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Different Types of Little Sex Toys

Swiss little sex dolls

You might be wondering what the difference is between a Swiss little sex doll and a regular sex doll.

The short answer is that these little sex dolls are made from silicone, which means they have a more realistic skin-like feel to them. The other big difference is that they’re manufactured in Switzerland, not China like most TPE sex doll.

As you can see by this image of a Swiss little sex doll (above), she has long blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. She also has big breasts that are perfectly shaped for squeezing during your intimate moments together!

Turkish little sex dolls

Turkish little sex dolls have a unique history. The oldest known Turkish little sex doll goes all the way back to 1774 and was discovered in Bursa, Turkey. It was made from wood and covered with leather, making it look much like today’s models.

The shape of these dolls is quite different from other models too! Instead of being very tall, they are short and squat with big heads and small bodies. There is also no genitalia on them so you can use them just like any other toy!

Russian little sex dolls

Russian little sex dolls are the most popular, and for good reason. They’re made from high-quality silicone that’s soft and flexible. They’re also durable and can withstand a lot of use without tearing or wearing out quickly.

The Russian dolls are the most realistic in appearance, which makes them ideal if you want to create an immersive experience like no other. They look like real women, with faces that resemble celebrities such as Katy Perry or Angelina Jolie (or any other celebrity you prefer). Some even have lifelike eyes that open when you press down on them, just like human eyeballs!

Russian little sex dolls come with customizable options so you can get exactly what you need: whether it be different skin tones, hair styles or wigs—you name it! You’ll always find something new when shopping for these teen sex doll because there’s so much variety available today thanks to advances in technology over time.”

Teen Sex Doll
mini sex doll

Make sure you get the right doll for your needs.

You need to make sure you get the right doll for your needs, budget, location and lifestyle.

For example:

  • If you live in an apartment building with a no-pets policy, then you might want to find a little sex doll that can be stored away when not in use.
  • Or if money is tight and you’re on a budget but still want a realistic sex experience without breaking the bank, then maybe consider buying used from Amazon or eBay instead of new off of RealDoll‘s website.

There are many different types of little sex dolls out there, so make sure you know what you’re looking for before buying a doll. Also keep in mind that the price does not always reflect quality as some high-end dolls can be just as expensive as their low-end counterparts.