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Clitoral Sucker: Story and Advice About Sex

What they are, how they work, which ones to choose, how to use them: all about the clitoral sucking phenomenon, a great sex revolution dedicated to women’s pleasure.

The story
Convinced that their invention would revolutionize the market, they wasted no time on design or marketing studies: the first Womanizer was not very aesthetic, but it was as successful as the legendary Magic Wand, that clitoral vibrator that looks like a baseball bat or an orthopedic apparatus and that even today, 60 years after its invention (Hitachi, thank you!) continues to be the king of the clitoral vibrator market.

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How they work

Clitoral suckers, unlike vibrators, act on the clitoris without contact or rather, without rubbing. They work thanks to a nozzle that is placed on the vulva in order to create an air pocket around the clitoris, without coming into direct contact with the most protruding part. When activated, the membrane inside the nozzle starts to make fast oscillating movements that create pressure waves stimulating all parts of the clitoris, but really all: the internal ones that are not visible, the peripheral ones, and the mental ones. The result is a sensation that is impossible to replicate in nature, at least at those levels. A jolt of absolute pleasure.

With this technology, the orgasm comes in less time, and with a much greater power: they are stronger, longer orgasms, sometimes they are more orgasms thanks to the fact that, by stimulating the erectile parts of the clitoris without contracting the muscles attached to them, you do not feel the sensation of pain-pain caused by contact with an area that has become very sensitive. Adding more sexual experience, you can use a big booty sex doll to accompany you. Both simulations will get you so high!

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It seems that clitoral suckers are the perfect product for the woman, and in my opinion, they are, but only for the woman: if you are in a couple, and he will use it, after a few seconds you will have to find a nice way to take it out of his hands and continue to use it yourself. Maybe I am not lucky, but I have not yet found a partner who uses it decently. And then there is the emotional addiction: almost always, after a good sexual experience in which I have had my orgasms, I feel the need to take my clitoris sucker and give myself one last orgasm alone, maybe letting him look at me and stroke my hair.

Which to buy?

From the cheapest to the most expensive – or more romantically – from the clitoral sucker for one night to the clitoral sucker for life.
Let’s start with the basic one: the one-shot clitoral sucker, ONE NIGHT by Satisfier. If you’re curious but not yet convinced, this disposable clitoral sucker is perfect: small, easy to handle during use, and easy to hide in your bag or pocket. With 4 speeds, it’s not the quietest or most powerful, but for your first time, it’ll do just fine. 🙂

Once you have tried the disposable clitoral sucker, if there is a little voice in your head begging you to buy one to have always at hand, then it will be time to invest a few more euros and move on to something wonderful: the top of the range, the king of clitoral suckers: the BLACK PREMIUM or the RED PREMIUM by Womanizer.

Beautiful, powerful, pleasant to the touch, silent, it manages to convince you that your whole body is actually a huge clitoris. It makes your head spin, it caresses you and scrambles you, it implacably possesses you and challenges you to try all its rhythms, anyway, it will win and will make you have hypnotic and vibrating orgasms. You will use it often, very often. See you soon!