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Do You Smell Bad AfterHaving Sex with A Silicone Sex Doll?

Silicone sex dolls require cleaning after intimacy to avoid unwanted odors, just like any other sexual activity. However, when you invest in a high-quality realistic silicone dolls and properly sanitizing them after each use, smells should not be an issue. Their silicone material is non-porous and as long as fluids are removed promptly, bacteria does not easily build up. Give your doll a quick rinse with water and a mild soap, then dry completely with a cloth to maintain freshness.

Avoiding Orifice Odors

The orifices (mouth, vagina, anus) of your silicone doll are more prone to retaining smells if not properly cleaned since fluids can become trapped inside. Flush each orifice thoroughly after play with a disinfecting doll douche or spray to remove any traces of bodily fluids, then allow to air dry completely. This eliminates moisture to combat odor-causing bacteria in tight internal spaces. With regular post-use washes, your doll’s orifices should remain odor-free when not engaging her sexually.

Keep Her Clean Between Uses

To avoid bad smells from building up, give your silicone doll regular maintenance washes even when she’s not being actively used. Once a week do a quick body rinse with mild soap and water, cleaning all intimate areas. Let her air dry fully to prevent bacterial overgrowth before storing until your next play session. These intermittent washes keep your doll fresh-smelling in between encounters so she’s ready when you are!

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Proper Storage

How and where you store your silicone sex doll also impacts smells. Keep her in a well-ventilated area away from extreme heat or moisture. Never leave a damp doll in an airtight container where mildew and odors can take over. She should be completely dry before storing to avoid trapped humidity. If storing in a container or display case, use odor eliminating beads or charcoal packs to absorb and neutralize smells. When done properly, your silicone doll has minimal tendency towards unwanted smells during or after intimate time together.

Consider Alternatives

If smells are an ongoing concern despite your best efforts, consider alternative torso sex doll options. TPE sex dolls are more porous so can retain odors to some degree. However, their soft, plush feel is attractive for many. Hybrid dolls combine a TPE exterior with a silicone interior for reduced odor potential. Sex doll torsos eliminate orifices that can trap moisture and smells yet provide the opportunity for penetration. There are solutions for those sensitive to potential sex doll odors.
Bad smells are avoidable with a silicone sex doll when you properly care for and store her after intimacy. Keep your doll clean with regular washes, pay special attention to sanitizing all orifices post-use and allow her to air dry completely. Don’t let moisture sit trapped internally or externally. Ventilate your doll between uses and avoid airtight containers. For some, TPE, hybrid or torso dolls may be a fresher-smelling option if odor is a concern. By following some simple tips, your love doll can remain fresh as the day you brought her home.