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Do You Know The History of Silicone/TPE Sex Dolls?

Love dolls are the adult item for such people. These days, they are also called real dolls or sex dolls.

These are life-sized dolls that resemble the shape of a woman, and masturbating with these dolls is truly pseudo-sex. Recently, technology has advanced to the point where you can not only enjoy the same realistic tactile sensation as the skin on BBW Sex Doll or Mini Sex Doll, but there are also high-tech love dolls with AI, and there are many cases where people become addicted to them once they experience them.

Love dolls used to be called Dutch wives.

If you write オランダ人の妻 in English, it means “Dutch Wife”.

As you can see from the name, the origin of the word is Dutch.

The origin of the Dutch wife is said to be that a Dutch merchant who left his wife or girlfriend at home to travel made a cylindrical pillow using native Indonesian bamboo to soothe his loneliness in Indonesia, where he was working. It is said to have been born around the 1870s.

It was not until the 1950s, shortly after the war, that its existence became known in Japan. It was in the 1950s, just after the end of World War II, that the Dutch wife called “Antarctica No. 1” appeared.

When the Reserve Antarctic Research Expedition (later known as the First Antarctic Research Expedition) was dispatched to Antarctica in 1956, they brought with them their own sex toys.

They brought mannequin-like dolls called Sex Doll torso with masturbation holes attached, but they were not popular for their poor visual appeal and were rarely used. So as time goes by, people produce a kind of Anime Sex Doll, Teen Sex Doll, BBW Sex Doll and etc.

At that time, it was commonly interpreted that men might have developmental disorders if they were unable to have sex for a long period of time. (In reality, there was nothing wrong with not having sex for a long period of time, so this idea is now obsolete.

Because of this episode, several manufacturers actually started selling Dutch wives under the product name “Antarctica No. 1”.