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Does Hugging a Doll Count as Moderate Aerobic Exercise?

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Recently, there has been some debate over whether the act of hugging a doll, sometimes known as “doll hugging”, can be considered a form of moderate aerobic exercise similar to running or brisk walking. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the potential calorie burn and exertion level of doll hugging to see if it really provides cardiovascular benefits.

Calorie Burn of Doll Hugging vs. Sex

When hugging a TPE sex doll, men use their bodies in ways that are comparable to sex with a woman, except for certain positions like cowgirl. Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that the calorie burn would be similar to that of normal sexual activity.

Research shows that sex burns about the same number of calories as a moderate jog. Based on this, doll hugging for around 20 minutes would burn approximately 300 calories. For comparison, a 15 minute jog would burn a similar number of calories.

So in terms of calorie expenditure, fat sex doll hugging does seem comparable to more traditionally recognized forms of aerobic exercise. However, there are other factors to consider.

Other Considerations

While the calorie burn may be similar, doll hugging differs from running and walking in a few key ways. Firstly, it does not raise heart rate in the same cardiovascular way as these exercises. Additionally, it does not use the large muscle groups of the legs and core that are activated by traditional aerobic activities.
Doll hugging provides limited cardiovascular benefit and works a much smaller portion of muscles compared to running or brisk walking. Therefore, while the caloric expenditure is similar, it likely does not provide the same level of cardiovascular conditioning.

Based on the available information, anime sex dollhugging probably does not qualify as a true form of moderate aerobic exercise. While it may burn a comparable number of calories to a 15 minute jog, it lacks the muscle engagement and cardiovascular benefits of traditional aerobic activities. Doll hugging should not be used as a substitute for recommended levels of heart-raising exercise.