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Check Your Doll Regularly

BBW sex doll
Teen Sex Doll

Currently, most sex Dolls on the market are made of thermoplastic elastomers, called TPE or silicone. Sometimes a mixture of both is used. Nevertheless, sex doll manufacturers are always looking for improvements they can make in terms of the feel of sex dolls. silicone love doll on the market today offer amazing experiences, but as you know, every good company wants to make it better. Therefore, new versions generally always perform better for the experience they provide.

Although the doll manufacturing process is competent, we still need to check the doll regularly. It is important to detect any damage to the love doll as soon as possible. Unfixed errors can become dangerous. They can also quickly go from something that is easy to handle to something where you need to get rid of dolls or pay expensive repairs. Here are the steps you can take to check the doll:

Check the TPE love doll skin for skin impurities or stains.
Examine the sex doll genitalia for signs of damage or other signs of deterioration.
Slowly and gently move the doll’s joints. Watch for any misalignment or stiffness.
Use your nose. Do you smell anything dirty or musty?
If you detect a problem, prepare to solve it immediately.

Hard sex is fun but can be expensive.

We understand. Sometimes the play with your doll can get a little intense. You can use your love dolls to try things that you can’t do in other ways. We like it and we hope you can make the most of your doll.Of course you also need to spend a certain amount of time caring and managing your sex doll

However, rough sex can damage your torso sex doll. That’s just a fact of life. Enjoy your experience with dolls, but be aware that dolls exposed to much rough treatment will not last as long as the owner’s gentle dolls.
So not only check our doll regularly, we should also take good care of her if you want your doll to stay with you longer