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Correct use of sex dolls

There are six main steps to use

1. Most of the sex dolls are made of non-toxic silicone used in medicine. The height and body shape are exactly the same as those of adults. Of course, they also have firm tits and lower parts.

2. Unpack the box and clean it with clean water and a rag. Then follow the instructions to insert the rechargeable battery.

3. At the bottom of the doll, put the lubricating oil used by the human body. This lubricant will usually be delivered. If it is not delivered, it can be purchased in general sex stores.

4. Put your penis on the condom when the penis is up, then hold it together, close to the underside of the doll.

5. Turn on the power, so that the penis will feel the internal vibration, remember that the gears are divided into strong, medium and weak. Choose your preferred method of sex for oral, anal or traditional vaginal sex. During sex, the vibration speed of the anus and vagina can be adjusted to the best feeling.

6. After the passion with the doll, after the launch, pull out the penis, and then carefully clean the doll and yourself.