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Cheap Sex Doll Designed For Women

A cheap sex doll designed for women, the choice is still very limited today.
In the last year or so, the male doll market has suddenly become hot, and many apricot love robotics companies have launched their own male dolls.
For example, a male doll named “Zach” recently released, it is highly anticipated, he came on the scene with a carefully designed small biography, set off a market boom.
Sinthetics, a Los Angeles-based sex doll manufacturer, also recently launched three male dolls: Akira, with sexy freckles on his face; William and Gabriel, who resemble Lenny Crovitz (American singer) and Mark Consuelo (American actor), respectively, only with a bit of a squint.
Each doll can be customized, and the dingus can come in different shades and sizes, as well as upright and flaccid options of your choice. And of course, the price tag is pretty sexy: $6,750 base price, not including upgrade fees and shipping.
Another artificial intelligence company, Realbotix, also released an apricot sex robot called “Henry” last year.
When Brian Gill founded the e-commerce platform Silicon Wives in 2015, he didn’t even know that mini sex dolls existed. About a year ago, due to the booming business of female dolls, Gill decided to try selling male dolls as well. Today, “Silicon Wives” offers four types of male dolls, mainly produced by a factory in Zhongshan, China.
Hunter, a muscular man. He is wrapped in a towel, hands clasped to his chest, like a domineering president to gaze at the camera.
Ethan looks like the popular “little puppy”, there is a precocious, stubborn childishness so that you suddenly overflowing motherly love, protective desire; Patrick, more secondary, with silver hair, looks a bit like a vampire.
There is also an upcoming doll that has a kind of James Spader early bad boy pie. All of these dolls, above, retail for $2,000. Liam is a big tool but does not know how to live well the doll. His face has a “vacant but satisfied” expression, looks quite cowboy quality. Well, you see the picture to know.

Like “Zack”, most of the male dolls have their own personal biographies, which mention sexual satisfaction and commitment. For example, Hunter’s profile emphasizes his career as an “airline pilot” and is currently “looking for a full-time playmate and life partner”. Well, isn’t that a bit like a dating site profile?

I slept with the world’s first male doll
Back in 2016, Vice guest sex columnist Carrie Scholtenow had a field trip and experience, releasing a video titled “I slept with the world’s first male doll”.
According to the factory manager of male dolls, their dolls are mainly sold to local women in the U.S. The more the area is not open to sex, such as texas, the more female users will buy male dolls.
They like customized male dolls, some people will even send their favorite male photos, so that the factory according to their needs for deep customization, compared to the perfect body, they prefer BBW Sex Doll with a little flaw, appear more real.

Of course, these dolls can cost a lot in 2016, customizing a doll requires 13,500 U.S. dollars.
On top of that, she also took some videos of her dolls snapping on porn sites, which I think probably paid off.

At the end of the video, the male doll production factory gave Carrie Scholtenow a new male doll, she tried it in the video and gave feedback that, except for the lack of instant interaction, the feel of the doll and the experience of apricot sex “exactly like the real thing”.

Carrie Scholtenow had a hard time finding a woman willing to appear on camera and share her experience with buying and using male dolls. According to her, it just so happens that she and her partner are in a long-distance relationship, and she is very uncomfortable in order to sex on tinder to randomly hook up with strange men, this human doll just to solve her urgent needs.
The wonderful thing is that I sent a screenshot of this video to the Yummy members group, and a low-key lady said she had also bought a similar material of steel bone silicone doll. Our whole group immediately boiled up, have asked her to use experience.