communite with the sex doll


If you’re a man who has trouble dating and socializing with women, I can’t say I blame you. I’ve been there too, believe me. But there is an alternative: a sex doll! After all, what’s better than going out on the town and getting rejected over and over again by women? Well, actually nothing. But luckily for us men a solution exists in the form of lifelike love dolls—and they’re surprisingly affordable nowadays. So if you want to communite with your new friend without worrying about rejection or feeling guilt for using other people for your own pleasure (because let’s face it no one wants that), then read on!

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Talk to your doll

  • Talk to your doll.
  • Tell her about your day.
  • Ask her about her day.
  • Ask her about her interests and favorite things, and talk about those with her.
  • Tell your doll about some of the things that are most important to you in life, like eating ice cream or spending time with family and friends, and ask if she likes those things too!

Dress her up

Dress your doll up in whatever you want, but there are a few things to consider when putting her clothes on:

  • Make sure it’s appropriate for the weather. If it’s summer and she’s dressed like a winter coat, that won’t do much good.
  • Dress her according to her age and body type. A 30-year-old woman shouldn’t be wearing teeny tiny shorts and crop tops, unless she really wants to be seen at an old-fashioned arcade game in 1982 called “The Love Boat” with Loni Anderson from WKRP In Cincinnati (which was actually just called The Love Boat). And if your silicone girlfriend has some curves on her, go ahead and show them off! No one will judge unless you live in North Dakota or Idaho or someplace else where people are really judgmental about sex dolls that look more like Barbie than Megan Fox (and even then they probably wouldn’t care because they’re too busy staring at headlights all day).
  • Be yourself! If your doll is an extrovert who likes to party hardy with lots of friends all night long while drinking alcoholic beverages and dancing around with strangers at nightclubs, try dressing her up as though she were going out clubbing right now—it’ll make both of you feel great!