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Doll Wars: Solid Dolls vs Inflatable Dolls

Doll Wars: Solid Dolls vs. Inflatable Dolls

In the world of dolls, the term “inflatable doll” is a generic term for dolls made of materials such as plastic. Of course, the so-called “semi-solid dolls” also fall into this category. First, let’s take a look at the extremely cheap inflatable dolls that require effort to inflate. These dolls need to be inflated to form a roughly rough appearance. When you open the box, you will find a plastic-like item that looks like a skin cover, and the un-inflated head area is hideous.

After spending a lot of effort inflating the doll, you will find a strange and bizarre human-shaped balloon in front of you (although it won’t fly). At this point, you will only want to release the air and throw it in the trash can. Your excitement just now will be instantly extinguished, and you will feel cheated.

Next, let’s take a look at the so-called “semi-solid dolls”. Semi-solid dolls are actually dolls with solid materials on the head and chest, and some parts still need to be inflated. The appearance is better than that of pure inflatable dolls, and some dolls can have their chest filled with water to enhance the visual effect. The simulation of semi-solid dolls is not much different from that of pure inflatable dolls, and the price is very cheap.

Now let’s look at solid dolls.In HYDOLL you can only buy physical dolls. Real solid dolls are made of full silicone/TPE materials. They have a more realistic appearance and visual experience than the two types mentioned above. Inside, there is a skeleton made of alloy material that can mimic human posture. The design and materials of solid dolls make them unable to be folded and stored like inflatable dolls, and their prices are higher.
Types of solid dolls:
Nowadays, the makeup of TPE sex doll has become very exquisite, and the overall appearance is becoming more and more realistic. The processing of details is also extremely careful, such as the improvement in texture brought by skin simulation, which is a great visual experience. Solid dolls can be roughly divided into styles: pure, cute, wild, mature, etc., and materials: silicone, TPE, sponge, etc.

Characteristics of solid dolls:

Silicon sex dolls smooth and delicate skin that is close to real skin, with a hand feel that is more similar to real skin. The interior is solid, mainly made of safe and non-toxic silicone/TPE materials, with a strong layering, high durability, and easy to clean. This also has its material characteristics, waterproof, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, non-corrosive, non-toxic, good chemical stability, and can maintain soft elasticity for a long time.

Each joint is composed of a polymer synthetic material and an internal alloy skeleton, so it can imitate many postures of real people.

Most of the current solid dolls can be equipped with an automatic heating function, which can heat the body parts to a constant temperature, making them closer to the feeling of a real human body.

The advantages of solid dolls over inflatable dolls are obvious. Although they are more expensive, they provide a much more realistic experience and are more durable. It is worth investing in a solid doll for those who are serious about their love for dolls.