Cheap Sex Doll Help Bachelors

The cheap sex doll is the savior of the bachelors.
Less than two years after opening the store, I often hear customers come down and say to me: “You are the savior of our bachelors.”

My hometown factory has more than 100 people, only three women, but also have a family. So now the factory as long as a woman is the factory flower, a bunch of men around, the factory director of this level to chase, the rest of the men who do not have a girlfriend how to do it?

We just opened the store, once came a tall handsome workers, if I am a woman, only look at the face must marry him. He heard others say that here can play silicone dolls, but only 100 on his body. At that time I and my friends in the store to talk about things, not much attention to him, he sat alone in the store and did not go, not a little shy feeling, has been bargaining with me “boss you let me play once it”.
Finally, I let him go up. Played for 1 hour and 20 minutes before coming down. The second time I came and did not bring enough money, only gave 150, I also let him go up. If this place was not the only solution to his needs, a big man would not be like this twice.

People who work in factories, most of them come from rural areas, are simple-minded, and are often created by women outside. I have talked to a dozen of the guests who have been cheated, in fact, are set, but they can not identify. For example, if you meet a woman on the Internet and go to her home, a few people come in and say they want to catch adultery, the phone and watch and several hundred dollars of cash are taken away. The other day I also heard that a worker was cheated 13,000, what concept is this? An average worker can save that much money by saving money for a year.
It’s not just young guys, the sexual needs of the elderly are neglected. A 70-year-old man who was over here helping his kids look after the house came here and repeatedly confirmed that he would not be caught by the police, fearing that his son and daughter-in-law would know. He went upstairs and chose a mini sex doll, and half an hour later he came down and told me, “This stuff is good for people like us.”

After talking to him, I learned that his partner is back home, looking for a lady he is too ashamed of, usually, sexual needs can not be solved. He felt that playing with dolls will not be caught, but also will not be extorted. Later he came again, said the weather here is too hot, to go back home. I guess he went back home, sex also accounted for part of the reason.

After so many business ventures, I came to a realization that there must be a market for things of value. The value of this silicone teen sex dolls experience is to provide a service to people who are serious about their needs. The strong have the ability to solve their own needs, the real need to understand and care for the vulnerable, so I not only provide services but am also happy to chat with guests. People often ask me how I can stay positive when I am exposed to such negative things every day. I say it’s because I see them that I feel my value exists.