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Do You Agree With the Controversy Surrounding Sex Dolls on The Internet

Sex dolls are purchased by people whose lives are unsatisfactory or are single

In reality, anyone can use a sex doll. According to surveys, people with fulfilling lives are more likely to purchase sex dolls than those with unsatisfactory lives, and around 20-30% of people will consider purchasing one at some point in their lives. People in relationships often have higher quality of life and better emotional intimacy.

Sex dolls are addictive and can lead to social disconnection

While some people may become dependent on having a sex doll, they do not have to be forced to withdraw. It is a “supplement” to life and cannot replace any person in your life. Furthermore, torso sex toy do not harm you, and anyone can easily return to life without a sex doll.

Are only single people purchasing sex dolls?

In terms of overall trends, it is true that single people are more likely to purchase sex dolls. However, millions of people, whether single or in relationships, own them. Owning a TPE love doll does not mean that a person is a “loser.” In fact, they exhibit a good attitude towards life and are more hopeful for the future.

Do sex dolls make people unnatural?

We has read some posts claiming that sex dolls can make people unnatural, but does not believe this to be true, except for potentially dangerous issues such as quality problems. The use of sex dolls depends on how we use them, and in fact, as long as we find the right sex doll for ourselves, there is usually nothing unnatural about it. It is simply an expression of one’s attitude towards life.

Are more expensive sex dolls better?

In reality, this is not always the case. A sex doll that costs a few thousand yuan can bring you just as much pleasure as one that costs tens of thousands of yuan. Expensive silicone sex doll may be more durable or of higher quality, but a more expensive sex doll does not necessarily bring you more pleasure. In addition to sex dolls, this applies to most other products as well. It is generally recommended to find the product that is most suitable for you.

People who own sex dolls are strange, and normal people are relative

You may feel uncomfortable discussing sex dolls in public, but if you realize that everyone is tight-lipped, then that may be “strange.” Sex dolls can bring you happiness and joy. This is not strange, but simply an indication of your pursuit of life.

Sex dolls may cause harm to the body

Currently, there is no evidence that sex dolls will harm you mentally or physically. Of course, if used improperly, there may be some dangers.