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Encouraging Openness in Your Sexual Relationships

Sex doll fans can be divided into a few different categories. The first, and most fortunate, can be open with their partner about their interests. They feel free to buy and enjoy their sex dolls. In some cases, their partners even indulge their fantasies on the side. Others have to be a little more discreet. Their sex dolls are usually hidden. When buying a sex doll, they have to make sure that they do it “on the down-low”. Unfortunately, there is another group. These are people who can’t buy big booty sex doll because they fear it will cause a breakup with their loved ones.

We believe that anyone who wants to be a TPE sex doll should be able to do so without fear or embarrassment. However, for this to happen, couples must learn to be open about their fantasies, fetishes, and preferences. Only then can men and women enjoy their sex dolls and relationships with each other. Here are some things you can do to encourage this sexual openness.

Start talking about your fantasies early

The earlier you start talking to your partner about your fantasies, the better. You’ll become familiar with each other over time. Plus, you’ll learn quickly if you’re just not compatible.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to share your weirdest preferences on the first date. It’s perfectly fine to start by exploring some vanilla fantasies at first, before diving deeper. Before you know it, you might be crazy and loving and browsing silicone and VSE dolls together.

Stand up for your own pleasure

As long as they fall within the bounds of legality and consent, there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to your sexual pleasure. Remember that while it is nice to receive pleasure from others, your pleasure is ultimately your own responsibility.

The best way to defend your pleasure is to be open with your partner about what you enjoy. This starts in the bedroom, but should also include fantasies about toys and sex dolls.

Encourage your partner to share their pleasure

It’s simple. People are willing to accept and welcome their partner’s fantasies when they feel their own are accepted as well. This starts with open communication and acceptance. You can do this by encouraging your partner to share their fantasies with you. Then, when they do, they respond warmly and positively. Later, when you introduce your teen sex doll fantasies, they will be more open with you about it.

Explore together

Once you are able to openly discuss your fantasies and preferences, the fun can begin. Now is the perfect time to start exploring each of your fantasies together. Of course, you can do this in the bedroom (or attic or kitchen…). Even better, you can do it online, at your local sex shop, watching porn together, and finally buying a sex doll that will satisfy you both. Whatever you do, your open communication will contribute to happy and healthy sex life.