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Erotic Massage: The Latest News

Sensual massages are a nice diversion, as well as a panacea for the couple. If you want a threesome, you can invite another mate, or you can use a sex doll to accompany you.

We have said it many times: the massage relaxes the body and the mind, giving remarkable cues also to refresh the relationship that inevitably falls into the sometimes boring repetitiveness.

Moreover, this economic crisis that oppresses us certainly does not help us to relax, and therefore the couple can also suffer. The need to save energy, for example, becomes a must. By doing so, we are contributing in our own small way to protecting the environment. So why not combine business with pleasure and use a massage candle?

By lighting candles instead of using electric light, you can not only create a sensual atmosphere but also save a lot of energy and therefore money.

There are some excellent candles that serve this purpose, and today we recommend the new Shunga candles.

These are not just any candles: Shunga candles are multi-purpose and ideal for erotic massage. In addition to being scented, they contain aphrodisiac wax and emollient massage oil.

30 ml jar, available in two different essences:

Strawberry (titillating!) and Chocolate (delicious!).

Price: Euro 8,90

Suggestions for use: just light a Shunga candle and wait about twenty minutes, so that its heady fragrance has spread in the room. At this point the wax will be ready to use: take a little bit and start massaging it on your partner’s body, unleash your fantasy, and… Have fun!