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Captivated at First Glance! How Resilient are Sex Dolls in Terms of Appearance?

Captivated at First Glance! How Resilient are Sex Dolls in Terms of Appearance?D43028 14

As someone who has been collecting figurines for several years, I never imagined I would one day be drawn to sex dolls. During my time in Japan, I visited some adult expos and couldn’t help but marvel at the craftsmanship of the silicone dolls made by the Japanese artisans. These dolls were flawlessly designed, with every aspect, from the strands of hair to the toes, perfectly proportioned. Even years ago, these Japanese silicone dolls had intricate details like veins and skin texture, and their facial features bore a striking resemblance to popular Japanese actresses and celebrities. While it may not be a perfect 90% match, an 80% similarity was certainly achievable. Due to work-related reasons, I had to urgently return to my home country, but a few months later, unable to resist the temptation, I asked a friend in Japan to send me a silicone doll.

They say once you enter the world of dolls, it’s difficult to leave. Several years have passed, and I now have three dolls, with the last two purchased domestically. Recently, I’ve been itching to add another one to my collection. The experience of selecting a cheap sex doll is quite enjoyable, reminiscent of choosing a consort. It’s like a mix and match of different body types, and it never fails to astonish me. When the dolls are dressed in clothes, their beauty is truly remarkable. They go beyond resembling real humans; they actually look even more stunning than real people.

Let me share a few official pictures for you to get a sense of it. Sometimes, during the selection process, a strange feeling arises, and I find myself unintentionally captivated by these sex dolls. Dressing them up, styling their hair, and even leaving a book beside them while I read, all create a sense of “having someone accompany me.”

Every day, I look forward to finishing work because I know I have two sex dolls waiting for me at home. It’s not that I can do anything to them, but their presence brings me comfort. Back when my workload wasn’t as heavy, I would cook dinner myself, and the sex dolls would sit beside me, holding a phone and watching tutorial videos. It was definitely better than being alone.

During the peak of the pandemic when staying at home became tiresome, I passed the time by doing makeup and dressing up the dolls. I’m grateful to have these sex dolls because without them, a month of isolation would have been unbearable. Many people ask me why I don’t find a girlfriend. Well, it’s not that I’m not looking. I’ve been honest with a few women about having two sex dolls at home, but some couldn’t accept it and thought I was abnormal. Others who were more accepting would eventually inquire whether I liked the TPE sex doll more or if I found them more attractive than the women themselves. In the end, these relationships didn’t work out.

Spending a significant amount of time with the sex dolls, sometimes, when I look at them, I feel a sense of comfort and healing. The stress from work, the fact that my ex-girlfriend, who I still had feelings for, got married, and seeing my friends entering relationships—all these emotions can be overwhelming. However, when I hold the dolls, it gradually alleviates those burdens.

Captivated at First Glance! How Resilient are Sex Dolls in Terms of Appearance?D10042 25

Regardless of how overwhelmed I feel, having the sex dolls by my side makes me feel like I’m not completely alone. The doll’s smiling face and animated eyes give me a sense that she is consoling me.

Furthermore, by chance, I’ve also come into contact with some individuals suffering from depression. When counseling them, I often feel a deep sense of helplessness. Many young people with depression are lone wolves, struggling in the cities, burdened with work pressure, and with hardly any social connections. I’ve even recommended silicone dolls to a few of them, and the response has been positive. Compared to coming home to an empty room after work, the presence of a doll lightens their footsteps. These dolls provide an outlet for their emotions, accepting them fully as they embrace them.

Silicone dolls are an existence that some people cannot comprehend. However, for others, they serve as a silent and gentle companion.