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Excited when you get your real doll sex!

At first I wasn’t interested in real sex dolls, but I wanted to find a partner. I was asked by a friend if real love sex dolls could be ordered online. The blonde’s order did not go to my front door as I was still living with them. I don’t wish to be embarrassed about what I would like to do with a doll. I consent to place an order and provide my address for delivery. Finished! I’m done! What size? All other details can be modified and specified. It is easy to fill out the order and data on the website of hydoll. Now all I need to do is wait for delivery.

Finally, she was there. They had been delivered by the parcel courier in the afternoon. I was delighted to open the package with sex doll torsos. I took her out of the box and watched it for quite some time. She is petite and cheap, with a beautiful expression and long hair. My eyes moved from head-to-toe from head-toe to stop her large breasts. Her eyes also linger on her chest and vaginal area. My first night together was so hot, I imagined I wanted to take her home. We want to have our first porn. We have plenty of time, because beautiful and sexy women such as this do not stay for hours but also nights. She will be there forever.

I’m single and feel lonely. My girlfriend is very friend and she must travel to study abroad. Although I don’t fear women, when I face a stranger, very attractive woman, I often don’t know what I should say. I talk to my self, which is why women opposite me often lose interest in speaking to me. What should I do? Naturally, I’m very shy. This is particularly true when I’m really horny. Then, I nearly didn’t go. It’s the only thing I can think of. My heart rate slowed to a crawl and I felt dizzy. But, I found a way to have a pleasant conversation with pretty girls. Real doll. This doll is a life-like adult love doll that provides me with a wonderful service. Her passive love service has helped me to communicate more easily with women later. Extreme pressure has disappeared!

In the past, I have been spending New Year’s Eve at my tiny two-bedroom apartment. For a while, I was single. This does not bother my personal life. Because I enjoyed sex with my girlfriend, only sex makes it a little less appealing. It’s been a long time since I thought about sex and how exciting it would be. This year, things are different. In October, I purchased a silicone sex doll. Her blonde hair is beautiful, and her slender breasts feel natural. In some ways, sexing with dolls is better than sex with real women. My New Girlfriend and I planned a special event on New Year’s Eve 2019.