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Destroy Your Sex Doll if You’re Not Careful

Love dolls are not only a sex product, they are also the favorite of their life!

Did you know that a “love doll” can sell for as much as $400,000?

Of course, the kind of sex doll I’m talking about today is not the poor quality inflatable dolls like the paper men you see every day, but a hard silicone sex doll made of silicone material.

The Dutchwife’s head sculpt is the most elaborate of all entity dolls and the closest to a real person’s face. With more elaborate workmanship and industrialization of production, a 28-year-old young man married his love doll, and the wedding pictures of the two “people” were no worse than the real pictures.

The man was 28 and the doll was one year old. Thousands of women could not get into the eyes of this man and finally married his love doll.

In fact, people who buy these kinds of high-end Dutch wives often find partners who live in reality, but lose hope in reality, so they pass on their emotions to their inanimate dolls.

Furthermore, these men have one thing in common: they have money. In other words, they have money. This does not include the daily maintenance and repair of the doll.

In addition to solving normal sexual needs, the reason why many people buy love dolls is to accompany them and bring spiritual comfort to lonely people.

If you want to ask, love dolls are emotionless and cannot talk. They are lonely, aren’t they?

I believe most of them have nothing to say to you! Except for those who bought them only as a sex tool.

The ultimate goal and expectation of these people who buy life-sized love dolls is to enable their Dutchwife girl to have all the rights that humans have.

In their eyes, it is also important to be able to help their love doll grow.

They go out with their baby-faced real dolls, eat together at restaurants, go to the movies together, travel together and take group photos.

Someone once had a big booty sex doll brought into a movie theater and the incident was reported in the newspaper.