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China’s First Silicone Mini Sex Doll Experience Store(1)

There is China’s First Silicone mini sex doll Experience Store in Shenzhen, called “Ai Ai Le”. From here it takes only 15 minutes to walk to the largest Foxconn factory in Shenzhen. The price of renting a master bedroom with a single bathroom is as low as 260 yuan per month. The owner, Li Bo, went to Fujian at the age of 13 to work as a shoe factory worker. Knowing that the sexual needs of migrant workers are not fully satisfied. There is only one toilet on one floor, and you can’t find a place to masturbate.” The silicone dolls themselves are expensive. The basic model costs up to 10,000 yuan. The “Lovejoy” experience hall for factory brothers and sisters. The charge is 188 yuan an hour.

Opened 2 years ago, has served thousands of customers. Some of them said to Li Bo after the experience. “You are the savior of our bachelors.”
Although Li Bo has consulted all relevant departments. Confirmed that the matter is “not illegal,” This flat chested sex doll experience hall is still controversial. The silicone doll experience is still controversial, constantly being reported. For this reason, he had to keep a low profile. The four dolls used to solicit customers at the door were also moved into the store.

The owner, Li Bo, was 13 years old to work in society, worked as a shoe factory worker, sold bean curd, opened a restaurant and agency, all ended in failure, the silicone doll experience called “Ai Ai Le” is his last fight for more than ten years of deep drift.

An opportunity, Li Bo learned from the mouth of Foxconn workers, now the ratio of men to women in the factory has been a serious imbalance, “a line of more than 300 talents more than 40 women,” a more extreme example is a 280 yuan, the cheapest model of inflatable dolls, sex workers in the same dormitory to pool their money to buy, take turns using.
Li Bo empathizes with this. Fifteen or sixteen years old when he lived in the factory assigned 12 people in the dormitory, a floor only a public toilet, masturbation can not find a place.

In February 2017, the world’s first silicone doll experience opened in Barcelona, within a few days were fully booked by customers, 24 hours without closing. A year later, before the World Football Cup, Russia’s first 100cm sex doll hotel was listed for business, and the founder thought silicone dolls could alleviate some men’s aggressive behavior and make their sexual fantasies a reality in the experience hall.

Li Bo told people around him about the idea, and almost everyone said he was “crazy about money”, and five partners also withdrew after the first-hand experience, and the originally agreed investment became a loan, but Li Bo firmly believed that “sex is just a need”.

In September 2018, seven months of preparation, 300,000 investment in the “Love Love Music Experience Hall” officially opened, pricing 188 yuan an hour. Li Bo said that at its peak there were more than 40 guests a day, and every two or three minutes he received payment. Every time the doll is used to clean and disinfect, Li Bo and the clerk run up and down to clean the body of the doll, the guests are silently sitting on a small bench to brush the phone queue, the experience after a hasty departure.
We arrived at the experience in the afternoon of June, the door was posted “minors and women do not enter” signs. The first floor is a meeting room, with a tea table and two sofas in front of the fish tank, where Li Bo often leaves guests to drink tea and sit. On the second floor, there are eight rooms, seven dolls have finished dressing and sitting in the room waiting, the remaining bathroom is still being renovated.

Li Bo believes that “harmony breeds wealth”. Whenever a guest comes, he will greet them diligently and tell them to “take your time upstairs”, and after the experience, he will hand them a cigarette, add tea and invite them to chat. During the three days we visited, there were 15 guests, but only less than 20% of them were willing to sit down. Guests would talk about the beauty of the dolls, the feel and the sexual experience of using the dolls for the first time, and after coming more often, there was a story behind each one.