diversity, we can expect to see real love dolls become even more popular in the years to come.

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What Temperature Can TPE Dolls Withstand

What is the highest and lowest temperature that a TPE doll can withstand without damage?

The temperature range of TPE doll materials is not easy to determine due to the many qualities of TPE, different material bases, and varied properties. Some TPE material suppliers have announced that conventional TPEs can be used in a temperature range of -40°C to 120°C. However, we are not aware of any TPE providers of love doll brands, but some people tell us that they use TPE materials from Europe to achieve better quality. Nevertheless, as with all factories around the world, it is not easy to control them for customers.

TPE does have a shorter lifespan and durability under many thermal stresses. For example, the manufacturer of a silicone sex dolls heating system itself states that the TPE is affected by the use of this function. Therefore, it is always best to avoid toys that are too cold or too hot, just like humans.

To ensure the longevity and proper functioning of your TPE doll, it is important to be mindful of the temperature conditions it is exposed to. Extreme temperatures, whether too hot or too cold, can damage the TPE material and cause it to degrade faster over time.

While TPE has a wider temperature range than some other materials used for sex dolls, it is still important to be cautious when exposing your doll to temperature extremes. In general, it is recommended to store your doll in a dry, cool place when not in use, and to avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or other sources of heat.

Additionally, it is important to avoid using heating or cooling devices on your TPE torso sex toy, as these can cause the material to become deformed or damaged. If you need to warm up your doll, it is best to do so using warm water or a heating pad specifically designed for sex dolls.

When it comes to cleaning your TPE doll, it is important to use only mild soap and warm water. Avoid using hot water, as this can cause the TPE material to become brittle and prone to cracking. Similarly, harsh cleaning chemicals should be avoided, as these can cause damage to the TPE material and shorten the lifespan of your doll.

Overall, while TPE love dolls can withstand a range of temperatures, it is important to take proper care to ensure their longevity and proper functioning. By being mindful of the temperature conditions your doll is exposed to, and taking proper cleaning and storage precautions, you can help ensure that your TPE doll provides years of enjoyable use.

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Sex Dolls: A Rising Trend in Fulfilling Sexual Desires

Sex dolls, also known as real dolls, are lifelike and realistic dolls that resemble human beings in terms of their physical appearance and texture. These dolls are often used for sexual purposes and are becoming increasingly popular among men who are seeking to fulfill their wildest fantasies. In this article, we will explore the rising trend of sex dolls and the reasons behind their increasing popularity.

The History of Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have been in existence for centuries, with the earliest recorded evidence of sex dolls dating back to the 17th century. These dolls were made from cloth or leather and were used for sexual purposes by sailors who were away from their wives and partners for extended periods. However, it was not until the late 19th century that sex dolls became more popular and began to be made from materials such as porcelain, wax, and rubber.

The first realistic sex doll was created in Germany in the 1930s by the name of Bild Lilli, which was modeled after a popular cartoon character. In the 1960s, inflatable sex dolls became popular, and in the 1990s, the first silicone sex dolls were introduced, which marked a new era of realistic sex dolls.

Today, sex dolls have come a long way from their early beginnings and are now made with realistic textures and features that resemble human skin and flesh. They are available in various sizes, shapes, and designs, catering to different preferences and sexual fantasies.some people may opt for torso sex dolls

Sex Doll

Why Men Choose Sex Dolls

The reasons why men choose sex dolls are varied and can range from fulfilling sexual desires to companionship. For some men, sex dolls offer a safe and convenient outlet for sexual expression without the risks of sexually transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancies.

One of the main reasons why men choose TPE sex dolls is because they offer a level of sexual gratification that is difficult to achieve with real-life partners. With sex dolls, men have complete control over their sexual experiences and can customize them to their preferences. They can experiment with different sexual positions and fantasies, which may not be possible with real-life partners.

Another reason why men choose sex dolls is that they offer companionship and emotional support. Many men who use sex dolls report feeling less lonely and depressed after using them. This is because sex dolls provide a sense of connection and intimacy that may be lacking in their real-life relationships.

Sex dolls are also becoming more popular among men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. With sex dolls, men can practice and improve their sexual performance without the pressure of pleasing a real-life partner.

The Future of Sex Dolls

The market for sex dolls is growing rapidly, with a projected growth rate of 25% by 2026. This growth can be attributed to the increasing acceptance of sex dolls as a legitimate form of sexual expression and the advancements in technology that have led to the creation of more realistic and customizable sex dolls.

The future of sex dolls is exciting and promising, with manufacturers investing heavily in research and development to create sex dolls that are even more realistic and customizable. With the advent of artificial intelligence and robotics, we may see sex dolls that are capable of interacting with their owners on a more personal level.

However, the rise of sex dolls has also raised ethical and moral concerns. Some argue that sex dolls objectify women and promote unhealthy attitudes towards sex and relationships. Others argue that sex dolls can be used as a tool for therapy and can help individuals overcome sexual trauma and dysfunction.

Sex dolls are a rising trend in fulfilling sexual desires, offering men a safe and convenient outlet for sexual expression. With the advancements in technology, sex dolls are becoming more realistic and customizable, catering to different preferences and sexual fantasies. While the rise of sex dolls has raised ethical and moral concerns, they have also

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How To Put a Wig on a TPE Sex Doll

A guide for doll lovers ,put a wig on a TPE sex doll.

Do you buy different wigs for your sex dolls? If you don’t have it, HYDOLL recommends that you try it. If you buy it but don’t know how to wear it for her, I strongly recommend you to read this article.
“Your hair is so beautiful today, you look at least 10 years younger”, looking at the same hairstyle for a long time will make people feel visually tired, but you can’t decide someone’s hair, even your girlfriend. If you have a sex doll that’s a whole different story, you can dress her up with long hair, or short hair, or blue, or red. Geez, it’s like changing a girlfriend every day. It’s a great feeling.

Why should I add a wig to my TPE sex doll?

long black wig
black long hair

Before we get into the details of wig fitting, let’s discuss why you might want to add a wig to your sex doll. Wigs can change the overall appearance of a sex doll, which feels like changing a girlfriend every day – long, quiet hair one day, short, dry hair the next, or say you want a sexy curly bob, you can customize her look to your liking. They can also provide protection for the doll’s head from damage and wear and tear from the TPE material. Finally, wigs are easy to clean and replace, making them a convenient way to change the look of your doll and simply not too great.

Choosing the right wig

black wig
short black hair

Not all wigs are created equal, and it’s important to choose the right wig for your TPE sex doll. Look for wigs made from high quality synthetic fibers, as these will be durable and look more natural than lower quality wigs. You also need to consider the length, color and style of the wig. When choosing a wig, take into account your doll’s features and skin tone to ensure a natural and cohesive appearance.

Preparing a wig for your doll

long wig
golden hair

Before putting a wig on your TPE sex doll, you need to prepare her head. First, wash your head with mild soap and warm water and dry it thoroughly. Next, cover the doll’s head with a wig cap. This will help keep the wig in place and protect the doll’s head from any potential damage from the wig material.

Putting on the wig

Now that your doll’s head is ready, it’s time to put on the wig. Start by placing the wig on teen sex doll head, making sure it is centered and aligned with the doll’s forehead. Gently pull the wig onto the doll’s head, making sure it is comfortable, but not too tight. Once the wig is in place, make adjustments as needed to achieve the desired effect.

How to choose a wig to match a wash sex doll

Styling and Maintenance Tips

In order to keep your doll’s wig in tip-top shape, it is important to follow some maintenance and styling tips. Use a wig brush or comb to comb through the hair and avoid using heated tools such as hair dryers or curling irons as these can damage the fibers. When not in use, place the wig on a wig stand to maintain its shape and prevent tangles.
Adding a wig to your TPE sex doll is a fun and easy way to change her look and protect her head. With these step-by-step instructions and tips, you’ll be able to achieve a natural and beautiful look for your doll. Remember to choose a high quality wig, prepare your doll’s head properly, and follow the maintenance and styling tips to keep your doll looking her best.
If you purchased a torso sex doll, you probably wouldn’t have these problems, but would be a lot less fun. If you had a sex doll, I think it would bring a lot of fun into your life. Come to HYDOLL to buy one



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Do Sex Dolls Feel Real

HYDOLL has received feedback from many customers, some of whom find the experience feel good and realistic. Some people feel different than real people, and some people feel better than real people.

Why is there such a big difference? According to HYDOLL customers, it’s all about personal sense of self and preferences. Some people prefer TPE sex dolls, others prefer silicone sex dolls, the current production technology, sex dolls are getting closer to real people, but to be honest, there is still a difference between them and real people. After all, sex with different real people will be different. So, the only way to know if a Sex Doll is real is if you try it yourself.Maybe you can buy a torso sex doll at HYDOLL to experience.

After falling in love with a sex doll, Kazakh bodybuilder Yuri ends up marrying her.
Here’s what he said “When it comes to sex, Margo can make me feel different and make me happy. Margo not only never refuses sex, but also allows me to use violence as much as I want, which turns me on because I like to be in bed Give and feel the pain.
I love that I have total control over her. I also love having sex with Margo’s hair in the shower. “
On the other hand, I still think real dolls are a fun sex object for lonely people (especially men) or people who like to “experiment with sex”.
It doesn’t hurt anyone, right?

Kazakh bodybuilder Yuri and his sex doll wife

What’s it like to kiss a sex doll?

Your sex doll will have soft lips, tongue, teeth, and all the real features of a normal mouth. You can kiss your sex doll and it will feel very realistic. Unfortunately, they won’t give you any response. Of course, you can also customize some special options, and they will give you feedback.

What’s it like to touch a sex doll?

Close your eyes and the skin under your fingers will feel like real skin. You can squeeze and kiss their boobs, you should go for gel boobs, they feel better, most dolls have really nice asses! Olympian ass. The skin of the sex doll is very soft and comfortable to touch all parts of the body, so you will be enchanted and feel like the real thing. TPE sex dolls may be softer to the touch.

how to play with sex dolls

Oral sex with a sex doll, vaginal sex with a sex doll,Once lubricated and warmed, the sex doll vagina feels exactly the same as a real one. There is no difference. Doing a blind test, I guaranty that you couldn’t tell the difference between a real vagina and the one from a sex doll. anal sex with a sex doll,Getting in there is a though as with the real thing and once in, it feels exactly the same. No difference at all. When you have sex with a real woman, you can smell her sweat, hear her rapid breathing, feel skin-to-skin contact, and respond to your movements, but sex dolls don’t. You can swing and change their poses at will without any stress in your heart. Don’t think about her feelings.

The 6 Best Positions for with Sex Dolls

  • missionary
  • from behind
  • against the wall
  • spoon
  • rear entrance
  • on the countertop

What kind of love doll to choose

the best love doll for you will depend on your personal preferences and needs. Take the time to research your options and choose a doll that you feel comfortable with and excited about. With the right love doll, you can enjoy a fulfilling and satisfying sexual experience on your own terms.
HYDOLL would be happy to give you some references
You need to consider the material of your love doll, whether it is silicone or TPE. Silicone is generally considered to be the most durable and long-lasting material, while TPE is softer and more flexible, providing a more realistic feel.There is also your budget, tpe sex dolls will be cheaper than silicone sex dolls.

Next is the size of the sex doll,Love dolls come in a range of sizes, from small and compact to life-sized.There are also a variety of torso sex dolls, half-body sex dolls, or just a butt, you can buy in HYDOLL 。 Think about where you’ll be using the doll and how much space you have available.Keep in mind that larger dolls can be more difficult to store and transport.

Of course there are some other factors,such as the brand, Love dolls features, from basic to advanced. Some dolls have realistic facial features and hair, while others are designed to simulate oral, vaginal, or anal sex. Some dolls are even equipped with heating elements to provide a more realistic experience. Think about which features are most important to you and then make your choicethem.
Another very important factor is personal interests, so I won’t go into too much detail here.

If you have to ask what it feels like, I think only you can answer this question, come to HYDOLL to buy a love doll it!

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Where Can I Buy a Sex Doll

If you are struggling to choose which online store to buy a sex doll, come to the HYDOLL store.

The number of sex dolls is simply overwhelming. Of course it’s not hard to order one but you need to make sure you’re paying for the quality and not just the brand, I know with so many online sex doll stores to choose from it can be overwhelming to choose where to go to buy one sex doll. In this blog post, I will guide you through the process of buying sex dolls online and help you choose the best online store for your needs.

Why buy a sex doll?

Before we dive into the process of buying a sex doll online, let’s talk about why you might want to buy one. Because they provide a safe and private way to explore your sexuality, they can help you achieve sexual fulfillment without the need for a partner or the risk of an STD. Or they can accompany you at all times, or just because you like to collect and like to take pictures of them. Of course that’s your business.

Select Online Sex Doll Stores

When choosing an online sex doll store, there are several factors to consider. First, look for stores that offer a variety of products. Giving you more options and increasing your chances of finding the best sex doll for you, big tits or bigger tits. Also, consider the store’s reviews – do they have more positive or negative reviews?
This is an old customer review from our hydoll, yes, it’s not the first time he bought it, you can use it as a reference.

This lets you know about our HYDOLL product quality and customer service.

Another important factor to consider is the store’s delivery time and location. Does the store offer free shipping? Where are they located? These factors will affect the total cost of your purchase and how long it will take to receive your sex doll. For customers in the United States, HYDOLL is delivered free of charge. Of course, specific countries have specific conditions. You can tell us your specific location by email. Our email is

Chat with the store’s customer service

Before you make a purchase, it’s a good idea to chat with the store’s customer service. They can answer any questions you may have and provide you with further information on their products and services. This will also give you an idea of the store’s customer service quality. Of course, you can also ask to send you some factory photos of the doll. The pictures on the website will always be slightly different from the doll you receive. The pictures of dolls on the website will be beautified and processed. Seeing the factory pictures will help you make the right choice.

Why choose HYDOLL dolls

A variety of products can be selected

At HYDOLL, we offer dolls in TPE material and silicone material. TPE is a soft and durable material that closely resembles real human skin.TPE sex doll is also more affordable than silicone, making it a popular choice for many customers.
Our sex dolls come in all sizes and styles, from small dolls for full size dolls, to full size BBWs, from 65-170cm+, sex dolls with various torsos, big butts. We also offer customization options that allow you to choose your doll’s hair color, eye color and other features.

sex dolls of various heights
most realistic sex doll
Different Types of Sex Dolls

pleasant shopping experience

Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day to answer any questions and provide you with the best shopping experience. We offer free shipping and discreet packaging to protect your privacy.

When the order is successfully placed, the email will be sent to you as soon as possible, and the product status and logistics update will always be sent to your email as soon as possible.

Buying sex dolls online can be a fun and exciting experience, but it’s important to choose a reputable store that offers quality products and great customer service. This is very important, come to HYDOLL to have a look, it is definitely a good choice.

If you are new to buying sex dolls for the first time, torso sex dolls feel like a good choice.

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Are Japanese Sex Dolls Real

They have small or big tits and dress in a nurse outfit or uniforms.Realistic Japanese sex dolls allow you to experience exotic sex.

What are Japanese sex dolls?

Japanese sex dolls, also known as Japanese lover dolls or Japanese silicone dolls, are lifelike, life-like dolls made of high-quality silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material. They feature detailed facial features, realistic body proportions and soft, supple skin. You can find a lot in HYDOLL store.

Are Japanese Sex Dolls RealD14047 03
Click to view Japanese Sex Dolls

The Development of Japanese Sex Dolls

Japanese sex dolls date back to the early 1600s in Japan, when artisans created dolls called “ningyō” for a variety of purposes, including religious ceremonies and entertainment. Made from materials such as wood, clay and cloth, these traditional dolls are mainly used for display or play. With the advancement of technology and materials, sex dolls are closer to life, and Japan has become a leading country in the production of realistic sex dolls.


People love the exotic. The different identities and traditions that are not ours are fascinating. This is especially true for life-size sex dolls.
Japanese sex dolls are also known for their high-quality craftsmanship, with manufacturers using advanced materials and techniques to create dolls that are durable, hygienic, and easy to maintain. The attention to detail in the design and construction of these dolls has made them increasingly popular with consumers who value high-quality products. Another reason for the popularity of Japanese sex dolls is the culture surrounding them in Japan. The use of sex dolls is more popular in Japan than in other countries, order high quality dolls for every taste and need.
Are you ready to spend time with exotic oriental sex doll Asian beauties? .
Yes, in the HYDOLL store, there are lifelike Japanese anime characters Nezuko sex dolls, as well as intellectual and beautiful big beauty sex dolls.

beautiful japanese sex doll

If you’re interested in Japanese sex dolls, you may be attracted by their delicate beauty. Everything about these Asian sex dolls is stunning, from their slender bodies to their exotic looks. Their flawless skin, soft expressions and calm, caring demeanor inspire every passionate man. If given the chance. None of us would pass up the chance to date beautiful Asian ladies. Regardless of how they dress, they end up getting the attention of most men.

mini japanese sex doll

Many of our clients are attracted to petite and slim dolls. With big sly twinkling eyes, shy smiles hidden under slender hands, just the right curves of slender bodies; our adorable Japanese sex dolls are absolutely stunning. If you want, HYDOLL is happy to help you realize your dream of spending time with tiny Japanese sex dolls. Not only are our mini Japanese sex dolls super sexy, but they’re also perfect for travelers. Don’t worry, the small size doesn’t compromise functionality or durability, and it’s easier to store and clean. Let your attraction become a real desire.
There are also popular anime sex dolls, such as big breasts and buttocks, big eyes, and small noses and mouths. They may also have colorful hair, intricate tattoos, or other unique details that mimic the appearance of anime or manga characters. Of course it can also be customized to satisfy all your fantasies from start to finish.
In the world of sex dolls, there are many possibilities for you, not just simple physical needs, but another way of life.

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How to Clean a TPE Sex Doll: A Sex Doll Seller’s Guide

Maybe you have read a lot of articles on how to clean sex dolls. Yes, the steps to clean them are actually the same, but there are some differences in the cleaning of sex dolls of different materials. Let us do this together, and our love dolls Spend more quality time together. If you don’t have a beloved sex doll yet, it’s not too late to buy one at HYDOLL.

How to Clean a TPE Sex Doll: A Sex Doll Seller's GuideOVU04 22 06
A sexy TPE sex doll

Learn about TPE materials

Before we dive into the cleaning process, it’s worth understanding what TPE material is and how it differs from other materials used to make sex dolls. TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is a flexible, durable, skin-like material commonly used in sex dolls. TPE sex dolls are the choice of most people. Presumably, the price of silicone is more suitable and softer. Of course, TPE sex dolls are not the choice of everyone.

I think you should know that using a water-based lubricant during use, yes, will make you have a more comfortable experience, will also help prevent damage to the TPE material, and will make cleaning relatively easy.

ready to clean

Before you start cleaning your TPE sex doll, there are a few things you should prepare. First, make sure you have a clean and comfortable workspace where you can place your TPE love doll. You’ll also need cleaning supplies such as mild soap, warm water, and a soft-bristled brush.

cleaning process

To clean your TPE sex doll, you need to follow a few simple steps:

Step 1: Remove any clothing or accessories from your doll.

Step 2: Dampen a soft cloth or sponge with warm water and a little mild soap.

Step 3: Gently wipe the doll’s skin with a soapy cloth or sponge, being careful not to scrub too hard or use abrasive materials that may damage the TPE material.

Step 4: Use a soft-bristle brush to clean any hard-to-reach areas or crevices, such as between fingers or toes.

Step 5: Rinse your doll thoroughly with warm water, making sure to remove all soap residue.

Step 6: Dry doll with a clean towel, being careful not to leave any wet areas that could encourage the growth of bacteria or mold.

Step 7: After the sex doll dries, use body powder or cornstarch to keep the skin smooth and soft.

Regular and proper cleaning is an important part of maintaining your TPE sex doll to ensure its continued enjoyment and longevity. By following the tips and tricks outlined in this article, you can keep your doll looking and feeling its best while preventing the buildup of harmful bacteria and other substances.

How to Clean a TPE Sex Doll: A Sex Doll Seller's GuideOV30007 13

Precautions for cleaning TPE sex dolls:

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or alcohol-based cleaners as they can damage the TPE material, generally use mild soap or a cleaner designed to clean TPE dolls.
  • Use warm water: Hot water can damage the TPE material, causing it to warp or change color. Therefore, it is important to use warm water rather than hot water when cleaning TPE sex dolls. TPE is a sensitive material and can be damaged by harsh chemicals or heat, and I don’t want my teenage sex doll to be disfigured. Therefore, it is very important to use warm water when cleaning your TPE sex doll.
  • Avoid abrasive materials: TPE is a soft material and can be easily damaged by abrasive materials such as brushes or rough cloths. Therefore, it is important to use a soft cloth or sponge when cleaning TPE sex dolls.
  • Dry Thoroughly: After cleaning your TPE sex doll, be sure to dry it thoroughly. Use a soft towel to gently pat the surface of the doll until it is completely dry. Special attention should be paid not to use a hot hair dryer to dry it, which will cause great damage to the doll.
  • Be sure to dry the doll thoroughly before putting it away, and use talcum powder or cornstarch to keep the skin smooth and soft.
  • Proper Storage: TPE sex dolls should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Do not store TPE sex dolls where they will be exposed to extremes of temperature or humidity.

Whether it is a full-size sex doll or a torso sex doll, we should pay attention to the material of our sex dolls, so that we can take better care of them and keep them company longer.

Click me for more detailed methods of cleaning sex dolls.

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How To Clean Sex Doll Beginners Guide

Do you really know how to clean your sex dolls?

Do you know the importance of proper cleaning and maintenance for sex dolls? As a sex doll shop owner with years of experience, one of the most common questions HYDOLL receive from customers is “How do I clean my sex doll?” Cleaning your sex doll is essential to maintain its hygiene and prolong its lifespan. Even if you are a novice, you can learn immediately under the guidance of HYDOLL

Why Clean Your Sex Doll and Cleaning Frequency

Sex dolls are an investment, and proper care and maintenance are essential to ensure they remain in top condition. Firstly, it helps to maintain hygiene and prevent the growth of bacteria and germs. Secondly, it prevents unpleasant odors from developing over time. Thirdly, it helps to extend the lifespan of your doll by preventing damage caused by dirt and dust accumulation.During routine maintenance, you should make sure that your doll stays fresh and clean. In this case, hygiene should be balanced by ensuring the longest possible lifespan. The advice HYDOLL provide to our customers suggests cleaning the doll every 2-4 weeks. While it may seem like the doll should be cleaned after every use, this may actually slowly degrade the material, causing skin tears and other problems.

*Please clean your doll before its very first use to remove factory residue. 

Preparation before Cleaning

how to clean sex doll,Before cleaning your sex doll, there are a few things you should prepare.

Remove any removable parts: If your sex doll has any removable parts, such as head of sex doll or vaginal insert, be sure to remove them before cleaning. This will make the cleaning process easier and more effective.

Check for any damage: Before cleaning your sex doll, inspect it for any signs of damage or wear and tear. If you notice any damage, take care of it before cleaning to avoid making it worse.

Choose a suitable location: When cleaning your sex doll, choose a clean and private location where you can work undisturbed.of course most people will choose the bathroom.

Essential kit for cleaning your sex doll:

  • Warm water
  • mild shampoo
  • mild conditioner
  • comb
  • Vaginal irrigator
  • Mild soap or specialized sex doll cleaner
  • Light sponge
  • Dry soft towel 
  • Talcum powder (baby powder)
  • Disposable gloves(Don’t forget)

how to clean sex doll

Here we HYDOLL and everyone together to clean it

Clean the sex doll head

Start by cleaning the head of your sex doll. Gently remove any makeup or accessories, if any.remove the wig from the head. Yes, we only need to operate on an individual doll head.Gently wipe your face with a warm sponge with antibacterial soap. Pay special attention to your eyes and lashes so you don’t get them wet.

Then use a dry towel to absorb the moisture of the face, then let it sit for an hour todry naturally.
It is very important not to immerse the head of the doll in water at any time.Otherwise, water may get in your doll’s head!
Cleaning a wig is very easy. HYDOLL recommends that you do this:
Remove the doll’s wig and wash it thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner. After thoroughly cleaning the wig, allow it to dry naturally. You may want to buy a wig stand to make things easier and speed up the process.
Once the wig is dry, lightly comb through the hair.

Clean the doll holes (vagina, anus, and mouth)

There are many ways to clean a doll’s vagina, anus, and mouth. You can do this in the tub, shower, or while the doll is lying down and not submerged in water.

You should take the doll out of the tub or shower and lay her on her side, which will expose the vagina and anus. Then follow these steps:

  • Grab a small piece of sponge with medical forceps and apply warm water and antibacterial soap to the sponge, making sure to apply thoroughly
  • Push the sponge into the vagina or anus and use forceps to move it around the orifice until it is completely clean.
  • Remove the sponge, rinse with lukewarm water, and repeat steps again. At this step, the vagina and anus should be clean and free of any bacteria.
  • Using the forceps again, grab a second dry cotton swab sponge, insert it into the vagina and anus, remove most of the water, and take it out.
  • Wrap a strong paper towel around the end of the pliers, then place them inside the doll again, and finally dry.

Another way to wash is to use a sex doll Vaginal irrigator

  • Put mild anti-bacterial soap into the syringe bulb, then fill it with warm water and shake it gently.
  • Hold the syringe bulb, and gently insert the elongated nozzle of the vaginal douche into the entire vagina of your sex doll. Squeeze the bulb gently to flush the warm soapy water into the vagina.
  • Rinse the inside of the vagina by squeezing the bulb until all the soapy water is used up.
  • Then insert the nozzle of empty vaginal douche into the doll’s vagina so the bulb sucks the water in. Repeat the process
  • Empty the irrigator and fill it with clean water. Repeat the process to rinse inside of the vagina and then absorb the water.

After the doll dries, apply talcum powder to the outside of the vagina and anus.

Your doll should now be clean inside and out. The doll’s mouth can also be done as above and should be easier to clean.

For the vaginal in HYDOLL,there is tow way one is Built-In Vagina,anther is insert Vagina,insert Vagina is more easy to clean.The insert can be washed in anti-bacterial warm soapy water in a sink and allowed to air dry thoroughly.

Of course, these methods also apply to cleaning torso sex dolls, cleaning them is much easier

clean the body of the sex doll

The process is very similar to cleaning yourself. You can choose to give your doll a bath or submerge your doll in the bathtub. If you are going to put your doll in the shower, be sure not to let the neck or head get too wet (this helps avoid further complications such as rusty neck screws).
Simply wash the doll lightly and thoroughly with antibacterial soap using a lightweight sponge, making sure not to apply too much pressure to protect the skin. Pay close attention to any creases, folds, or seams. Rinse the torso with warm water and dry with a soft towel.
Once your sex doll is dry, apply a small amount of talcum powder to the skin to keep it soft and supple. Store your sex doll in a cool, dry, and private area to protect it from dust and dirt.

Sure! Here are the precautions for cleaning TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and silicone washable sex dolls:

Cleaning TPE Sex Dolls:

Use mild soap and warm water: TPE is sensitive to strong chemicals, so avoid using harsh soaps, detergents, or solvents. Instead, use a mild soap and warm water to clean your TPE sex doll.

Avoid hot water: Do not use hot water to clean TPE sex dolls, as it can damage the material. Use only warm water to clean the doll.

Do not submerge the doll completely: When cleaning your TPE sex doll, avoid submerging it completely in water. Instead, use a damp cloth or sponge to clean the surface of the doll.

Dry thoroughly: After cleaning, make sure to dry your TPE sex doll thoroughly using a clean, dry towel. Avoid leaving any moisture on the doll, as it can promote mold or mildew growth.

Use a TPE-friendly powder: TPE material tends to become tacky over time. To restore its softness and prevent stickiness, you can use a TPE-friendly powder, such as cornstarch or talcum powder, after drying the doll.

Cleaning Silicone Sex Dolls:

Use mild soap and warm water: Silicone is generally more durable and can withstand harsher cleaning agents, but it is still recommended to use mild soap and warm water to clean silicone sex dolls.

Avoid abrasive materials: Do not use abrasive materials, such as scrub brushes or rough cloths, as they can scratch the silicone surface.

Rinse thoroughly: Make sure to rinse your silicone sex doll thoroughly with warm water to remove all soap residue.

Dry thoroughly: After rinsing, dry your silicone sex doll thoroughly with a clean, dry towel. Make sure there is no moisture left on the doll to prevent mold or mildew growth.

Use a silicone-friendly lubricant: If you use lubricant during sexual activities with your silicone sex doll, make sure to use a silicone-friendly lubricant, as other types of lubricants can damage the silicone material.

Store in a cool, dry place: After cleaning and drying, store your silicone sex doll in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent any damage or fading of the material.

Novices follow the steps, do they also learn?
Here are some more articles about sex dolls that can help you get to know your love doll better

1.what is a sex doll

2.How To Store Sex Dolls Comprehensive Guide 

3.Interpret Your TPE Love Doll 

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what is a sex doll

HYDOLL have come across many questions about sex dolls. What are they, and why do people use them?Many people have many misconceptions and misunderstandings about these lifelike companions.

What is a Sex Doll?

A sex doll (also, joy toy, love doll, fuck doll or blowup doll) is a type of anthropomorphic sex toy in the size and shape of a sexual partner. The sex doll may consist of an entire body, or just a head, pelvis, or other body part (vagina, anus, mouth, penis, breasts) intended for sexual stimulation.
A sex doll is a lifelike doll designed for sexual pleasure. It features a human-like body with realistic genitalia and is available in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Sex dolls are becoming increasingly popular due to their hyper-realistic appearance and the ability to fulfill sexual desires.

Sex Doll’s Development

what is a sex doll1 PAY Newsflash SexDollWedding 02
Bodybuilder with his sex doll wife

The development of sex dolls dates back to ancient times, where they were used as fertility aids or religious objects. Today, modern sex dolls have advanced features such as heating and sound, which mimic the warmth and moaning of a human partner. They have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to their realism and ability to provide companionship and sexual satisfaction.To have an ultra-realistic experience with an artificial companion, people who own dolls obviously want life-like interaction that includes movement, personality, and conversation. The sex doll industry keeps innovating in order to improve user experience. It keeps improving the products and services it offers, so that customers can spend more time with their dolls and less time dealing with customer service or cleaning. Next decade we’ll be seeing many technological advancements in the materials used for construction, doll design, weight, flexibility, and mobility.

Sex Dolls Pros and Cons

One of the main advantages of sex dolls is their ability to provide sexual gratification without the risk of sexually transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancies. They also offer the user complete control over their sexual experiences, which can be therapeutic for those with sexual disorders or social anxieties.For many people, sex dolls can provide a sense of companionship and alleviate feelings of loneliness.
Another advantage of sex dolls is their versatility. They come in various shapes, sizes, and body types, allowing users to customize their experience to their preferences.One significant disadvantage is the high cost, with some models ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Maintenance and storage of the doll can also be challenging, as they require special care and cleaning to maintain their lifelike appearance.

Sex Dolls by materials

Inflatable sex dolls: These are the most affordable type of sex dolls and are made of vinyl or latex. They are lightweight and easy to store but have limited durability.

Silicone sex dolls: This material is durable, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean. It provides a realistic feel and appearance, making it the most popular material for sex dolls.These are the most realistic-looking sex dolls . They are durable, easy to clean, and provide a more realistic sexual experience than inflatable dolls.

TPE sex dolls: These are made of thermoplastic elastomers and are soft to the touch, making them feel more realistic. They are also cheaper than silicone dolls but require more maintenance.

sex dolls by race

Caucasian sex dolls, They are designed to resemble European or American women, with light skin, narrow facial features, and blonde or brown hair.

Asian sex dolls,Asian sex dolls are designed to resemble women from Asian countries such as Japan, China, and Korea. They typically have lighter skin tones, almond-shaped eyes, and jet black hair. These dolls have gained popularity in recent years, particularly in countries such as Japan where there is a significant demand for them.

African sex dolls,African sex dolls are designed to resemble women from Africa, with dark skin tones, fuller lips, and wider facial features.

HYDOLL’s Sex dolls come in a range of body types,from torso sex dolls to full-size sex dolls from slim and petite to curvy and voluptuous.breast size is also an important consideration for many people when choosing a sex doll. Some dolls have small, perky breasts, while others have large, voluptuous breasts.

Should you have a sex doll?

I think you should read this article, Why Should I Buy A Sex Doll, in HYDOLL you can see all kinds of sex dolls that you can afford.As a sex doll seller, I have seen firsthand the positive impact that these dolls can have on people’s lives.


1.What is a Sex Doll



4.Image (bodybuilder and his sex doll wife)

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How To Store Sex Dolls Comprehensive Guide

How to store sex dolls,please use the following storing instructions as a guideline solely to maintain and prolong the life of your new doll.

“Can they lay on the bed for an extended period of time?”
“I understand the dolls can stay in bed for extended period of time. But it would affect the shape of the body any?”
Have you ever had such doubts?
This is the question many customers who buy our HYDOLL love doll for the first time. the cleaning and storage of the sex doll are both key factors that determine the life of the doll. Many people think that the doll can be placed under the bed or placed on the bed or chair at will. But this kind of random storage method will only make your doll’s lifespan receive a certain loss.Moreover, when exposed to the air for a long time, the doll is more likely to be infected by bacteria or dust, and there will be some health problems when using it. Still don’t know how to store it? Different sizes have different storage methods

The Importance of Proper Storage

There are many benefits to properly storing your sex dolls, the most important ones being your safety and the toy’s condition.Storing your sex doll in the wrong environment exposes it to damage, mold growth, and possible contamination from bugs and other factors. Using a sex doll that has been exposed to infection-causing components may cause health complications.
A valid reason to put some thought into how you’re going to store your doll is also its durability. You want to avoid situations in which your doll is likely to break or be damaged in any way. Doll repairs can be costly, so to enjoy your toy for as long as possible without significant additional expenses, make sure it has its safe place in your home.

How to store sex dolls

Full-size doll – Guaranteed Limb Storage Is Even More Important

Laying flat

Keeping Your Sex Doll on The Bed
Keeping Your Sex Doll Under The Bed

Store It in a Shipping Box
Use a doll storage case

Sex Doll2
Under The Bed
Sex Doll
on The Bed
Sex Doll3
storage case
Sex Doll1
Shipping Box

When laying the doll flat you need to be aware:
The doll must lie flat on a soft foam or blanket.
The doll’s limbs should not be bent.
The waist of the doll needs to be padded with soft cushions or foam padding, otherwise, the back or hips will be deformed.
It is best to cover your sex doll lying flat with a blanket or other dust cover.


Hanging is our HYDOLL most recommended storage method , Hanging your doll is by far one of the best and affordable ways to store your doll properly. You must have noticed how all the sex doll factories also keep their dolls hanging.
Hanging your doll up won’t deform her sexy buttocks as compared to lying flat or sitting down.
Hanging dolls take up less storage space.
It is more convenient and easier to do regular maintenance for your doll, such as cleaning or applying talcum powder.
More privacy protection. Hang your doll in a closet and lock it up! Don’t worry!


The least recommended way to store your dolls: standing up!
Some of our friends have been known to stand their dolls up against the wall to save time, but this is the wrong way to store them! I would like to remind you that most of the dolls you buy do not support standing up for a long time Because the TPE love doll is very soft, when it stands all the weight is concentrated on the sole of the foot, it will be very easy to cause the sole of the foot to tear, and even outside the sole of the foot to see the metal skeleton, so to avoid the doll to stand for a long time, or its sole of the foot torn money was spent, the doll is not complete.

It is recommended to use sex dolls with standing function.

waist double stand
crotch single stand


Sitting on the sofa may seem safe, but it’s not. In the same way, standing causes the soles of the feet to tear, sitting can also cause the weight to be concentrated on the hips, causing cracks around the hip bones.

Sex doll torso – There are many ways to store

One of the great things about the sex doll torso is that there are multiple ways to store them, all of which are convenient. You can choose to use a suitable storage box, or luggage to store your sex doll. Once your doll is carefully installed, you can place it in any shaded location, such as under a bed, in a closet, or under a desk. Small size dolls can even be stored directly in a small carton.The torso doll itself is a lot smaller than the full size, and her footprint won’t put you in a bind. You can also choose to hang it for storage, which is integrated into the wardrobe, it is a very hidden existence!

Safety Measures to Take When Storing Sex Dolls

  • Store the doll out of direct sunlight to avoid damage and discoloration.
  • Keep the doll at standard temperature and in a dry place. Bathrooms, garages, and other storage locations that can grow damp or moldy should be avoided.
  • Do not leave the doll on artificial or stained materials for long periods, such as leather sofas or dark clothing.
  • Keep the doll out of the reach of open flames.
  • Avoid leaving the doll in awkward positions for extended periods; if the skin is not returned to its natural position after use, it can get strained, damaged, and even split.
  • Follow standard rules for moving heavy things when handling or moving your doll: keep your back straight, bend your knees and hips.
  • When dolls are held vertically, they are the easiest to move. We recommend making a ‘Bearhug’ by wrapping both arms around the doll’s waist.
  • Always lift the doll by the body rather than the limbs or head.
  • DO NOT toss over your shoulder because you may injure your “spine.”

The above is the knowledge about doll storage and placement, have you learned it?

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how to use a sex doll

This is your go-to guide for every aspect of using a sex doll

Congratulations, you finally got your sex doll in HYDOLL! A couple of weeks ago, you carefully selected the doll of your dreams, you’ve waited for her to be designed the way you wanted, you’ve tracked her shipping, and today she’s finally arrived! Now that she’s by your side, you’ll want to take care of her skin, her figure, her hair and so that she pleases you for a long time.
The moment the delivery guy got your box in front of your door, Calm down cowboy, we know how exciting this moment is for you and that you’re ready to jump in the rodeo. However, we think you should read those very important steps before beginning to use your new adult toy and enhance your sexual life. Let’s start to unpack and carefully assemble your sex doll!

how to use a sex doll3e37a8bb6088abcf7b3f0d5c25fa902a

Unpacking a Sex Doll

Life-sized, TPE or silicone sex dolls are usually shipped in a large wooden crate or a custom, thick cardboard box. And unlike other packages, unpacking a sex doll requires patients and care.
First, do not use a large knife or scissors to remove the tape on the packaging, you may damage the doll. Instead, use a small blade box-cutter or rounded-tip, safety scissors.
Next, locate the instructions for unpacking your sex doll, attaching the head and care instructions. Then, set them aside.
Finally, remove any accessories from the box, for instance, extra clothing, the vaginal and anal irrigator and the blanket with which some companies cover their dolls during shipping.
Most importantly, if white, cotton gloves are included, you will need them right away.

Inspecting the Love Doll

One of the most crucial things to know when it comes to using a love doll is the post-shipment inspection.
Most all sex doll companies only give you a small window of time to report any flaws or damage to the doll.
Therefore, you must check it from head to toe for any abrasions, creases or other damage, including missing or torn finger and toenails, missing lashes and damage to the major and minor joints.
When you do find damage to a doll purchased at HYDOLL, please take photos and contact us immediately to find out how to have the doll repaired or returned. However, if your sex doll is perfect, you can proceed to the next step in our guide.

Attaching the Head

Quality sex dolls are always shipped with the head separate from the body. And there are two types of attachment styles; screw-on and snap-on. So, the first step in unboxing and assembly is to put on the white gloves included with your doll. This prevents any damage to the doll’s face during the head attachment process.
Next remove the head from the box, take off the wig and set it aside. With the doll in a seated position, look at the bolt coming out of the neck. If it has lines on it, the head will screw on. If the bolt is smooth, the head will snap on.

how to use a sex dollEFB325B1 0B16 405a A3D4 719B2FA09C3E
how to use a sex dollFECA9AB5 243D 4449 A32C 67B2E4C217C7

Save the Box

If, by chance, you didn’t order a storage crate or hanging storage rack for your sex doll, be sure and hold on to the shipping box.
That way, you have a box that fits your doll precisely and will keep it out of sunlight as well as protecting it from dust and dirt.

how to use a sex doll

A new partnership

For some sex doll lovers, companionship is the main reason why they choose to buy luxury love dolls. When a sex doll accompanies you, you don’t need to feel any psychological burden, either by choice or by necessity. A beautiful doll cannot judge or reject you. It is not uncommon for doll owners seeking to satisfy their need for companionship to end up owning several different dolls.

how to use a sex doll6D20F149 7E52 4518 B94B E4764E10FB35


A sex doll is a sex toy used only as an aid to masturbation in order to become a real partner with a real emotional bond. Another reason why sex dolls are popular is that they allow you to explore your wildest secret fantasies, fetishes, and kinky predilections while keeping your personal sexual interests private. Many people don’t feel comfortable saying that they get off on something that might be considered weird, unusual, or perverted. What you do in the exclusive company of your love doll is perfectly acceptable.

Release and practice sex

Depending on how they are used, life-size sex dolls can give you the sensation of having sex with a real person and help you to achieve intense orgasms. There are real-life sex dolls that have an internal skeleton that allows them to be adjusted to different positions for sexual stimulation. So if you’ve just bought your first sex doll and are excited to have sex with her, we’re here to make your experience even more sexy and breathtaking.

Kissing and Touching a Lifelike Sex Doll

Lifesize sex dolls are made to feel ‘just like the real thing’. They’re soft to the touch and very realistic. Facial features and body parts are molded from a real woman and then often enhanced to suit your needs.
Want bigger tits or a firmer ass. A real sex doll’s boobs are soft and round and very squeezable, soft perky nipples with great butts too.

Vaginal Sex with Your Doll

This is one of the most common ways for people to enjoy their sex dolls. Every female sex doll we sell comes with a fully functional vagina. For many of our dolls, you have your choice between a removable or fixed vagina. We include the depth of each doll vaginal opening on HYDOLL website.
All of our dolls are composed of silicon or TPE. Both are extraordinarily realistic feeling.You position the doll the way you like. The friction and pressure combined feel absolutely amazing.
We are often asked if it is okay for men to finish inside of their dolls. The answer is yes. This is a very common practice, and our dolls were designed for it.

Anal Sex with Your Doll

So many people fantasize about anal sex. It is normal, healthy, and very pleasurable for many people.
The bad news is that it can be difficult to find a willing partner, let alone one to actually enjoys being on the receiving end. Great news! Both HYDOLL’s male and female dolls are functional in this way.

Oral Sex with Your Doll

A sex doll blow job is pretty damn fun. When the manufacturer creates a sex doll, the mouth only has to do two things. It has to look nice and it has to provide pleasure. you’ll never have to worry about your dolls gag reflex whether she gets a stiff neck, or how she’ll react when you finish.

Collecting and artistic photography

how to use a sex dollD30011 04

Some love doll collectors or owners collect love dolls in order to collect an art form. This usually involves dressing up the love doll and posing for photographs. Some love doll owners like to have their dolls photographed with a romantic element of lovemaking. Others, by contrast, prefer to photograph their love dolls individually in a variety of clothing styles, uniforms, and fantasy costumes.

Sex doll movement range

how to use a sex dolllALPJwY7XhTdY1fNATTNAlQ 596 308

Head 1,2,3
The doll’s head is connected to its body with metal connectors and can turn to the right and the left freely.
However, because its neck is fixed by the metal skeleton, the head-lifting and head-bowing forward and backward should not exceed 45 degrees and the head-swaying to the right and left should not go beyond 45 degrees.

how to use a sex dolllALPJwKt33APju7NAfnNAlI 594 505

Shoulders and upper arms 1,2,3
The arms can be raised to both sides horizontally as high as to the chest level, that is,about 60 degrees forward. They can also be bent slightly backward for 10 degrees. Thearms can be raised forward or bent backward further, but this is not recommended as excessive stretching may harm the material in the armpit area.
The lower arms and wrists 4,5
The doll’s lower arms can move up but because we set movement limitations on the below it cannot bend or rotate in the other directions. (just like a real woman). Never rotate a full turn!
Hand 6
The doll’s hand can fold inwards and outwards at 45 degrees. The doll’s hand can also rotate. But do not exceed 45 degrees in each direction from the starting point. Never rotate a full return!

how to use a sex dolllQLPJw uBc1vOc7NATTNAlOw4JGBFpwSWEMEI0j5RYD AA 595 308

Waist 1,2,3
The doll’s waist can bend forward and backward (waist bending and chest thrusting out) with a limit set at about 40 degrees. When the body rotates right and left, the angles are limited to 40 degrees as well.
When the waist is bent and rotated simultaneously and angles in all directions are superimposed, the limits are reduced by half. For example, if bending the waist to the left while twisting it at the same time, the angle limits in all directions will be reduced to a maximum of 20 degrees.

how to use a sex dolllALPJwKt33AW42HNAfbNAlQ 596 502

Leg 1,2
The thighs of a doll can bend up to an angle of 120 Degrees for a short period of time.The thighs can also bend backward to an angle of 30 degrees. In any case, don’t open the doll’s thighs too wide or leave the legs folded over the body for too long as this can produce a too much-pulling force on the TPE or silicone which can cause damage.
Lower leg 3,4
The lower legs can bend backward to a maximum of 150 degrees and the recommended angle is 100 degrees. Like a real human, the knees cannot be folded forward.
Feet 5
The doll’s ankles can bend forward and sideways to both sides and up just a little bit. Do not rotate too much in case the ankle is broken.

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Interpret Your TPE Love Doll

HYDOOLL can confidently say that TPE sex dolls are the best choice for those who want a realistic, affordable and safe sexual experience.

Do you often look at words like TPE when buying sex dolls, so what is TPE. TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer and is a popular material used in the manufacture of sex dolls. In this blog the HYDOLL Shop will explain what TPE material is, the benefits of TPE dolls and what to look for when owning a TPE sex doll.

What is TPE?

Interpret Your TPE Love Doll1

TPE material is a synthetic polymer that is a combination of plastic and rubber. It is a soft and flexible material that can be moulded into different shapes and textures. TPE material is used in a wide range of products including baby toys, kitchen utensils and medical equipment.

In the sex doll industry, TPE material is used to create realistic skin and body textures. tpe dolls are designed to look and feel like real people. They are soft, flexible and can be customised to your liking. Its elasticity, mouldability and soft texture make TPE one of the best choices for making realistic sex dolls at an affordable price in HYDOLL Shop.

Benefits of TPE dolls

Realistic feel

Interpret Your TPE Love DollOV24 166S NATURAL 12

“It’s crazy, it’s just like a real person” This is Bob’s exclamation when he first came into contact with her, just like a real person standing in front of you. Touch her skin with your fingertips, and you will be amazed at its soft, elastic, comfortable and real TPE skin experience.
TPE is more stretchy, making the doll more flexible. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, some modern sex dolls are equipped with heating sensors that can replicate the skin temperature of a real human body. With stainless steel full-hinge skeleton and flexible joints, the dolls in DYDOLL store can realize any sexual position for you, just like real people, very extensible

Completely Safe

Interpret Your TPE Love DollOV30003 11

You can kiss and hug her all you want.TPE sex dolls are hypoallergenic. If your skin is prone to rashes when it rubs against unusual materials, you don’t need to worry. You can hold your TPE doll as close to your body as long as you want and it will never irritate you. In fact, men who sleep with dolls often find that they sleep more restfully and wake up feeling comforted that they are not alone. Some people are allergic to silicone dolls. TPE never has this problem.
Many sex dolls put users off because of their strong smell. TPE is a completely odorless material without any strong odors that might turn you off. (NOTE: Remember to check if you have allergies like water based lubricants or baby powder allergies.) Some dolls use plastic/rubber type materials which are terrible for noses. Alternatively, you can give her some delightful water-based perfume, which will make you want her even more.

TPE is affordable

Interpret Your TPE Love DollOV27004 10

How Much Is A Sex Doll? TPE feels definitely at a price you can afford. That’s why she’s getting more and more popular,TPE dolls are more affordable than dolls made from other materials. This makes them available to a wider range of people. When shopping for realistic sex dolls at HYDOLL.COM, you’re sure to find something within your budget. You can even get your favorite realistic sex doll for super low prices.

Warm reminder about TPE


Clean your TPE doll regularly to prevent bacteria build-up. Use mild soap and warm water to clean it.When using your TPE doll, use a water-based lubricant.TPE absorbs oil from hands and all other parts of the body. All you have to do is use professional or baby powder that you can buy in the supermarket. After every few weeks of use, dab the powder on the parts of the doll that come into contact with human skin. Oil-based lubricants can damage the TPE material.


Avoid dressing your TPE doll in dark or brightly coloured clothing. These colours can transfer to the TPE material and cause staining.We recommend that you wear non-color or light-colored clothing for your TPE sex doll instead of dark materials.

TPE sex dolls are a popular choice for those looking for realistic and customisable sex dolls. If you are in the market for cheap and high quality TPE sex dolls, even mini love doll, HYDOLL is your dream destination, fulfilling every true doll lover’s fantasy.
With many years of experience in this field, we ensure that sex dolls with HYDOLL will satisfy you, come and have a look at HYDOLL .


1.”What is TPE Material?” Albright Silicones, 19 May 2021,

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How Much Is A Sex Doll? A Comprehensive Guide

How much buy a sex doll

Sex Dolls Under $800

Sex dolls prices from $800 to $1000

Sex dolls prices from $1000 to $1500

Sex dolls prices from $1500 to $2000

Sex dolls above $2000

“how much is a sex doll?” While it might seem like a simple question, the answer is not so straightforward. There are several factors that affect the price of a sex doll, such as material used, size, customization, and more. In this article we will explore the different aspects that affect the cost of a sex doll so that you can better understand the cost of buying a love doll at our hydoll.
Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details of sex doll pricing, let’s first define what a sex doll is. Sex dolls are life-sized dolls that are designed to replicate the human body, complete with realistic features such as skin texture, facial features, and body proportions. They are made for sexual purposes and can be used for solo pleasure or with a partner.

Types of Sex Dolls

Classification of body parts of sex dolls . These include torso, full-body, head and face, lower body, and breast sex dolls. Torso sex dolls simulate the chest, waist, and hips, while full-body dolls simulate the entire body. Head and face dolls provide a more intimate experience during oral sex or kissing, while lower body dolls focus on the pelvic area, hips, and legs. Breast sex dolls are designed to simulate realistic breasts. With a wide range of shapes, sizes, and features, HYDOLL’S users can choose the sex doll that best suits their needs and preferences.

Materials Used

The materials used in a sex doll can greatly affect its price.
There are three main types of sex dolls: inflatable, TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), and silicone. Inflatable dolls are the cheapest option, but they lack the realism of TPE and silicone dolls. TPE dolls are more affordable than silicone dolls but still offer a high level of realism. Silicone dolls are the most expensive but are also the most lifelike and durable.TPE dolls are typically made with cheaper materials than silicone dolls, which can affect their durability and feel. Silicone dolls are made with high-quality materials that are designed to last, but this also makes them more expensive.


The size of a sex doll can also affect its price. Most sex dolls are life-sized, but there are also smaller and larger options available. Larger dolls require more materials and are more difficult to produce, which can make them more expensive. Smaller dolls may be more affordable but may lack the same level of realism as larger dolls.
One of the most significant factors affecting the price of a sex doll is customization. Of course HYDOLL also offer a range of customisation options, such as eye colour, hair colour, breast size and even pubic hair.The more customization options you choose, the higher the price will be. Additionally, higher-end dolls may have more intricate details such as realistic-looking hair and makeup, which can also impact the price.

Whatever your budget, you can find something to have a good time with in hydoll. To make matters easier for you, I made this handy guide.

Sex Dolls Under $500

If you want to save some money and space, you can select a smaller sex doll like mini sex doll. If your budget is really low, you can get ones that are just smaller in stature, like around 65cm to 125cm. Or choose a sex doll torso to use as you please, and it costs about under $500.

Sex Doll

Sex dolls prices from $500 to $1000

you can have a lot of options at our hydoll.You can find everything from flat-chested dolls to full-figured beauties
A great price for people on less of a budget


Sex dolls prices from $1000 to $1500

Sex dolls within this price range offer solid quality and a good, although a bit limited on options. Still, if you want to get yourself a love doll but are running on a tight budget, we recommend skipping over the cheap ones and start looking within this price range

Sex Dolls

Sex dolls prices from $1500 to $2000

You can definitely get a good looking, realistic and affordable love doll in this price range that will provide you with an impressive experience.

lifelike sex doll

Sex dolls above $2000

If your budget allows you to do so, you should definitely opt for the most expensive dolls since they provide the most realistic experience. Dolls in this price range gets you premium quality materials and the option to customize them and create the perfect lover you’ve always dreamed of.

Teen Sex Dolls

For all you guys, gals, and non-binary pals, there is something for your taste and budget. Be patient, and you’ll find it in hydoll.

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TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)


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Why Should I Buy A Sex Doll

           “Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature.”

                                           –– Marilyn Monroe
why should i buy a sex doll

Recently our hydoll always get asked, should I buy a sex doll? An old friend of ours hydoll gave us an interesting answer “Today I would like to introduce my girlfriend, Susan. When you’ve been using your deal does nobody complained we didn’t have a problem with it, did you? No, I did. Not personally. Now we have sex dolls. No hustles, no quarrel, no dates, no credit cards, no fucking expensive restaurants. Plug it in the charge, begin to do your business. Begin to handle your business. When you’re done you take it out. Damn. Lord Technology. You get me? You get me? Just oh, man. Begin to touch them. Rest. Soft. It never falls. It never falls. It keeps standing, looking at you. It doesn’t care what size it is. It doesn’t care what size your penny it doesn’t kick. She’d be mourning. Oh, lord technology. Sex dolls. I’m going to buy another one for myself”the gay said what most buyers are thinking, that having a sex doll is really great. Physically safe and happy, mentally relaxing and pleasurable, and even monetarily satisfying

Should I Buy a Sex Doll

1. Safety first, then fun

One of the biggest advantages of owning a sex doll is safety. Unlike a real partner, sex dolls do not carry sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that can put your health at risk. With a sex doll, you can enjoy the pleasure of sex without worrying about infection.

When it comes to sex, there’s always room for improvement, just try it with a love doll. She is flexible and always willing to experiment. So, maybe it’s time to check all those positions in the love warp? When you’re with a sex doll, there’s no pressure to perform. You can take your time to explore your desires without feeling embarrassed. It’s a great way to unwind after a long day or week.

a sex doll

2. Double the pleasure, no strings attached

“So what are we now? How can you do this? Now I understand that you only want sex and that’s it. Never want to see you again. ……” Ah, we’ve all been through this. It’s so annoying, isn’t it?

At some point in our lives, all we want is to have fun, not to have a relationship with every sexual partner, right? There’s nothing terrible about it. However, the reality is that sometimes it’s not easy to do that.

If you bought a sex doll from our hydoll, it will solve this problem immediately. You can have sex with her as often as you like and she won’t ask you a million questions. Plus, she will listen to you intently the whole time. Wouldn’t that make your life so much easier?

No pressure, just relaxation

People are complex creatures. Therefore, sometimes building a relationship is both exhausting and stressful. You should be aware of every word you say, every action you take, every step you take. Don’t you want to relax?

Buying the right sex doll from us at hydoll can be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life. Imagine coming home after a hard day’s work and having someone ready to have sex waiting for you. That’s nice, isn’t it?

No boring conversations, no plans for the future, just sex and satisfaction. What else can a man dream of?

No one calling you daddy

Another benefit of having a sex doll is that there is no risk of pregnancy. You can enjoy all the benefits of physical intimacy without having to worry about the consequences. This is especially beneficial for those who don’t want to have children or who aren’t ready for that responsibility.

No cheating, no disappointment

Tired of spending time and money and getting nothing in return? With sex dolls, you will always get a good return on your investment, that’s for sure. You can express your desires and fantasies with complete honesty and without the risk of hurting anyone’s feelings. With a sex doll there are absolutely no mood swings or emotional outbursts and you can enjoy intimacy without having to worry about your partner’s emotional state or moods, which can be a significant source of stress in a real relationship. She will always be faithful and loyal to you, unlike friends who may cheat or lie to you.

custom sex doll

3 Save money and time freedom

Over the course of a date with that woman, you will spend thousands of dollars and when she leaves, you will have nothing to show for it. “Do I get a present for the holidays today” “You bought me flowers today” “Let’s go on a dinner date at that restaurant tonight” “Let’s go shopping on the weekend. I need to buy some clothes and make-up”, no, all these expenses will no longer be there and there will be no more worries about these and more money and time will be saved.

4 Great variety and perfect customisation

You can do exactly what you like. I like blondes with long hair and big breasts or anime sex doll or dark skinned flat chested etc. …… has it all. However when it comes back to real life encounters, your significant other may not be willing to embark on a sexual adventure with you right away.

So why spend precious time and energy trying to hook up with someone who looks good for once? No one has the time to do that. In our hydoll shop you can not only choose the type of girl you like, you can also customise it to suit yourself perfectly. So don’t run after someone else or beg. Choose your beauty and keep her by your side all day and all night.

After reading this, do you think you should have a sex doll of your own? Why not,a sex doll won’t interfere with your life choices. They always want to satisfy you and you can have them whenever you want.  I think I’ll have to grab one.

Click on the image below to buy it and bring home your beloved one!

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“Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature.”


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Your Sex doll skeleton revealed

Introduction to sex Doll Skeletons

The domestic market today offers a wide variety of love dolls at varying prices, ranging from as low as 3,000 to 5,000 to as expensive as 10,000 to 20,000. The pricing differences depend on several factors such as the manufacturing materials, craftsmanship, and intricate details of the dolls.

Silicone solid dolls are typically composed of silicone and bones, with their skeletons made of either steel or composite metal. The difference between the two is the material used, the manufacturing technology employed, and the flexibility of the skeleton joints.

Skeleton Materials

 Chubby sex doll that use light alloy bones are stronger than those with steel frames. They have good durability, moderate weight, and high strength, making them practical and long-lasting.

Skeleton Joints

Silicone sex dolls are built with imitation ergonomic alloy bones that utilize a new spherical joint structure, allowing them to be freely bent and positioned. The range of motion for their joints is typically between 85% to 90% of the human body’s joint range of motion, providing greater flexibility in movement and swing. This allows for various sex positions to be comfortably explored, including kneeling, rear-entry, and riding positions.

Skeleton Production Technology

In addition to joint activity technology, silicone doll skeletons also employ advanced automatic production technology. This enables mass production while maintaining advanced, stable, and reliable product design and technology. With this technology, product quality is stabilized and improved, production costs are reduced, production cycles are shortened, and production balance is ensured. The use of good technology allows physical doll factories to produce high-quality products to better serve the public.

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What You Should Know When Shopping For Physical Dolls

When it comes to purchasing teen sex doll, there are several factors that need to be considered, especially in the ongoing debate between silicone and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) dolls. The primary point of comparison between the two is the material used. Silicone is a rubber-like substance that mimics man-made materials, while TPE is a combination of advanced plastics and rubber. These material differences lead to several variations between the two dolls.

One significant difference between silicone dolls and TPE dolls is porosity. Simply put, porosity refers to the ratio of the number and volume of pores to the total material volume. The trend and rate of fluid permeability determine the porosity of the physical doll. Silicone material is non-porous, making it impermeable to secreted fluids during use. On the other hand, TPE dolls tend to accumulate fluids, which can reduce the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection.

Another critical distinction is elasticity. TPE has both rubber and plastic properties, making it more flexible and realistic compared to silicone. Silicone dolls are not easy to deform, which also makes them harder. Lubricants are essential when using physical dolls, and TPE sex doll are compatible with both silicone oil and water-based lubricants, while silicone dolls can only use water-based lubricants. This difference makes TPE dolls more versatile.

Durability is also a crucial factor to consider. The pressure the material can withstand and the liquids it may come into contact with during use determine the quality and durability of the lifelike sex doll. Silicone has a longer service life than standard TPE. However, the quality of TPE depends on the combination of its ingredients, and high-quality TPE dolls can last longer than silicone dolls.

TPE dolls are more elastic, which means they have enough anti-slip properties during use. Conversely, the rigid material of silicone gives silicone dolls a more realistic appearance than TPE dolls. In terms of price, TPE dolls are more affordable as they are less expensive to manufacture compared to silicone dolls.

In summary, the choice between silicone dolls and TPE dolls depends on personal preferences, and both materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Buyers need to consider porosity, elasticity, compatibility, and durability when purchasing love doll.

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Why Physical Dolls Are A Great Investment: 3 Reasons

Why Physical Dolls Are A Great Investment: 3 ReasonsD04259 29

If you’re looking for a way to improve your quality of life, companionship, or simply need some entertainment, love doll might be the answer. They offer a lifelike experience that can be compared to that of a real human being in every way, including breathing. As we all have desires, physical dolls can satisfy both couples and singles alike, just like a normal human being.

Although physical dolls haven’t been overtly praised, they have certainly improved the lives of many people who struggle with social phobias or have lost a partner. While the high resemblance of physical dolls to real people may make some people feel anxious, there are still many reasons why people choose to buy them.

Quiet and Compliant

One of the main advantages of anime sex doll is that they are quiet and obedient. Although they may appear human, they lack personality and will never develop one. This means that physical dolls will always follow your commands perfectly and will not complain or be noisy when you don’t meet their needs. Some smart dolls even come with customizable options that allow you to fine-tune their voice, skin color, and make them smile or act cute.

A Spiritual Experience

Physical dolls offer a level of spiritual satisfaction that is unmatched. Designed based on the anatomy of the human body, they will match the pace of life you need. It is believed that before the end of the physical doll’s life, most people have already obtained a sense of experience and pleasure that exceeds expectations.

Why Physical Dolls Are A Great Investment: 3 ReasonsD24015 15

Convenience and Privacy

When you need a chubby sex doll, you can easily buy it through major e-commerce platforms and wait for it to be delivered to your home. It allows you to experiment, have fun, and have companionship without cheating on your emotions or contracting any strange diseases. You can create the partner you want without worrying about anyone’s judgment or expectations and find happiness.

In conclusion, until you buy a physical doll of your own for the above reasons, you may never understand the enjoyment they can bring. And while some may argue that real human interaction can never be replaced, the era of smart physical dolls is upon us. AI intelligence is being used in the physical doll industry, and one day in the future, you may have a “real partner” who can caress you.

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Have You Ever Wondered Why Some Solid Dolls Have Standing Feet?

Have you ever wondered why some solid dolls have standing feet? When you first purchase a lifelike sex doll, you may notice that there is an option to have standing feet for an extra cost. But what exactly are standing feet, and shouldn’t solid dolls already be able to stand on their own?

It all comes down to the material used in the doll’s construction. TPE, or thermoplastic elastomer, is a very soft material commonly used in solid dolls. If you were to purchase a solid doll without standing feet, the metal skeleton inside the footplate could wear out the TPE feet when trying to keep the doll standing. This is where the standing function comes in handy.

A  chubby sex doll is designed with three screws on the feet that act as an extension of the skeleton to support the doll’s weight when standing. However, even with the standing function, the doll may still stand unsteadily due to its inability to maintain balance like a real person. To ensure stability, it is recommended to have the doll lean against a wall or support its heels.

It’s important to note that when choosing a doll with standing feet, stockings should not be worn as the screws may wear out or even tear through them. Additionally, when putting shoes on the doll, it’s best to wear multiple pairs of socks or use harder insoles to prevent damage to the shoes.

Alternatively, you can put special leather insoles on the doll’s feet before putting on stockings. But for those seeking the perfect doll, the three screws may compromise the integrity of the sole of the foot. Depending on your needs, plain feet may be the better option if you don’t plan on keeping the doll standing for long periods. However, if you intend to use silicone sex doll as a mannequin or a costume model, then the standing feature is essential.

In conclusion, standing feet in solid dolls are an important feature for those who wish to use the doll for modeling or display purposes. While there are some drawbacks to this feature, such as potential damage to stockings or shoes, proper care and maintenance can ensure that the doll remains in good condition.

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Why more and more people choose to love dolls

The love dolls also referred to as sex dolls , or pleasure dolls, have been growing in popularity over the past few years as an enjoyable and safe way to test the sexuality of a person.

In this post, we’ll look deeper into this world of anime sex doll, and how they are popular with people who want to improve their sexual experience. What exactly are love dolls?

They are realistic and life-like dolls that are designed to bring enjoyment and pleasure. They are constructed from top-quality materials like silicone and TPE that provide them with a realistic look and feel. Dolls of love come in many shapes and sizes, as well as individual features that can be customized, such as the color of eyes, hair color and body type giving people the ability to customize their dolls according to their personal preferences.

Why should you choose the Love Doll?

One of the major reasons why people purchase a love doll is the control and freedom they provide. In contrast to human companions, life-like dolls are always on hand and ready to meet your sexual desires without judgment or emotional complication. They are a safe and private way to discover your desires without the danger being a victim of sexually transmitted illnesses or unwanted pregnancy. In addition the love dolls can help those with sexual issues or impairments. They offer a safe space for people to explore any physical or performance limitations, and may help increase their sexual self-confidence and satisfaction.

A look at the Ethics of Love Dolls While many people view the torso sex doll as a method of dehumanization or objectification it is important to remember that they are made to be handled with respect and consideration.

They’re not intended to substitute human interactions or relationships instead, they are designed to enhance sexual experience in a secure and controlled way. In addition, the manufacturers of love dolls have taken steps to ensure ethical manufacturing of their products, for example, using environmentally-friendly materials, and making sure that they employ fair working conditions. In the end the silicone sex doll provides an enjoyable and safe method of exploring one’s sexuality without fear of judgement or risk.

They provide a safe and non-judgmental environment for people to explore sexual issues or disabilities, and will increase confidence in sexuality and happiness. The dolls come equipped with customizable functions and top-quality materials these chubby sex doll are an increasingly sought-after item for those who want to enhance their sexual encounters.