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Can you live with “sex Dolls”?

Although there may be the hassle of human relationships, the desire to artificially create a human-like being is one of the oldest human desires. Humans do not necessarily have sex for the purpose of reproduction, but the future will come when we will have sex with someone who looks exactly like us.

What is Mrs. Bamboo?

 There are a wide variety of tactics and strategies for sexual reproduction in different organisms, but in most cases, in humans, the male makes a sexual demonstration or appeal to the female, which is accepted and leads to sex. Basically, there is a physiological reason why it is difficult to have smooth sex without an erection in the male organ, and because of the structure of the reproductive organs, men and women tend to be active and passive in sex.

 Because of these reasons, it has been said that men who spend a lot of time without women, such as sailors on ocean voyages, sometimes prepare cheap sex doll that look like women as pseudo-sex partners. The Anglo-Dutch Wars, which lasted from the middle of the 17th century until the Anglo-Dutch Agreement of 1824, led many English expressions to disparage the Dutch.

Lifelike Sex Dolls

 I imagine that this word also came from there, but to the honor of the Netherlands, it has nothing to do with the Dutch, of course. The term originally comes from the Chinese bamboo wife, a kind of hugging pillow. During the hot and humid nights in the tropics and subtropics, it is said that it is cooler to sleep in a life-size cylinder made of woven bamboo (*1), but it is thought that the term was coined by the British who made fun of the Dutch and local customs when they entered Asia.

 It is often said that Japanese people, who are familiar with figures from anime and video games, such as Atom and Evangelion, feel differently about 100CM Best Teen E-Cup Small Sex Doll-Stock In USA than do Westerners, who are said to have a latent fear (Frankenstein complex) of humans being created by non-gods. It is often said that Westerners feel differently about humanoid robots. However, the desire to create humanoid robots that closely resemble humans is universal.

 Pygmalion, the king of Cyprus in Greek mythology, falls in love with an artificially created ideal female figure. Although the reality is often cruel and ideals are unattainable, many fictions have been created in which ideals are drawn and carved into pictures or human figures, and people become emotionally involved with such dolls.

 It is easy to imagine that by combining a hug pillow and an artificially reproduced human figure, it would be possible to create a human-like Mrs. Bamboo. This led to a kind of “urban legend” that there might be special-purpose dolls used by men on distant ocean voyages.

 There are, of course, non-human sex toys for women, such as the upholstery type, but there are many different types for men. In the case of the doll type, there are many manufacturers who make simple, inexpensive (a few thousand yen) air-inflated models, as well as more expensive (several hundred thousand yen) silicone dolls that try to be as close to real people as technology allows, and can be purchased by anyone with little or no regulation.