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Details of High-Quality Love Dolls You Should Know

The curves of a sex doll’s body are one of the key factors that affect its realism. More realistic curves make the love doll appear more lifelike. The dolls in the HYDOLL store all have cute or charming faces and lifelike body curves.
Perhaps you already own a sex doll. When you first purchased it, you may not have known the quality of the TPE love doll. This is because details determine the quality level of sex dolls.

Teen Sex Doll

As more and more single men purchase enjoyable factory pleasures, their satisfaction with sex decreases, and many people want to reduce their sexual desires and instead masturbate or use sex toys for self-pleasure. Many adult sex toy markets require high-end products for use as sex dolls. Currently, there are mainly silicone love doll and TPE dolls available in the market. A sexual partner is an interesting lifestyle and also your life partner.

Furthermore, the skin and smell of a love doll are also important details. When making a true sex doll, fragrances are added more or less. A high-quality sex doll is a matter of taste for a very fun small factory owner. There are few manufacturers who produce sex dolls with a good smell. If you think your doll has a strong silicone smell, you must be thinking that you have purchased an inferior sex doll. During the doll-making process, fragrances are added more or less. There are few manufacturers who produce sex dolls with a good smell. If you think your sex doll has a strong silicone smell, you will definitely want to know whether you have purchased a cheap sex doll. In normal circumstances, talcum powder will adhere to the skin. This is to protect the doll’s skin, so don’t worry.

Here are some details you need to know:

A good sex doll factory creates exquisite makeup, while sex dolls made with substandard makeup are like drunken prostitutes.

Doll’s Limbs
Some expensive love dolls have had their limbs chopped off. There is a fine line between realism and surrealism.

The hands and feet of the love doll are extremely lifelike, with visible lines. The body curves are perfect. Our shop has similar foot fetish products available and torso sex doll. If you want a perfect lifelike love doll, please contact HYDOLL and we will recommend products that suit your taste.